Optin App – Saves You From Quitting Internet Marketing! Optin App and Facebook lead generation

Why don’t I just give up on Facebook marketing?  It doesn’t seem like it working anyway, does it?  These were my thoughts exactly!  At least they used to my thoughts before I discovered the Optin App for Facebook lead generation.  I’ve spent FOREVER trying to figure out the Facebook “magic formula” to no avail.  I’d get some results here and there, but they were nothing to really brag about.  I’d spend countless hours day and night trying to figure out how to build fan pages and FB applications, adding friends and trying to coax them into “liking” my Fanpage or getting them to optin to my lead capture page with little conversions.  It was enough to make you sick!  And it did!

I’d almost given up hope until I discovered the Optin App.  I saw a review for this application on a blog and I was intrigued and I decided to use this app give Facebook lead generation another try.  The creators of the Optin App are pretty genus.  The Optin App is designed specifically to generate leads from Facebook and drastically increase lead conversion.    They’ve integrated the lead capture page concept into a Facebook application that your friends will “allow” to access they’re contact info (i.e. personal email) in order to gain access to whatever it is you’re offering.

Optin App for Facebook Lead Generation Ain’t No Joke!

Lead conversions on Facebook increase significantly because the application allows the lead to stay on Facebook and access the information and the lead doesn’t have to manually enter in personal contact info.  As soon as they click “allow” on the Optin App lead page they’re automatically added to your email lead list and BAM, you can begin marketing to them and begin building relationships.

The Optin App layout and design is really simple and straight forward, so there’s no complicated HTML jargon to deal with.  It’s simply as wordpress plugin, so all you do it install it as a WP blog plugin and build an Optin App page on your personal blog.  You could even use it for your Facebook Fanpage to get more “likes” and optins simultaneously.  And oh yeah!  You can even get a developers license to be able to make unlimited pages and then charge to build Facebook optin pages for other people or local businesses in your area and generate an additional income for yourself!  The Optin App freaking rocks!

At the time of this blog post I’m in my first few days of using the Optin App and I’m LOVING it!  I will be doing ongoing updates and posts about my progress with the Optin App for Facebook.  I may even be putting up a tutorial and results vid here in a few days.

There’s NO DOUBT that Facebook is a goldmine for all businesses and it’s practically MANDATORY to figure out how to harvest its power.  Face it, Facebook lead generation is vital to your business and you need to learn how to do it the right way.  I’m glad that I came across the Optin App before I completely gave up hope with my attempts at Facebook lead generation.  I know you’re aching to figure it out, cause I was too, so don’t you owe it to yourself to give Optin App a try?  I almost guarantee it’ll beat out anything that you’re currently doing right now.  Go on and click and give Optin App a try and finally start seeing some results in your Facebook lead generation campaigns.

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God Bless!

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Optin App and Facebook lead generation