mlm local leads

MLM Local Leads

Why would you pay for MLM local leads?  It’s not necessary, and frankly it’s a waist of your money.  This is the first post in a series of posts that will show you exactly how to generate endless high quality MLM local leads,and you can find them all in your own back yard for FREE.

SIDE NOTE:  If you’re anything like me, you probably learn better by visuals rather than reading.  So, to save yourself some valuable time you can watch the video version of this entire series here –> MLM Local Leads Video

MLM local leads are not as hard to find as you may think.  In all actuality, MLM local leads are all around you.  I mean think about it.  Pretty much if a person lives in your town, is over the age of 18 and breathing then they qualify as an mlm local lead ;-)   However, I’m well aware that EVERYONE who’s breathing in your local area doesn’t qualify as a high quality mlm local lead.

You and I both know that the life blood of your business is constant CONSISTENT lead flow.  It’s vital to have TONS of people to talk to, otherwise your operating at a serious loss.  To do this successfully you need to ALWAYS be exposing your mlm to other people.  One of the best ways to go about doing this is to use A.B.P. (Always Be Prospecting).

So how do you find the high quality mlm local leads in your area?  Better yet, how do you spark the interest of those around you to convert them into potential local leads for your mlm, WITHOUT scaring them off?  Well, there are several ways to go about doing this, you just have to think “outside of the box.”

First let’s address how to spark the interest of local people in your area and convert them into a mlm local lead for your business.

MLM Local Leads

FYI: Before you do this strategy you want make sure that your MLM company provides you will lots of marketing tools and resources such as CD’S, DVD’S, pamphlets, borchures, etc.  What usually works best for this method are CD’S or DVD’S about your mlm company.

MLM Local Leads Strategy #1:

To prospect locally, you obviously need fresh new numbers of people in your local area, so how do you collect these vital phone numbers?  One very effective way to do this is with contest entry boxes or raffles.  You may be thinking, how is this going to work?  Allow me to explain.

Keep in mind what we’re trying to do here is “spark” the interest of people in your local area WITHOUT scaring them off.  If you go to a high traffic area in your town such as a mall or town commons, you could set up a little area with a table and sign saying that you’re holding a contest to give away an awesome prize, say… a plasma screen TV.  Have people fill out a short form with their name, phone #, email, and address to enter the contest.  I GUARANTEE you will get TONS of people scrapping to enter that contest hopping to win the “big prize.”  Resulting in LOTS of phone numbers.

Now of course you’re not really giving away a plasma TV, this is just a way to acquire phone numbers and contacts.  Next, what you’re going to do is what’s called shifting.  You’re going to pre-qualify them to become a mlm local lead for your business.  What do you say?  Something to this effect:

“Hi (PROSPECTS NAME)? How’s it going?  This is (YOUR NAME) calling you back.  You entered our contest for the plasma screen TV.  I’m calling just to let you know that unfortunately you didn’t win the Plasma TV, however you did win the 2nd place prize which is a free cd/dvd/book/e-book about how to make money working from home.”

The persons response to this will tell you whether or not they’re even interested in the idea of working in a home based business.  More than likely they will accept the offer and be willing to receive the information you have to give to them. 1.) Because it’s free and 2.) Because your offering it in such a way that is not pushy or offensive.

It’s that simple!  Several people on my team have done this with great success, it’s simple, easy and very duplicatable.

This is just ONE of the ways you pre-qualify TONS of people in your local area and convert them into mlm local leads, all for FREE.

SIDE NOTE:  When talking to any prospect, you must know how to communicate with them in such a way that will allow you to gain their trust and build a rapport.  It’s vital that you’re able to communicate in a non-pushy, non-offensive manner that will build a relationship FIRST, which will allow you to find out what their needs, strengths and goals are as well as find the pressing problems they may have in their life that your MLM business will be able to help them solve.  In essence your looking to genuinely HELP people and PROVIDE SOLUTIONS  to their problems NOT just make money off of them by getting them into your MLM.  And always remember to FOLLOW UP with that person.

I think I’ll stop right here for now in this post.  I hope you see the value in this strategy and don’t underestimate it’s potential power.  If you’re worried about what to say to your prospect during the follow up call check out Dani Johnson’s Script Book.  It’s magical and well worth the investment.

Stay tunned for the next post.  Oh yeah, like I said at the beginning of this post if you want to watch the video version of this series in it’s entirety RIGHT NOW Go Here –>> MLM Local Leads

God bless!

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