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How to keep your hamster healthy


Hamsters, if given a chance, will eat just about anything. But that doesn’t mean they should, or that it is recommended by the top experts. They need a balanced diet that consists of fruits, seeds, and proteins, so they live the longest life possible. It is not hard to keep up with their demands, but it does require a bit of attention to details.

But it’s not only food that keeps a hamster happy. It is also the little things you do with them. One of the best things you can try is to get your hamster to trust you, so it won’t be stress out every time you handle it. Get to know his behavior, and the little treat it enjoys the most. Before picking him up, don’t make any sudden movements, but rather let it come to you.

Another thing you can do to improve its health is to let him roam free for a few minutes every day. Set up a large play area filled with tasty vegetables, and let it do whatever it wants to. When you think the hamster feels at ease with its environment, that is the time to start playing with it. At night, make sure the cage has plenty of cardboard tubes for it to play with.

To provide a healthy diet for your favorite pet it’s an easy requirement because you can find boxes with a mix of seeds in every pet shop. They are active little creatures that do intensive workouts almost every day, so make sure they have food at their disposal. Pellets are their favorites alongside slices of apples and carrots, that should not be given too often since they are rich in sugar.

You should keep some secret weapons as treats for when you want your hamster to feel special or when you want it to do tricks to impress your guests. Raisins make them go crazy just as strawberries do. Also, you can give them special worms to balance out all the vegetables and fruits in their diet.

A thing that is often overlooked is hydration. Especially when you go to work or to run errands, ensure your pet has plenty of water to keep it cool in the hotness of the summer. This will keep it happy and as healthy as possible, without the aid of supplements and medication. Moreover, ensure the water bowl is clean at all times.

Hamsters are easy to maintain, as they live to be clumsy and to chew all the time. However, a bit of effort is to guarantee your fluffy friend won’t develop any fatal health problem anytime soon.