Hot Ways Of Generating Web Traffic (Blogging 101 – Part 2)

Okay!  So today in part 2 of my blogging 101 series I wanna go over popular ways of Generating Web Trafficgenerating web traffic to your blog.  Now this is absolutely vital to the success of your blog site if you hope to generate any amount of income, especially in the ways that I outline in part one.

So there are countless ways to generate traffic to your blog.  There are free and paid ways  The most popular ways of generating traffic are through Search Engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), Google PPC, Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter), and Facebook PPC.

All of these methods are good and ways to generating web traffic and they all differ.  For example, right now the most popular and fastest ways to get traffic to a website are by paying for traffic.  Paying for website traffic is usually done through PPC (pay per click).  There are many different forms of PPC and it can be done on many different sites, but the most popular sites to do PPC is on Google and Facebook.  Before I go into the details of how PPC is done, if you’re really a blogging novice I want to give you something to compare PPC to.

Fastest Way Of Generating Web Traffic

Online PPC is like the internet’s radio and TV commercials.  Just like companies pay for their commercials to play on radio and TV, the same thing is true with PPC.  When a company goes to radio and TV stations, they are required to pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of commercial plays and air time.  Also the price they pay is also dependent on what time of day they want to have their commercial play, and it also could depend on which show they want their commercial played during.  All these factors play a part in how much the company is going to pay for their commercial.

This same concept is applied in PPC on the internet.  PPC literally means that the company is going to pay a certain amount of for each time a person clicks on their ad.  The amount that they company pays is dependent on the keywords that they bid on.  That means for example:  say the company is a health and nutrition company and they want to target people who are trying to lose weight.  They may bid on keywords (or phrases) that have to do with weight lost (i.e. how to lose weight, lose weight fast, natural diets, etc.)  This way of generating web traffic is more commonly done on major search engines like Google and Bing.

Another way of generating web traffic is through Facebook PPC.  Facebook PPC is done differently than Google PPC because advisers aren’t biding on specific keywords.  Facebook PPC is actually done through user demographics.  For you novices, FB PCC is kinda like constructing a dating profile.  Say you’re on a online dating site and you’re setting up your profile, you’re in the “market” for a new special someone.  As you construct your profile you go through and essentially tailor make your next hubby or wifey.  You get to pick the nationality, hair and eye color, smoker or non-smoker, what interests you want them to have and etc.

This is basically what you do when you’re setting up a FB PPC campaign, you get to tailor pick what type of people you want to see your ad. I won’t go into too much further detail about FB PPC.  However I will say that between Google PPC and FB PPC, Google PPC will deliver a more responsive potential buyer/visitor to your website because it allows you to target specific keywords that people are actually wanting to know more information about right at the moment they do a search, compared to FB PCC where you’re attracting visitors/customers based off general interest and demographics.

If you’re serious about starting a successful blog site, I would recommend you click the following to get further help with generating web traffic.  It’s worth the $25 bucks.  For part 2 ½ of this series click here.

See you at the top!

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