This blog post is about Tracey Walker’s Like My Hood Campaign.  I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts about the brutle murder of Trayvon Martin and get you involved

Like My Hood

Like My Hood - " I AM Trayvon Martin!"

in our efforts to help his family and raise awareness of the changes that need to me mad to the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Click play below now to hear my thoughts about this and see how you can play a part in changing this law and helping the family…


Guy’s, the cold hearted murder of Trayvon Martin just wrong, but what’s even more appalling is the stupid law that allows his murdered to walk free.  This horrible act of violence should not go unpunished.  We need to STAND UP and DO SOMETHING!

Right here… Right now… is where the change starts.  Here’s what you need to do next:

1. Go NOW and Like the Like My Hood” Campaign Page
2. Upload a picture of yourself, in the hoodie of your choice DIRECTLY to this page so we see your photo
3. Share it and tell your friends to do the same!

I hope to share with the world that we support peace and that we believe hoodies are NOT a license to kill or be killed!

Let’s ban together and let’s help this family!

Like My Hood“!!!

P.S. SHARE THIS POST & GET THE WORD OUT! “Like” it, Tweet it, Digg it, Share it on your Facbooke walls.  Even write your own post about this campaign (audio, video, whatever).  Any thing to help us ban together to make a change and help the Martin family.  Let make it happen guys!

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Like My Hood