new mlm pre launch companies

New MLM Pre Launch Companies

New MLM Pre Launch companies are literally EVERYWHERE, emerging almost on a daily basis.  With all the many different new mlm companies screaming at you “We have the best compensation Plan!”, “We have the best products!” or “We have the best business model!”, how can you really be sure of which of these new mlm pre launch companies is the right one for you and if they will really deliver on their claims.  So I thought it’ll be helpful to you in your research to learn what is really important when it comes to new pre launch mlm companies.

In this post I’ll cover the 3 vital things New MLM Pre Launch companies must have and give you some of my tips and suggestions on how to go forth in your continued search for the best new mlm company.

As with any new company, the major factor here is risk.  Just like with starting a new conventional business, there’s a certain amount of risk involved when considering joining New MLM Pre Launch Companies.  Wealth is certainly not accumulated without taking any amount of risk.  If you’ll really think about it and consider top figures today such as Oprah, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, just to name a few, there was a considerable amount of risk when starting in their business/careers, however, in the end the rewards where great.

What’s great about network marketing and MLM is that the risk involved is considerably low compared to the millions of dollars most traditional businesses require to invest to partner with their company.  In all actuality, many mlm companies cost less than $400 to partner with and some even have a zero cost entry model.

Let’s first also discuss the risk verses the rewards before I go into the three evaluating factors of New MLM Pre Launch Companies.  It’s important to asses the “worst case scenario.”  Say you do end up choosing to partner with a bad company, the worst that could happen is that you loose a little money and some time.  Will that cause the world to stop spinning?  Certainly not.

As I said, if you do partner with one of the new mlm pre launch companies, you’ll have a great chance of becoming a top earner, that is if you do what is necessary, apply yourself, and pour your whole heart and soul into building your new business.

Consider the founders of Herbalife, Pre-Paid Legal Services, & Avon.  They all are now super successful because they were positioned at the right place and time and took extreme massive action.  And since they’ve stopped building their businesses directly, they all have been able to live exclusively of off their residual incomes for quite some time now.

So What Are The 3 Vital Things New MLM Pre Launch Companies Need To Have?

1.)  Service and Product – Product and service is really an important factor when it comes to picking the right new mlm pre launch company for you.  When looking at their products and services ask your self “Would I give this to my (mom, dad, brother, sister) if money wasn’t a factor?”  And be brutally honest with yourself.

The sad truth is that most people will join a new mlm company and not have any likeness at all for the product or service which can make it difficult to promote and market because they don’t have any type of belief or conviction in what they’re promoting.  This type of impulsiveness usually ends in failure.

So take some time to really think about if the product of the new mlm company your thinking about joining is truly a product/service that 1.)  People will actually buy and 2.)  Something that you can really get behind and consciously have no problem marketing.

2.)  Compensation Plan – The compensation plan of the new mlm company is very important.  Some questions to think about are:  Is there a duplicatable system in place that will help you grow?  Will this new mlm company pay you what your time is really worth?   How is the residual income model set up and how effective is it?  Does it leave room for growth?  Are their bonuses or promotions?

If you know little about compensation plans then my suggestion is that you FOLLOW THE LEADERS.  Which brings me to my third point.

3.)  Leadership and Corporate Founders – Leadership in my opinion is hands down THE most important deciding factor when it comes to evaluating New MLM Pre Launch Companies.  Especially since the new mlm pre launch company is just starting.  Honestly, what other factors does the company have to solidify it besides the track record of the founding leaders?

When evaluating leadership, some things to consider are:  “What previous experience do the have in other network marketing/mlm companies and what were their results/accomplishments?  Does the founder have any previous experience with the product/service they’re promoting/marketing? Check and review their corporate background.  Is the staff equipped with well developed billing and compensation plans?

Again, if you know little about these important things, FOLLOW THE LEADERS.  I can almost 100% guarantee you if there is a well known, extremely successful leader from the mlm/network marketing industry partnered with a new mlm pre launch company, 9 times out of 10 that particular company is where you deserve to be too.

Some final thought: Thoroughly do your research on the new mlm pre launch companies you’re considering, companies that the LEADERS are currently marketing on the internet and immediately partner with them.

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