This is going to be a raw and ‘bare bones’ Simply You Jewelry Review.  Of course you’re searching for information about this company because you’re trying to decide on

Simply You Jewelry Review

Simply You Jewelry Review

whether or not you want to become an independent advisor, or you’re probably already a Jewelry advisor and you’re looking to get more information.  Whichever reason it is, this review will give you the facts about Simply You Jewelry as well as reveal some things they didn’t tell you. (By the way, if you not much of a reader, just  scroll down to watch the video review ;-)

Simply You Jewelry first got started back in January 2011.  Their based in Toronto Canada and they do business in the US as well. They actually make an exclusive line of jewelry available through their network of independent Jewelry advisors.

What makes Simply You’s jewelry so unique is the fact that their pieces are lead, nickel, and cadmium free.  All of their pieces are handcrafted as well.  Simply You Jewelry uses some of the best elements when crafting their jewelry including cubic zirconia, Murano glass, crystal pave, semi-precious gemstones, and many others.

People who host parties for Simply You qualify to receive free jewelry and/or jewelry for half price, as well as special discounts depending on the sales volume that the party produces.

Simply You Jewelry Enrollment Options

To get started as an independent advisor with Simply You, you’ll have to purchase the $199.00 starter kit.  This kit includes various items to get you started properly including business forms, jewelry samples and a personal website.  Advisors also have additional options to purchase supplemental kits that include more diverse jewelry samples ranging from $150 to $850.

Simply You Jewelry Comp Plan

Advisors of Simply You commissions start at twenty-five to forty percent.  Additional compensation is available through the fast start bonuses and range from three to five percent.  This percentage is calculated from the sales volume that your personally sponsored advisors produce monthly.

Simply You Jewelry Review – Now Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You

Click by now to watch the video review…

I’m sure that you love jewelry and the concept of being able to start your own business and make money selling jewelry with Simply You excites you, however there a few things that are missing from this equation.  If you really wanted to make Simply You work and build a viable and sustainable business with this company, you’re gonna have to have a never ending stream of new leads, customers, and new advisors signing coming into your team on a daily basis.

The only way to really ensure that your business stays alive is to ensure you have the upfront money to be able to re-invest back into your marketing and advertising, and with the commission percentages I just mentioned earlier, I honestly don’t see that happening.

You see, when you get started with Simply You, or in any business for that matter, it takes a time to really start to see a return on investment, so it makes it difficult to really begin to scale up and expand your business.

The only real way to quickly grow a business like Simply You is to either dig a deep hole into your pocket and use your own money to fund your marketing and advertising, or to position yourself to earn 100% commissions up front and then reinvest your profits back into your business to rapidly expand.

Simply You Jewelry and 100% Commissions

Let’s face it, 100% commission obviously sound much better than 25% and 40% commissions right?  I know it does.  Simply You Jewelry is defiantly a viable business and can work for you however; it will work even better and faster when you decide to earn 100% commissions TODAY.

Make the decision and decide to get “all in” today.  Click here now, plug in your email address and get started.

Meet you at the top!

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Simply You Jewelry Review


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