InVado International Review

InVado International Review

More than likely you’re reading this InVado International Review because you’d like to find out more information about this business.

You could be already partnered with them or you might be considering partnering with this company.  Regardless of which one you are, this review will have some useful information for you.

My InVado International Review is going to go over the company background, the products, the enrollment options, and the compensation plan.  I’m also going to be giving you some specific details that you may not know.

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InVado International Review:  Company Background

InVado International is a MLM or Network Marketing company that enables people to save money on things that they’re already using and buying everyday as well as earn additional income.  This business used to be a company name “Utitily Choice International”.  InVado International headquarters are located in Chargin Falls, Ohio.

The President and CEO of InVado International is Damon Mintz.  Damon has extensive experience in Staffing and Recruiting, Network Marketing and the Direct Selling industry.  Some of the positions he’s held include:  Regional Vice President of ACN International, Founder and CEO of DG Holding LLC at DB Films – a TV and film Production Company.

The management team of InVado International includes:  George Clayton – Vice President – COO; Judd Mintz – Vice President, Field Training; Steve Mintz – Vice President, Field Development; Chris Thompson – Vice President, Field Development.

The leadership in this company boasts over 100 years combined.

InVado International Review:  Compensation Model And Enrollment Options

InVado International is based off of referral marketing.  If you want to get started with this company you can join for $499.  This will buy you into the company and then qualify you to be able to refer people to the services and products Invado offers.  Your income comes from the products or services the people you refer buy.  So there’s really no physical product to move.

You earn a percentage of all the sales you refer the company as well as the sales your team refers.  The commissions you earn are determined by the rank you have within company:  Certified Team Leader to Senior V.P. of Marketing.

InVado International Review:  The Products

InVado International’s main product is Energy.  Their energy services are provided at a discounted rate and are available in service states including:  New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.  They also provide gas services in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

InVado is beginning to expand internationally and into Canada.  They’re also adding additional services to offer additional savings on things they’re consumers and already currently using.

InVado International Review:  In Conclusion

There are a whole slew of additional products and services InVado International offers including a discount service similar to Groupon as well as Communication and Technology services.  They seem to be a stable, reputable and growing company.  If you’re thinking of joining this company, I think you’ll find success, however you must ensure that you’re properly equipped to excel.

It’s important that you understand the concept of marketing and how to get enough people to see what you have to offer so you can build quick momentum.   The best way I’ve found to market businesses such as InVado is by utilizing cutting edge internet marketing methods.

Internet marketing allows you to get your products and services in front of a mass amount of people that are already looking to buy your product and join your company – where you’ll be able to essentially signup people into your company on auto pilot.

Meet you at the TOP!

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InVado International Review


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