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Znz One Review

Today I decided I just HAD to go ahead and get this Znz One review post out.  Now, I know that you’re wondering what Znz One is (ZNZ meaning, Zip Nada Zilch) and if all the talk you’re hearing about this program really is true?  So I’ve done all the research for you and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Znz One so you’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether or not Znz One is the right program for you.

Ok, so I came across Znz One a little over a month and a half ago and here’s what I discovered…

Znz One is a unique company because it provides major Fortune 500 companies a way to advertise and promote their services and products via trial offers made available on the Znz One site.  Companies such as CreditReport.com, Identity Guard, Blockbuster, Direct TV and many others.

What’s even more unique is that Znz One also allows potential customers of these Fortune 500 companies, like you and me, an opportunity to earn extra money working from home.

So how exactly how do you to make money with Znz One?

Znz One actually compensates each person $20 – $60 who sends referrals to their website to try the trial offers of the Fortune 500 companies they promote.  This in essence is called Iincentive marketing.  The referrals you send DON’T HAVE to be your friends or family if you don’t want them to be. Your referrals can be ANYONE who signs up for trials on Znz One, and you’ll still be able to receive your incentive payments.

I was also pleased to discover that for EVERY person who goes to Znz One and signs up and completes a certain number of trial offers, Znz One and Znz Bigcash (another Znz company) pays you $20 and $60 payments over, and over, and OVER again.  There’s NO LIMIT to these payments.  That is the beauty of this program.  You can simply drive loads of traffic to your capture page (click here to find out how to drive MASSIVE traffic) and earn $80 to $100 per day, that’s $3,000 per month!

When I got started with Znz One I made $140 in my first four hours, and $500 in my first 3 days.  I was absolutely shocked at the massive earning potential that Znz One and Znz Bigcash holds.

What’s more is that the entire Znz One program is entirely 100% FREE.  Remember, Znz One is based off of “trying” products and services not “buying”.  This business model makes for some INCREDIBILITY easy money, not to mention extremely lucrative, providing that you’re able to generate enough traffic to your Znz One site.

Already an Online or Home based business owner?

Great!  I’m sure you already see the potential Znz One holds for your current business partners and/or your prospects.  Just think about the mounds of people you’ll be able to help with this program?  Don’t see the big picture?  Call me and I’ll break it down for you  :-)

Click to go directly to the –> Znz One <– site and sign up (Repeat $20 payments)

Click to go directly to the –> Znz Bigcash <– site and sign up (Repeat $60 Payments)

Click to set up your –> FREE Marketing System <– for both Znz One and Znz Bigcash

So what about that $35 in the next 2 hours?

Znz One / Znz Bigcash Rebate:  Although the trial offers on both Znz sites are crazy simple to complete, on Znz Bigcash you’ll be required to complete a handful more offers to qualify for the $60 payments (usually from 4 to 6 offers, depending on the offers you choose to complete) compared to just the one trial offer required to qualify on Znz One (for the $20 payments).

There are enough FREE trial offers on Znz bigcash to complete that will equal up to the 1.00 credit needed to qualify for the $60 payments (free offers are what the program is based of off), however a few people may choose to do some paid offers, usually costing $3 to $15.  As you will watch and hear in your Znz One Training (should you choose to join) I offer a  $35 rebate/incentive that I will pay to all who fully complete their trial offer requirements for Znz bigcash.

That’s considerably more than what you’d invest to complete the offers on Znz bigcash (should you choose to do paid offers).  This $35 rebate still stands even if you don’t do paid offers on Znz Bigcash and only do the free trials.

However to qualify for this rebate you must fully complete BOTH Znz One and Znz Big Cash and get your 1.00 credits on both sites within 48 hours of signing up.  It usually takes no more than 2 hours to complete both Znz sites, depending on your typing speed, and within those 2 hours when you complete both sites I’ll send you your $35 rebate to your paypal.  If for some reason you’re not able to complete both sites within 2 hours, you have up to 48 hours to complete the sites and qualify for the $35 rebate.

NOTE: Just doing one of the sites or just signing up for an Znz One and Znz Bigcash accounts without completing your trial offers does not count as qualification for the $35 rebate offer.

Znz One and Znz Bigcash Are ONLY A Gateway Vehicle to Reach Your REAL Earning Potential…

Listen, I get it.  I totally understand the predicament that you’re in right now.  Maybe not your “exact” predicament, but believe me I’ve had my fair share of financial struggles and just life struggles in general. In case you didn’t know, I’ve once slept on park benches so… I’ve been there… and then some.

The economy and job market SUCKS.  I’m not ignorant to that fact, which is why Znz One is the perfect program for you to join because not only is it FREE, but it also gives you a fighting chance and affords you a way to get started in business for yourself (employing yourself) and begin working your way up into a real home business.

Yes, Znz One will certainly allow you to supplement or replace your income immediately, there’s no question about that.  But if you are truly serious about changing your life and if your goal is to really have the freedom and stability you desire, then you DESERVE be leveraged and positioned in a home business that will allow you to earn residual income.  As well as, construct a strong foundation of income generating assets.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a way to “maintain” in today’s economy.  I get that too.  You have bills to pay and you need a way to make a living to keep up with everyday expenses.  No problem.  Znz One and Znz bigcash are a great way for you to make the transition smoothly while giving you a chance to test your training wheels in the internet marketing industry.

God bless!

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