Lujure Custom Fan Page Creator

Lujure Custom Fan Page Creator

So you’re looking for a custom fan page creator? That’s awesome! You obviously understand the power and massive earning potential in having a Facebook Fan Page.  In this article I’m going to review a popular custom Fan Page creator called Lujure. *You can watch the video review of this by click play on the video below*

The Lujure custom fan page creator is by far one of the easiest fan page creation applications on the market today.

The creator Nick Latka developed this application to assist professionals in managing their fan pages.  When I first came across this application I was totally blown away at the ease of use and how quickly I could create and publish my fan page.

The Lujure custom fan page creator user interface is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I’m not a technical person, so the thought of shifting through html to try to get my fan page to look the way I wanted wasn’t at all appealing to me.  The awesome thing about Lujure is that it uses a simple drag and drop model that enables users to move and maneuver individual elements into place.  There is no need for any technical know-how or coding, just simply point, click, drag and drop.

When custom fan pages first came out I was hesitant to build one because I had no clue how to put an application together.  What with having to know how to correctly place the ‘secret key’ and all, it was SUCH a headache.  Lujure not only allows me to create a professional and sleek looking fan page, it also allows me to actually drop my entire website into my fan page.

This feature is absolutely PHENOMEAL!  Imagine actually being able to take your entire website and put it on Facebook.  Instead of having to try to get the traffic from Facebook to come to you, you can actually bring your website to Facebook!  What’s more, the Lujure custom fan page creator actually enables full functionality of your website within Facebook.  That means that visitors to your Facebook Fan page can actually navigate your entire website within your Fan page and even purchase your goods or services directly from within Facebook.  How awesome is that?!

The Lujure custom fan page creator has definitely full-filled a much needed demand in the market today.

This application will allow professionals in any business or industry who wants to get more exposure on Facebook the ability to do so with incredible ease and speed.  The possibilities with Lujure are absolutely endless.  If you’re an internet marketer then this would be wonderful for furthering your brand and presence online.  If you own a mom and pop traditional business, Lujure will further allow you to gain more clientele through increased Facebook exposure.

If you don’t currently have a business, you can even use the Lujure custom fan page creator to go into business for yourself as a social media manager.  You can use this software to easily build fan pages for local businesses in your area and you can easily charge $300 to $500 to build them.  You can even go so far as to manage their Facebook Fanpage and marketing campaign and charge a monthly fee to do so.

The Lujure custom fan page creator is truly a game changer in the Facebook marketing sphere and will enable many businesses to easily evolve and join the new age of marketing, as well as give birth to additional income streams.  Thanks to Lejure, I’m now able to easily promote on my Facebook Fan page a business that allows me to bring in an additional income and earn 100% commissions.  So if you’re in need of an easy to use, fully fuctional custom fan page creator, go on and give Lujure a try for free by clicking here.

To learn more about how I’m able to earn 100% commissions on Facebook by leveraging Lujure, click here now.

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Custom Fan Page Creator Lujure


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