Lisa Irby is one of the top earners online today.  Lisa was actually one of the first people I came across when I first started researching how to make money online.  In today’s post I

Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby

wanted to do a review of Lisa’s online success and kinda share with you how she’s played a part in my online journey.

Lisa Irby is what’s called an affiliate marketer.   She makes the majority of her money from selling affiliate products and Google Adsense.  It took Lisa a while to really start making a substantial amount of money online, in fact she really didn’t begin making a stable income until 4 years after she first came on the internet.  Lisa Irby has been making a consistent income online since 2006 and she’s currently making well over $100k per year from her websites.

I actually came across Lisa back in 2005 or 2006, can’t remember exactly.  I was just getting my start in internet marketing and in the midst of doing my research I came across her website,  I was fascinated by her and her site because, for one, she was African American.  I’d never seen another black person online with a prominent website so that caught my interest immediately.  The second thing that really caught my attention about Lisa Irby is the wealth of information she had available on her site.  She had just about any and every thing I needed to know about creating a website, from html code to free website creators.

At the time, I really wasn’t interested in creating a website to the likes of what she has created.  I was only interested in getting some simple html code to create a clickable link and picture.  Lisa Irby has been an inspiration to me because of her honesty, transparency and consistency in her message and marketing.   She’s not the type of person that would refer something to you and have you buy it if she didn’t think it was going to help you.  Lisa Irby is very honest, direct and straight forward and that was what attracted me to her and is the reason why I’ve purchased products from her.

Ya’ know, in the internet marketing niche, it’s really true what they say.  Being real creates a loyal following.  That’s true, because I’ve actually gone so far as to email Lisa for her affiliate links to certain systems or tools I needed because I wanted her to get the commission on it.  Actually, I wanna share this quick story with you in regards to my interaction with “Lisa Irby”.

About a year or so ago, I actually wrote a paper about Lisa Irby for my college English class.  I can’t remember the title of it right now, but it was about the legitimacy of online businesses.  Anyway, I received a 97 on that paper and I was STOKED!  I actually recorded a video about it sharing my grade with Lisa and talking about how she inspired me, thanking her for helping me to get an “A” on my paper.  She was excited for me and I thought it was cool how she was so humble, open and receptive to me.  She even shared the video with some of her family members, which I thought was pretty cool too : )

Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby specializes in the website creation niche.  She’s a master at creating niche websites and ranking those sites high in the search engines using several advanced SEO and back linking strategies.  Lisa actually owns several other websites in addition to her main site.  They include:

  • – this is her main website where the majority of her income is generated. This website covers a variety of topics including make money online, web design, blogging tips, and traffic generation.  This website also covers the mechanics of website creation and much more.  It’s geared towards both the newbie and seasoned webmasters.
  • – This website that guides newbies through the planning process of developing a new website
  • – This is her main website’s blog where she covers the latest in industry news and shares her personal opinions on several niche subjects.  She also writes product reviews and reviews other websites on her blog.
  • – This website covers flat stomach exercise that one can do to maintain or obtain a flat stomach.  It also covers other health and nutrition info.
  • – This is her personal blog where she talks about random personal stuff from her life
  • – This is her blog that talks about her natural hair journey.  It’s a wonderful blog and I enjoy it, especially since I’m an natural sister too : )
  • – This is a very active community forum she created for website developers.
  • – This is her personal web hosting site where she offers web hosting and domain name registration services for website developers
  • And many others that I’m sure I haven’t come across yet : )
Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby

Lisa also has quite the following on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.  She’s the owner of several different YouTube channels and has a subscriber base of 41, 210 on her main channel at the time of this blog post.

So as you can see Lisa Irby is a well-diversified internet entrepreneur and generates online income from several sources.  Lisa has always been a big advocate of diversifying your

income and not placing your eggs all in one basket.  I agree.  When building an online business, you want to make sure that you’re not too reliant on one income source that way if something were to happen to one of your main income sources you have others that you can fall back on.

If you’re interested in learning how to leverage the power of the internet to generate an 6 figure online income the way Lisa Irby does, you can get started by becoming an affiliate of

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you can do it too!

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Meet you at the top!

Ti Roberts

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