There are a thousand better ways to build or expand your MLM business than by making a random “list of  friends and family.” 

I’ll share some creative ways to generate tons of local mlm leads.

When first starting in an MLM or a network marketing business, usually the first thing that your up-line sponsor tells you is tolocal mlm leads “make your list of resources.”  This list is usually considered to be your first list of MLM leads for your new business.  Your list of resources is basically a bucket list of any and every one you’ve brushed shoulders with in your life time.  It could be your third grade math teacher, your dentist, your wedding photographer, virtually any random person you could think of.  What’s the point in this?

Let’s be honest, not everyone will be interested in your business opportunity and more than half of them will think that it’s a scam and poke holes in your excitement.  Don’t you want to avoid the embarrassment of putting yourself through that?  Because this “list of resources” method is so out dated, here’s two much easier and highly effective ways to generate local mlm leads for your business without feeling like an idiot.

Local MLM Leads Strategy #1 – Post-it Notes:

Yes, post-it notes are a fantastic way to generate a lot of local mlm leads right in your home town.  Just head down to your local dollar store and buy a cheap book of post-it’s and get to sticking!  Of course you have to write some compelling copy that will not only prompt a direct response from people, but also sort your potential prospects as well.

Here’s an example of what to put on your post-it:  Earn $50,658 in 6 months.  Don’t even THINK about calling unless you’re PRODUCER and can PROVE IT! (Insert your website/recorded call #/or venue for prospect to get more info and where you can capture their information to follow up with them). 

Now don’t you think that would produce some hot local mlm leads?  Of course it would!  Remember, once you get the prospect on the phone; lead the conversation by asking the prospect questions.  You’re the interviewer and it’s vital that you lead with confidence.  Now all you have to do it post those babies all around your town and surrounding areas and your phone will be ringing off the hook!

Local MLM Leads Strategy #2 – Contest/Raffle Boxes:

This is another great strategy that will get you a ton of local mlm leads.  Here’s what you want to do:  First either make or buy a simple contest/raffle box and come up with a prize to raffle off.  Whatever prize you come up with doesn’t necessarily have to be a “real prize” it just has to be one attractive enough that will get people excited and eager to enter your contest/raffle.  I’d stick with attractive electronics of some sort, say a new flat screen TV, IPad, IPhone, etc.  Set aside some time to go to a local busy, highly trafficked area in your town.  You could go set up your table and box on a Friday or Saturday at your local commons area downtown, a mall, or wherever you know there will be lots of people to attract to your “staged contest”.

The whole point here is the get these people to give you’re their contact information: name, address, age, phone number, etc.  Have them fill out little index cards with their contact info and drop it into your contest box.  After you’ve collected all the “entrees”, wait a day or two (or whatever time limit you put on your raffle, I suggest no more than 2 or 3 days, or the next day even) and call every last one of the leads back.

What do you say?  Simple, here’s a simple script you can follow:  “Hi (prospects names), this is (your name).  You entered our contest the other day for the (prize offered) at (location where they entered).  I’m just calling to let you know that unfortunately you didn’t win the (prize offered) however you did come in (2nd or 3rd place) and you’ve won a free (cd, dvd, e-book, video, brochure, or some sort informational product about your company) about how to (make money from home or start your own business, etc.)  Then go right into the interviewing and qualification process.  Voila!  You’ve just got yourself a ton of free local mlm leads for your business!

I’m sure you see now that there are much more effective ways to generate local mlm leads without ever touching your personal “list of resources.”

God Bless!

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Ti Roberts


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