[SEO Rebel Roundup!] My beau and a Traffic Quickie?…

Happy Friday!

Welcome to another edition of our weekly link roundup. :)

I just couldn’t let this week past without sharing these awesome traffic morsels with you. So even though I’m in a bit of a rush (on my way to do some V-day shopping ;) ), here’s 3 of the absolute best posts I’ve come across this week…

1.) First up, we have an out of this world pillar post of massive proportions!  My good buddy Mauro D’Andrea spent over a month putting this bad boy together and I would be doing you a complete disservice if I didn’t share it with you…

101 Experts Share Their Tips for Online Success


There you’ll find some incredibly valuable golden nuggets you’ll definitely want to check out asap.

2.) Next, we have yet another insanely epic post from Ana Hoffman. I swear her content is like crack; I’m totally addicted! If you find yourself not having enough hours in the day to carry out all of the virtual blogging errands we have to run to keep ourselves afloat (I know I do), then it’s mandatory you check this post out…

Content Marketing Leverage System: How to Multiply Your Reach


3.) And last, but certainly not least, we have my marketing big bro Terrance Charles. If you’re in to paid traffic, he’s put together a steaming fresh list of the very best solo ad providers for 2013. You’ll definitely want to jump on this list and start exploring the fresh meat…



There ya’ have it! A a traffic quickie.

Now I”m off to find a lovers potion for my beau. :)

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Have a fantastic weekend! See ya’ around the net!


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  • http://www.blog-growth.com/ Mauro D’Andrea

    Ti, Thank you for including my post!

    I’m sure that Ana’s post is a great one, so I’ll read it carefully later.

    The post about solo ads, seems quite interesting. I’ve never used solo ads, but if the option seems to be useful, I’ll use that resource.

    Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    • tiroberts

      Hi Mauro,

      Glad to see your comment! Yes, I definitely had to include you in this weeks roundup. Your post was too spectacular not to include! I’d love to hear how you enjoy the rest of these resources.

      Have a great weekend!


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