First, let me start this post of by saying that what you’re about to read may be shocking to some. It really depends on your background and open-mindedness. Either way, it’s my story and I need to share it with the world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this industry it’s that it’s important to be yourself and to tell your personal story.

Well this isn’t the whole story but it’s a ‘peek’ into one of the most pivotal points in my life. So hopefully this resonates with you and inspires you to DECIDE to make a change in your life today. If you can’t personally relate to this post but know someone who can, then please do them a favor and forward this to them. You may be saving their life.

Why don’t you just grow up?

That’s exactly what I had to do in order to be taken seriously in my business. However I did it in an unusual way…

You see, when I first got involved with internet marketing it was all about me. I was just about as immature as they come. I saw this industry as a way to ‘get rich quick’ and I was completely selfish and self-centered. I had no idea about the amount of hard work and effort that goes into really building and maintaining an online business.

Looking back now I can see how I was playing this industry like it was ‘a game’ not as a REAL business. My sole goal when I got started was just to make money. Having that type of mindset starting out DID NOT serve me well, and it won’t serve you well either.

I don’t usually do this, but I want to share with you something not a lot of people know about me. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life was when I was in lock up. When I was younger I was what you would call a ‘wild child’ and I’ve not always been as smart as I am now. Prison is definitely not a fun place to be, however I count it as a blessing today.

I say that because it gave me a chance to really sit down and think about my life and the path I was heading down. It was the first time I was forced to be still and really take a good look at myself and comes to terms with me as the person I was and the things I was doing. And you know what I realized?

I realized that I was going to have to make some DRASTIC changes in my life if I had any hope living a normal life in society and really making something of myself.

Today, I can honestly say that it’s not all about me. My life means so much more to me now, than just chasing after money. Today I live life with purpose and I have a direction and a mission to really change lives and help others to not only have financial break troughs but LIFE breakthroughs as well.

I’m not perfect. Most of my life has been a continuous series of negativity, but thanks to the lessons I’ve learned during my incarceration and the internet marketing world, I know better, so now I DO better.

My life is a complete 180 of the life I used to live. I’m surrounded by friends, family, and business partners who love me and have my best interest at heart. I’ve been equipped with skills, tools, and personal development materials and today my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of endless possibilities.

I’m grateful for the platform and the exposure that my business and the Empower Network has given me because this is how I will be able to truly reach out and change the world, and be able to touch the heart of others.

I’ve made my share of mistakes and truthfully, I still struggle at times to keep a positive mindset because of my mind is so used to dwelling in negativity. However, it’s much easier because now I have a positive support system and community of people surrounding me to help me stay on track and stay focused. I don’t have to wander out here alone anymore.

As I continue to grow and progress in life, I will always strive to do better and look beyond just myself. All of my life experiences have played a collective part in the person I am today, and I’m grateful for them all because when ‘life happens’ I can recall them and remember how important it is for me to stay grounded and on the right track.

But most importantly, I’m able to stay grounded and produce both financial and personal results in my life because I’ve DECIDED to do so. Making a gut and heart decision to make a change in your life is one of the strongest driving forces that will lead to success.

It’s time for you to decide. Make the DECISION to take action and live your life as it was meant to be lived. Believe me living a ‘defaulted’ life is no fun.


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Meet you at the top!

Ti Roberts

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