You’re obviously searching for Viridian Energy Reviews because you’re either thinking about joining this company or you’re already a representative.  Whichever one it

Viridian Energy Reviews

Viridian Energy Reviews

is, let me first off congratulate you on doing your research and two tell you that this wont me one of the “typical” Viridian Energy Reviews you see out there.  There are many Viridian Energy reviews floating around out there, but in this review I want to cut out all of the BS, and just give you the facts – what really matters. (By the way – if you’re not much of a “reader” just scroll down a bit and you can watch my video review ;-)

Viridian Energy Reviews – Here’s The Facts

Essentially, Viridian Energy is a natural gas and electricity service that was founded back in 2009.  Its purpose is to serve as an alternative option to local utility companies.  Their service is made available only through their independent reps (you), and apparently their service is very affordable for their customers.

As a member of the DSA, Viridian Energy actually has a renewable portfolio that exceeds twenty percent or more in each state they operate in and they also offer “greener energy” for the environment.

Their mission is to improve the world globally by providing a cheaper and healthier energy source to their customers.  They further want to empower and encourage them to get involved locally with the activities in their communities and offer exceptional services to sustain their initiative.

Viridian Energy also assists various organizations to raise money by offering a fund raising program.  Monies are donated to chosen organizations whenever a new customer is acquired.

Viridians passion and overall goal as a company is to provide an exceptional alternative service that’s greener, while at the same time creating a positive culture that their representatives and customers can thrive in.

Associates are compensated for every new customer they bring in monthly.  Every person that remains a customer month to month, the representative will continue to earn a percentage of what the customer pays monthly.  Representatives also have the option to earn more by recruiting other people to become associates, as well as for any customers that new associate signs up.

Viridian Energy Reviews – Now Here’s The Truth

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As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t one of your typical Viridian Energy Reviews.  What you just read above were the “facts” about Viridian Energy, however, right now I want to tell you the truth about making money with this company.

I’m sure your hoping to make ton of money with Viridian, however to really make any “real money” with this company, you’re gonna have to be able to get a mass amount of people in front of your service to be able to see what it is you have to offer them.  And let me tell you, your “warm market” of friends and family, ain’t gonna to cut it.  Especially if you’re counting on this to be your “meal ticket.”

You see, you need a consistent flow of new leads, customers and representatives signing up with you on a daily basis.  But most importantly, you need a consistent flow of upfront money going into your pocket daily to sustain yourself, and you ain’t going to be able to do that with just the comp plan in Viridian Energy.  The only way to do that is through earning 100% commissions on top of what you earn with Viridian – so you’re able to put that money back into your marketing and advertising – and by building a strong presence on the internet to reach your target market.

Viridian Energy Reviews, 100% Commissions, And The Accountability Mastermind Inner Circle

Viridian Energy Reviews

Viridian Energy Reviews

Listen, in today’s market, people want connections before anything – before joining someone or buying something. People want to know you are real, that your family is real, and that you are the ideal person to work with.

My goal is to help you make as much money as humanly possible in Viridian Energy by showing you exactly how to get your business in front of thousands of people monthly, weekly, and even daily – by leveraging the power of the internet.

My Accountability Mastermind Inner Circle will teach you how to literally have people signing up in your business on autopilot, paying you 100% commissions, while you’re sleeping at night.  And how will I do this?  Through The Empower Network.

Empower Network is a blogging platform that will help you build a mass empire with Viridian Energy. Without going into all the details, it’s the easiest way to get you setup with a blog, where you can write or video about whatever they want, i.e. “Viridian Energy”, drive traffic from that content ranking on Google, build a list of leads and recruit into them into your team.  This is some powerful stuff, in fact, it’s exactly how I got you to this blog post you’re reading right now ;-)

Empower Network And The “ALL IN” Accountability Mastermind Inner Circle

My goal in 2012 is to help 10 people get on the leaderboards here at The Empower Network.  Why?  Because Leaderboard placement = recognition by David Wood and David Sharpe (the company owners), which equals massive exposure, which equals unlimited income for you and your business.

The Accountability Inner Circle Mastermind  is my way of ensuring that those 10 people get that exposure.  And actually… there are only 10 spots available in my inner circle.  So you can either decide to just get in right now, or be left out on the sidelines.

I understand that getting “all in” may not be feasible for you, depending on your particular situation, and that’s fine.  If you’re really hungry for success, just decide to get in at the basic level today and get yourself started.  And if you’re really serious… you’ll build your way up and I’ll see you in the next Accountability mastermind cycle, I’m sure of it.  Once you make the decision and decide to just “get in”  and get started with the Empower Network, you can also expect:

Viridian Energy Reviews

Viridian Energy Reviews

Just “Get In” Empower Network Basic Membership Bonuses

    • 15 min getting started coaching session – we’ll get on the phone together to make sure you get started properly and receive all the resources you’ll need to started quickly and effectively.
    • Team Autoresponder Messages – 20 autoresponder messages that are already done for you, just upload them to your Aweber and you’re all set.
    • Access to our exclusive team training site where you’ll receive a step-by-step video getting started guide to get you going properly.
    • Access to our exclusive company Facebook group, where you’ll receive daily marketing assignments from our company leaders and top earners
    • Access to our team support skype chat – this is invaluable!  You get to personally interact with our other team members and receive help with any of your marketing strategy questions in real time by your team mates.  We share with each other, help each other, motivate, and share exclusive marketing tactics to help our team rise to the top.
    • Our daily Mid-day motivational call – these live calls are a great motivation source to keep our team strong and moving forward.  We have them every Mon-Friday 12pm -1pm EST.

    If you’re really serious about growing you’re “Business” and you decide to get “all in”today.  You’ll become a part of my exclusive Accountability Inner Circle Mastermind

    This mastermind is something I WISH I had when I first got started online, it would have saved me a TON of heart ache and pain.

    In addition to the cutting edge internet marketing training you’ll receive with the Empower Network, in my Accountability Mastermind you’ll also receive:

Empower Network Get “All In” Bonuses

Viridian Energy Reviews

Viridian Energy Reviews

    • 1 ½ hour Coaching session upon initial sign-up.  Once you get “all in”, you’re automatically included in the Accountability Mastermind Inner Circle.  We’re going to get on the phone together and go through an individualized coaching session.  I’m going to look at your business and really dissect what you’ve been doing with it and map out a step-by-step blueprint on how you can leverage the Empower Network to improve and increase your production and revenue.
    • You’ll also get access to our team FB Landing/Fanpage using the “exclusive” Facebook “optin” app software – This software creates KILLER high converting Facebook optimized landing pages.  It’s no longer available for purchase on the market and I have exclusive developer rights to it. So as a member of the Accountability Mastermind you will receive a cutting edge Facebook application landing page to further leverage your Facebook marketing efforts.
    • Group Co-op shares only the 10 members of the mastermind will automatically qualify for our exclusive co-op campaigns to get you driving traffic, generating leads, and earning 100% commissions immediately.
    • You’ll also receive exclusive rights to be included in our weekly Accountability Mastermind Webinars – Now this is where it gets“serious”.  These LIVE 3 hour weekly webinars are where you will get the hands on direction, guidance, and training that you’ll need to really succeed in Empower Network and in growing your primary company.  When I say that these webinars are detailed and thorough, I mean it.  Here’s what they include:
      • Individualized weekly goal planning as well as weekly group goal planning
      • Required accountably – each person in this mastermind will take turns coming to the forefront during our weekly webinar sessions.  Where each person’s work and marketing efforts for that week will be reported, dissected, and critiqued.  This includes:
        • Your daily blog posts
        • Your social networking efforts
        • Any paid marketing you’ve done
        • Any personal offline marketing you’ve done
        • Any efforts at all that you’ve put forth to further your business for that week will be reported and reviewed
        • Weekly marketing analysis – During the weekly webinars, I will look at and review each persons marketing activities for the week as far as blog posts, social network interactions, ad postings, and any other presentable methods you’ve done and provide live individualized feedback, tweaks, critiques and advice for improvement.

    I KNOW and I’m extremely confident that all inner circle members will benefit from the weekly accountability that’s required in the mastermind.  Why? Because not only does it force you to actively participate in building and growing your business, it further enforces the principles and disciplines that you’ll learn in the Empower Network training’s.

    I mean let’s face it, who likes to be caught off guard?

    When you’re actively committed to something and you know you’re going to be held accountable and required to report your activities regularly, you make sure you get it done, don’t you?  Of course you do.

    Come one, it’s just like college.  Remember at the beginning of the semester you’re teacher would pass out syllabuses with all the lessons, weekly/daily reading requirements, test dates, and homework assignments – with the expectation that you were going to follow along and complete the assignments as they occur.  And of course, class participation is a given.  The same principle applies here.

    In the Accountability Inner Circle Mastermind, you’re going to be required to make an account for your weekly marketing activities, which will push you towards success and reaching your financial and business goals.  Who could loose in this scenario?  Unless you’re just lazy, in which case I wouldn’t want to work with you anyway.

    Getting “all in” and joining my Accountability Mastermind Inner circle is the best way to ensure that you get the quickest return on your investment and start building your team and earning 100% commissions RIGHT NOW.

Make the decision and decide to get “all in” today.  Click here now, plug in your email address and get started.

Meet you at the top!

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Viridian Energy Reviews