Here’s My Personal ‘Must Have‘ Internet Network Marketing Tool-Box:

Here on this page you’ll find a recommended list of resources that I personally use. I take this page very seriously, and you will not find anything on here that I don’t personally use at least several times per week. My goal is to eventually have EVERY SINGLE useful product that I personally use listed here, along with a video explaining exactly how I use it.

ALL of these tools have been well researched and are the best in their class, and they come with the highest recommendation. Disclosure: In case you’re wondering, YES, I also earn a commission by referring customers to these resources, and YOU CAN TOO by joining their Affiliate programs!


Empower Network:

Having the ability to earn high converting front-end commissions is a very important part of your business. Whether you are in network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing or information marketing, there is one thing that you need to scale up and expand your business, and that is cash. Sometimes when you ONLY rely on your network marketing company to provide the income in your business, you end up spending more than you are earning. The Empower Network allows you to create a strong, non-interfering cash flow that will allow you to scale up, recruit more and have $1000′s coming in per month for advertising (or personal enjoyment). The Empower Network platform is good because it is easy to set up, powerful, very good looking and has everything you need to have a thriving online business. Click Here To Get The Empower Network.

The 'Best' Article Software On The Net

Article Marketing Robot

Quite frankly, Article Marketing Robot is the BEST article software that exists on the internet.  Article marketing is the BEST marketing strategy, and I use it to drive most of my website traffic.  I’ve used several article submission and creation software, there is simply NOTHING on the internet that is remotely close to as powerful as AMR, there is definitely nothing as simple to use, and there is no other software that can do everything that this can, all rolled into one. If you are marketing your business online, click on the picture above and get the software right now, because it will absolutely blow your current traffic out of the water – I personally use this EVERY SINGLE DAY for my own business, and you should get it right now if you don’t have it already.

SEO Pressor:

SEO PressorThis WordPress Plugin is highly recommended! Whether you have a WordPress blog or you are going to set up a WordPress blog, SEO Pressor will help get all of your blog posts on the first page of Google. SEO Pressor acts like a “coach by your side”. When you are blogging, it gives you tips and guidelines on what you can do to better optimize your blog to get your post to naturally show up on Google. A blog that’s not showing up on Google is a complete waste of time, so SEO Pressor in my opinion is a huge breakthrough in terms of optimising your blog. Click Here To Get SEO Pressor ($7 Trial)



Lead Skimmer:

This is a fantastic system that puts your lead generation on STEROIDS!  If you’re currently struggling to get leads, then you CAN’T afford not to use this.  It’s completely free and you can start generating leads right now TODAY!





If you’ve been struggling with creating content for your:

  • Blog
  • Articles
  • Auto-Responder Messages
  • Free Report
  • Ebooks
  • Ecourses
  • Training Webinars
  • & Info Products

Then you’re luck is about to turn for the better!  MPS was designed with you in mind, catering to those that are in the Network Marketing Industry seeking to build their businesses using the Internet.

Their motto is “We Write While You Build”!!  As a Network Marketer, your focus shouldn’t be on the mundane tasks of writing articles and creating content.  Instead, your day should be filled with following up with leads and signing people up into your business.

With their content, I can guarantee that we will free up your time to focus more on your business while putting out content that will build your credibility and establishing you as the expert!



If you are serious about marketing your business online and making a lot of money, Aweber is MUST HAVE in your internet toolbox. I literally could not run my business without it. In fact, without Aweber, I would not even have a business. With Aweber, you can set up unlimited email lists and follow up with your leads on auto-pilot. Aweber even has “web forms” you can create and insert into your blog to capture your leads. For $19 a month, Aweber is something that any real internet marketer cannot live without. Click Here To Set Up An Aweber Account For $1!



Internet ToolboxEver wonder how I get so much traffic, such high Google rankings, leads and sales? TribePro my friends, is one of those “secret weapons” in my internet toolbox. Tribepro is a social sharing site where you are able to post a link to your blog article with a description, a URL and the members of the “tribe/forum” will all share you content on theirsocial networks. This is so powerful that whenever I plug one of my new blog posts into TribepPro, I get over 2,000 social media shares; FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, ect. A very powerful tool. A free TribePro account allows you to get shared “manually” so you should expect about 5-20 shares per post. However, a paid TribpePro account allows your content to get shared automatically through the system which will result in thousands of social media shares of your content, thus driving massive amounts of traffic. Click Here To Get A Free TribePro Account.


Host Gator Blog Hosting:
Your WordPress blog is by far your most important asset to your online business. The reason I have chosen to host my blog on Host Gator, is because BlueHost only cost $4.95 a month! On top of that, Host Gator allows you to create UNLIMITED blogs using the same hosting account…so $4.95 a month could set you up with hundreds of blogs if you so choose. Click Here To Set Up A WordPress Blog With BlueHost.



Godaddy Domains

Godaddy is the best place to purchase domains, and they’re cheap too!  If you’re serious about building a business online you need to have a domain name, so go on and grab you one from Godaddy.  They start from $1.99/yr for .info’s and $10/yr for .com’s.

Byo Audio

I use audio to quite a bit to communicate with people online.  It’s a fantastic way to build relationships with your audience and list.  Email can get to be a bit mundane at times so spice up your marketing through audio!  Try Byo Audio’s $1 for 30 day now!



Lujure Fanpage Creator

This is SUCH a lifesaver!  I was so ecstatic when I came across Lujure.  Lujure is a stupidly simple custom Fanpage creator for Facebook Timeline.  You can check out this blog post I made about how it works, click here.  This is a MUST have if you want to build a solid presence on Facebook and implement some killer FB marketing.  And what’s even better, is it’s FREE!




Tracking is vital when you’re marketing on the internet.  You need to keep track of your marketing and efforts to see what’s working and what’s not.  You don’t want to be blindly marketing and loosing money for no reason.  Hypertracker is a great tracking system I use and I strongly suggest you do too.  It’s only $19.95/mth.