How I Profited from Re-purposed Free Content (info product creation tips)

Product creation can be pretty intimidating. Especially in a market as saturated as the blogging/make money online niche.

Top Bloggers' Traffic

Top Bloggers’ Traffic

So when I got the itch to create my own traffic product, you can believe I was terrified.

My brain went into 100% “retreat” mode and I came up with a thousand and one reasons as to why my product wasn’t needed.

  • How was I going to compete with everyone else who had similar products? Let alone all the big “gurus” with similar products.
  • Could I create enough quality and valuable content to even deem my product worth purchasing?
  • Would anyone really see the value in my product or take me seriously?

In my mind these were all more than valid reasons to 86 my product idea, bury it in hard clay dirt and continue being the good little affiliate marketer I knew how to be.

And that’s exactly what I did… until I had an alarming wake up call.

Ring The Alarm!

A few months ago while digging through Lisa Irby’s article archives, I stumbled across her post entitled: How Fear Cost Me Thousands of Dollars (eBook Creation).

In that post, Lisa shared what held her back from creating her own branded product for so long, even after years of experience and being deemed an expert in her niche.

Aside from being a little pissed at the nerve of shokiplex, (the naysayer mentioned in that post), I found Lisa’s article to be intriguing and extremely inspirational.

Most importantly, it gave me several valid reasons as to why I should create my own product.

  • There is value in repackaged content (even if it’s a re-purposed version of free content).
  • I’m my own unique person and there’s value in the way that I deliver content as opposed to others.
  • My product should be specifically for my core audience (I shouldn’t try to please everyone).
  • I control the asset and the profit margin.

Plus, I’d be stupid to voluntarily leave thousands of potential dollars on the table, right?

On top of that, like Lisa, I’d received emails from my readers asking why I didn’t create my own product.

All of my “reasons” (a.k.a “excuses”) were blown clean out of the water. So, of course, now I had no real valid reasons not to move forward.

The Product Idea

Now, my initial product idea was brilliant (even if I do say so myself :)).

It was an original, well, semi-original concept that I’ve not yet seen people doing in our industry – at least not in the way that I planned on doing it.

And I was planning on building my product completely from scratch.

However, shortly after I started creating the content, I realized that in order provide the high quality value I wanted to deliver, it was going to take a lot more time and require a lot more resources than I currently had available to me.

So, right in the middle of production, I decided to pivot and revisit the drawing board.

Thinking back to what Lisa said about people finding value in repackaged content, I decided to take another route and follow her example.

I began thinking about all of the high value content I’d created over the months and how I could use it create a quality product.

Then, it hit me!

Within only 3 months of me relaunching my blog, I’d managed to land 3 unsolicited guest posts on 3 of the industry’s top blogs in my niche. Plus, drive over 19,ooo visitors to my blog.

Why not create a product detailing exactly how I did that?

It was something I could quickly create, but at the same time still deliver high quality value.

That was the birth of Top Bloggers’ Traffic.

A Slight Dilemma

I wanted my product to be results oriented. A mini traffic course of sorts.

Complete with detailed “how to” content and meaty case study examples to exemplify the concepts covered.

I realized that generating those kind of results so soon after a blog relaunch isn’t common. And I knew that there would be tons of people interested in learning how to do it too.

I knew that because in the weeks prior I’d written an in-depth post and guest post about how I generated those results – found in my 3 month traffic case study and my guest post on Traffic Generation Cafe.

But there was a problem…

How was I going to repackage content I already had out there for free and still create enough value to make it into a paid product?

Then, it hit me again…

Why, with video of course! :)

I knew that many people valued the convenience of video.

And I could use video content to go into even deeper details about how I generated my results. Plus, show in-depth behind the scenes stats, back-end processes, templates, resource lists, checklists, email communications and much more.

Not to mention how quick and easy I could create the finished product, since I’d already created most of the content that would be in it.

And to add even more value to my product, I would include a bonus exclusive video sharing even more details about my blog business model that my readers couldn’t get anywhere else.


I have a full-fledged product, filled with high quality content that I can take to market. :)

It’s Not For Everyone

Now, I knew that some of my audience wouldn’t have a need for or want my product.

It’s like Lisa said:

“You will have certain visitors who are like hunters and gatherers. They follow every single thing you put out and absorb your information like a sponge.”

So obviously those people weren’t my target audience.

I created Top Bloggers’ Traffic specifically for those who enjoy sequenced, packaged content all in one place. And also for those who enjoy the convenience and detail of video content.

Of course, there’s text transcripts of the videos available for those who’d rather read; however, the engagement and aid of the videos are a nice added benefit if needed.

How Was it Received?

Pretty well, I would say.

Within my first month of taking TBT live, I generated 6 sales. And that was from linking to a brief sales page from only one of my regularly scheduled posts on my blog.

Now, I know that’s not a huge number but I’d say that’s not too bad for the first 30 days of a product with no direct promotion. :)

And today, like Lisa’s 2 books Niche Website Success and WP Starter Guide, so far TBT has become the #1 income generator from my blog.

What I’m even more excited about though is that my readers really did seem to enjoy it and extracted some additional value:


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

How Can You Create Your Own Re-purposed Product?

Well, since I took you through the story of creating my product, I want to share with you the simple formula I followed to create it, as well as some simple tools and resources.

1. Product Idea – Generate A Result Or Teach Other’s “How-to”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 8 years of being in internet marketing, it’s that results sell.

And if you know how to teach other people how they can get similar results, you can create a product.

Regardless of if your end goal is to make a profit, build your traffic, credibility or gain brand exposure – you need to first generate a result (or partner up with someone who has already gotten results) and then use that result as leverage.

And the best thing about it is that your results don’t have to be astronomical – sometimes it’s even better if they’re not because they put you within “arms reach” of your audience and you seem more real and authentic to them.

For me, my results was getting 3 unsolicited guest posts on 3 top blogs and generating 19,000+ visitors in my first 90 days.

This is something that anyone can duplicate when provided with the right tools and a little elbow grease.

You can replicate this same concept within your own niche.

Take some time to think about something you’ve accomplished that other’s find desirable in your niche.

Or maybe you know how to do something specific in your niche that others would like to learn.

Then, proceed to create free content about it…

2. Talk About It – Freely Share Your Results

Once you’ve generated a notable result or have in mind what you want to teach others how-to do… write about it.

Begin creating articles and blog posts on the topic.

You can even submit your free content as guest posts on high profile blogs in your niche.

For instance: In the first few weeks of my blog relaunch, I’d started keeping a log of my small successes and results. Now, they weren’t “guru” status results, but they were my results and I was proud of them.

I’d also report on my progress in regular case studies published on my blog, sharing everything I did to generate those results.

It didn’t take long for my case studies to get noticed and for influeners, like Lisa, to begin sharing my content, which eventually resulted in me getting the results that TBT is based on (the 3 unsolicited guest posts and 19k+ visitors in 3 months).

The point here is to begin gaining exposure, credibility and generating some notable buzz around your name and brand.

This is so when you actually create your product, you already have a loyal following and a sizable audience to market to.

3. Repackage It – Add Some Meat & Stuffin’

Now that you’ve got some credibility and recognition, you can begin repacking all of the great content you’ve worked so hard to create into a product.

When creating a product that contains re-purposed content, it’s important that you go the extra mile, going into as much detail as possible to further expand upon the content you’ve already put out there.

You can also include exclusive bonus content that you’ve not made available anywhere else online.

For example, inside of Top Bloggers’ Traffic, I included an exclusive bonus video that details my sales funnel and the inner workings of my blog business model. This video isn’t available anywhere else on my blog or in guest posts I’ve written. I was sure to cover everything I could in that video and it ended up being an hour long.

The whole purpose is over-deliver on value, making the content as meaty as possible and worth MORE the purchase price.

You want to ensure that your customers are truly getting their money’s worth.

There’s several ways you can go about repacking your content.

  • Create a “best of” ebook, which is essentially a compilation of all your best content made into a downloadable PDF file. You can watch Lisa’s detailed tutorial on how to easily create an ebook here.
  • You can create a video course, like I did – complete with case studies, templates, resource lists, work-sheets checklists and downloadable PDF files.
  • You can even create a fixed-term membership site to take on students and personally teach them how to replicate what you’ve done. Sort of like offering one-on-one consultations for a fixed number of weeks or months. This is also a great way to generate a stable baseline income every month.

4. Make It Appetizing – Price to Sell

Now it’s time to price your product.

I would say for a info product with repackaged content, a $20 price point is reasonable. No more than $30 at the most.

However, the price is really up to you and how much you feel your content is worth.

I suggest that you do your own research of similar products within your market.

Also, during the creation process you can survey your audience and see how much they’d be willing to pay for your product and then price it accordingly.

Tools and Resources

Having the proper tools and resources to get ‘er done is also an important aspect of product creation.

The tools you’ll need are quite minimal and rather inexpensive, especially if you’re going to be creating a web-based info product.

Here’s a short list of what I used to create Top Bloggers’ Traffic:

  • Screenr  ($19/mth) – Screener is a web-based screen recording program. You don’t have to download any software to your computer and it’s really easy to use. You can even try it free for 14 days, no credit card needed. Plus, when you finish recording your videos, you can download the MP4 file to your hard drive.
  • Vimeo Plus ($9.95/mth) – Vimeo plus is a paid video hosting provider that I love. You get the high end quality service, without the high end price. You can also opt to use YouTube’s free video hosting; however, they’re hosting isn’t as secure as Vimeo plus’. I go into deeper detail about the difference between the two here.
  • s2Member (Free) – s2Member is a free WP membership site plugin. There’s also a paid version of this plugin, but the free version is pretty robust and has all the necessary features to house and secure your content.

So essentially for around 30 bucks and 2 to 3 weeks of work (depending on your available time to create the finished product), you can create a shiny new product, add another income source to your portfolio and potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

I’d say that’s definitely worth the effort, wouldn’t you?

The Take Home

If you’ve been confused about creating a product, hopefully you “see the light” now and realize that all that stellar content you’ve been cranking out can indeed work for you in more ways than you might think.

Regardless of your niche – as long as you have an archive of high quality content that you know people love.

In fact, chances are your readers are actually waiting for you to organize it into a nice package for them.

It’s just a matter of knowing what your core audience values, figuring out how you want to repackage your content and serving it up in a way that’s even more appetizing to your readers.

And just in case you need a little more guidance on streamlining and organizing it all, I’ve whipped up a quick checklist resource that you can download below…

Go on and give it a try. I’m sure that you’ll find many more additional ways your content can better serve you and your audience. :)

Ti Roberts

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  • Enstine Muki

    Hi Ti,
    That’s pretty awesome! It’s a great achievement. I can’t understand why I didn’t know about this earlier. I’m sure this is going to be hot cake. We all need traffic. that’s why your product will keep selling

    • tiroberts

      Hi Enstine,

      Great to see your comment!

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m pretty excited about the direction things are heading concerning my product and blog and I’m anxious to see how I’ll finish out this last quarter of 2013.

      I know you have your own product too, Enstine, so I’d be interested to hear some advice or suggestions you might have to share? I know I’ll benefit from your experience as well as my readers.

      Thanks again for dropping by and I’ll be seeing you around. :)


      • Enstine Muki


        This is a ‘profitable’ product that can attract an army of affiliates in the blogging niche. That’s an opening for hundreds of sales. Why not hook it up on Clickbank?

        • tiroberts

          I appreciate the suggestion, Enstine. Ya’ know, I’be been thinking about that and I think that I probably will.

          Thanks for the quick response and feedback. :)


  • Lisa Irby

    Ti, I am so incredibly proud of you! It’s something how fear can sometimes hold us back but I’m so glad you pushed through. I wish you all the best and here’s to many, many, many more sales to come!

    Also really good info about selling video. That task can be daunting because there are so many options. I like how you broke it down so it’s less intimidating for people looking to sell video.

    • tiroberts

      Hi Lisa,

      I appreciate the encouragement and the kind words. I’m really excited about it and the future of my blog.

      Thanks again for everything! :)


      • Lisa Irby

        And I also forgot to say THANK YOU for the link love. :)

        • / Ti Roberts

          LOL, no problem! :)

  • Lisa Buben

    Ti, congratulations. That sounds like an awesome package you put together with your products. I’ve done one eBook and wanted to do another this year but it’s November and I don’t see it happening. I have to put in the forefront for 2014, thanks for your inspiration with this post Ti. Best wishes with it going forward.

    • / Ti Roberts

      Hi Lisa,

      Great to see your comment. It’s great to hear about your ebook. I have a lot on the table for 2014 as well. Here’s to us both entering next year with a bang!

      Thanks for dropping by. :)


  • Theodore Nwangene

    Hello TI,
    Congrats on your first product. I know its never easy but, if we can surmount fear sometimes then, we will surprise ourselves with what we can achieve but, fear is always one of the main assassins of productivity and, I’m happy you fought it this time :).

    You know, many of us also want to create our own product but, we always come up with lots of excuses to why we can’t do it but, I’ve already started making plans for it and i tell you, my own product will soon emerge and, i will send you a copy :).

    Its good to always ask ourselves some questions like……. What will i do if i wasn’t afraid?, I’m sure you can answer that.

    Thanks a lot for sharing Ti and, more strength to your elbows.

    • / Ti Roberts

      Hi Theodore,

      So great to see your comment.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and the encouragement. It’s great that you’re going to be working on your own product as well.

      I’m sure it’ll be very rewarding and I’m excited for you! Sure, I’d love to receive a copy once it’s ready. :)

      Wishing you the best of luck! Let me know if you need help with anything. :)


  • / Ti Roberts

    Hi Michael,

    Long time no see. Glad you like my new design.

    Great article and discussion you have going on there. I’ll be sure to drop back by later to add my 2 cents. :)


  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Ti,

    I’m in the process of preparing my own product as well. It’s a lot of work but very satisfying.

    Congratulations on your new product. :-)

    Good job!

    Geri Richmond

    • / Ti Roberts

      Hi Geri,

      I’m glad to hear you’re working on your own product. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

      Thanks for the congrats and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you. :)


  • Adrienne

    Congratulations Ti, you sound like me but you finished yours and I still haven’t.

    I struggled with the fear part of it at the beginning of the year until I finally just made up my mind I was going to do it. Then I ran into problem after problem that couldn’t be helped which caused me not to be able to even get started on mine. So many things kept happening that I started to question myself that maybe someone was trying to tell me something and perhaps I’m not suppose to do this.

    It was no longer the fear or procrastination but legitimate things that were standing in my way. I have to decide now if I pick up where I left off and keep going this next year or what.

    I appreciate you sharing this with us though because at this point I’m just mad at myself for not being further along. But, nothing I can do about it now. I have a feeling your product is fabulous and you’ll do really well with it.


    • / Ti Roberts

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I know you’ll figure out what’s best for you to do for your audience. I’m glad that my experience was able to enlighten others, even a little bit.

      Have a great weekend ahead, girl! :)

      ~ Ti