[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Juicy Case Studies, Redonkulous Traffic Tips and more….(juicy secrets galore)

Happy happy Friday!

TGIF, right? Lol :)  I hope you’ve had a great productive week and you’re preparing for a relaxing weekend.  I’ve had a fantastic week myself.  A little blogging, a bit of traffic driving, and some secret concocting of some “exclusive” traffic goodness I’ll soon be releasing….

Here’s a hint: Can you say, live and in person? ;)

To set your weekend off right, I wanted make sure I equipped you with some extra juicy traffic goodies, I’m talkin’ badassness here (ahem, excuse my french)…

1.)  First up, we have my latest blog post.  I share 4 unique and unusual was to conjure up a traffic stamped.  When I tell you there’s some hot and steamy traffic tips in this post… I mean it (in fact, you’re reading one of them right this very minute ;) ).  Check it out for yourself:

4 Hidden Traffic Tips to Spike Your Traffic Stats


2.)  Next up, we have one heck of a case study from an awesome fellow named Josh Zamora.  His case study was featured as a guest post by one of my favorite traffic generation divas, Kim Roach.  If you ever wanted to know step-by-step how to pull off a successful product launch, this is the post to read, bookmark, and read again…

How I Sold 450 Copies of My First Product


3.)  Next, we have an awesome post from Twitter marketing phoneme and my good friend Terrance Charles.  Driving traffic is one thing, but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t know how to build a solid relationship with your subscribers.  The money is in the relationship you have with your list.  Here’s some simple tips to show you how…

10 Tips to Create Loyal Email Subscribers That will Stick with You Over The Years


4.)  Do you ever get writers block… or in our case… bloggers block?  What if you could get endless, professional grade content for your posts whenever you want?  Well, here’s a pretty cool and unique way to create killer, high quality content for your blog posts every time…

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Answers for Your Next Blog Post


5.)  And lastly, I have one more really neat traffic goody I just had to share with you.  This tip comes from Ana Hoffman of the infamous Traffic Generation Cafe.  I must admit this traffic trick is pretty darn cool and you can use is right now, today to begin seeing a visible boost in your traffic stats…

How to Visibli Increase Your Website Traffic in 5 Minutes Flat


Well, there ya’ have it!  Today’s round up is chock full of powerful traffic bombs :) .  Be sure you carve out some time this weekend to take a good long gander at these posts.

And, be sure to “like”, share, and Tweet this post if you found it helpful.  In fact, leave me a blurb in the comments and tell me how ya’ like ‘em.

Also, don’t forget to share and spread the love on their posts as well.

Have a fantastic weekend.  See ya’ around the net!


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  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/terrance-charles/10/540/32b Terrance Charles

    Nice roundup as usual Ti :) I’ve heard of Visibli, but never used it yet. I’ll be checking this one out. Enjoy your weekend!

    • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002102294177 Ti Roberts

      Hi Terrance!

      Awesome of you to drop by. Yes, Visibli seems to be truly awesome and I’ll definitely be giving it a go as well. Hope you have a great weekend too and thanks for commenting!


  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=1813770635 Ana Hoffman

    And that’s why I don’t trust WP pingbacks, Ti – I had no idea you mentioned TGC in any of your posts.

    Thanks for the mention!

    Personally, I send out emails to everyone mentioned in my posts to make sure they know I gave them thumbs up – builds relationships, traffic, and potential future mentions.

    • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002102294177 Ti Roberts

      Hi Ana – I usually do shoot out an email when I do Top 7 or Top 10 posts and I’ll definitely start making it a habit to do so for my weekly roundups now that you mentioned it.

      No problem about the mention, your traffic tip was awesome!

      Thanks again for commenting! :)