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Situations where dogs might not make perfect pets


Owning pets can be an extraordinarily rewarding thing. And they say dogs are even more loyal than humans, so it is not surprising that they have become popular among the young and old alike. But, the truth is, they are not for every everyone as they can also be time and money consuming.

The moments you spend with your dogs, bonding and being happy together, are the ones you remember the most. However, in order for those moments to happen, you have to be present in their lives. If you’re someone who is very busy and is rarely at home, maybe you should reconsider rescuing a pet like this.

They need attention constantly and they require to be walked at least twice a day, so if you don’t have that kind of time, your dogs will start to develop health issues. They are social animals, and they love to interact with their master and with other pets as well, and they also love to run and to be free. So you need to guarantee that those things are going to happen.

So that’s why if you can’t find at least one or two hours to spend with them daily, maybe go for a pet that is less active and lives in a cage such as gerbils. And the same thing applies if you’re living in a studio or in some other type of accommodation that doesn’t have a yard.

The dog’s muscles need to be exercised constantly or they will start to atrophy. And if you live in a confined space, that is going to be a hard thing to do, especially if you own a larger dog. Dog depression is a real thing, and it happens more than some would think.

Another category of people that maybe should think twice before getting a house pet, are the people that are struggling financially. Having a dog is not expensive, but there will be moments in your life when your dog gets sick and it will need to see a vet. And that can be quite expensive, depending on the disease of your pet.

So if you add things up, in the long run, you will realize that if you have no source of income, you cannot guarantee the well being of your furry friend. To the food and accessories add the cost of the vet, of the grooming sessions and the occasional treat, and you will start to get a sense of the real value of owning any breed.

However, to end this in a joyful way, all that money is an investment. Because dogs are wonderful creatures, loyal and soft, and they give a positive energy to any room they enter, and this justifies all the small sacrifices.