[SEO Rebel Roundup!] “Duh” Traffic Tips, “Shaking” widgets, and Content marketing Zen?…

Happy Friday!

‘Tis the weekend baby! ;)

I hope you’ve had a fantastic, productive week and your getting ready
for some serious relaxin’ :)

My week has been…. productive yet slow, to say the least. Hey, we
all can’t be superwomen (or superman), right?

I’ve just put the final touches on some projects and now I’m finally
free to get back on my traffic generatin’ grind.

Gosh, how I’ve missed the traffic trenches, like feenin’ for my
Starbucks Latte… when I tried to kick the habit that one time last
year… yeah, that didn’t last long.

To get my traffic come back started off on the right foot, I wanted
to share with you some rockin’ traffic beasts I’ve come across this week…

1.)  First up, we have one heck of a post from Mark Trueman of Zenspill.com.
In this post, he shares some kickbutt traffic tips that are sure to pack a
loaded punch to your traffic stats…

9 Killer Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO Or Social Media



2.)  How hard do you think content marketing really is? Well according to
this post by Ryan Hanley it’s a real walk in the park. And, I can’t say that
I’d disagree with him. Content, is content, is content and creating it becomes
a breeze once you master the formula…

The Zen of Content Marketing



3.)  Tell me something, once you’ve gotten into your content creation “groove”,
how would you like it if Facebook just steals all your traffic thunder? I know
I’d be one pissed puppy and this post by Brad Smith of FixCourse.com show’s
you exactly how to keep your traffic out of Facebook’s claws… (this is something
you REALLY need to start implementing today if you’re not already)…

Why You Should Stop Using Facebook (And What You Should Do Instead)



4.)  And finally, we have the queen of traffic generation herself, Ms. Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe. I must say that this post really had me chuckling quite a bit, but it’s SO TRUE. Lol, this traffic tip is like the huge elephant in the room that no one acknowledges and once you implement this (like I’ll be over the weekend) I’m sure you’ll see a significant traffic boost in your stats…

Traffic Boosting “Duh” Idea to Keep Your Readers Reading

http://bit.ly/ZEVUx5 (if your read carefully, you might just see somethings shaking :) )


Well, there ya’ have it!

This week’s traffic roundup is filled with great, actionable traffic tips that’ll
definitely breath some life into your stats. So make sure you carve out some
time this weekend to read these tasty morsels.

Also, be sure to “like”, share, and Tweet this post if you found it helpful.
I’d love to hear your takeaways from these posts, so be sure drop
me a line in the comments below and let me know your thoughts.

And, don’t forget to share and spread the love on these awesome
blogger’s posts too.

Have a fantastic weekend. See ya’ around the net!


P.S.  It really feels great to be getting back at it. So much has been going
on I just have to tell you about. Keep an eye on your inbox over the next
week.  I’ll be releasing my next traffic case study soon and I’ll be sharing
some things in it you’ll definitely don’t want to miss. Oh, and if you’re not
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the traffic loop too ;) .

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  • http://plus.google.com/109651256997231960855 Emmanuel Obarhua

    Ti that’s a great post.


    • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002102294177 Ti Roberts

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you found this post helpful. I’d love to hear how these traffic tips work out for you, so please do drop back by and let me know! :)


  • GilbertQ

    Plenty of them there TI. Appreciate the share and surely i will have to work on them. Cheers

    • http://www.facebook.com/tiroberts1986 Ti Roberts

      Thanks for dropping by, Gilbert. Glad you found these resources helpful. Hope you have a great weekend and Happy New year!