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Best MLM Program

First off, I want to congratulate you on doing your due diligence and researching the best mlm program.  It’s obvious that your looking to make more money and your taking the necessary steps to ensure that you’re positioned in the best mlm program for you.

In all your research up until this point, I’m sure you’ve heard 1,000 times by now that “So-and-so Company is the best mlm program for you!”  Well, naturally that’s what everyone wants you to think about their particular MLM program, however, my aim in the post is to fully educated you on the top 4 things that you’ll need to look for when deciding on the Best MLM Program for you.

Best MLM Program Tips:


Best MLM Program Tip#1:

Compensation Structure- When investigating the best mlm program, you will definitely want to take into account the compensation structure.

The best case scenario will of course be a 100% commission structure which will allow you to receive 100% payouts from all of the products/services you sale.

I actually only know of one company that has this compensation structure and it’s not even an mlm or network marketing company.  Even so, it does provide a tremendous way to make a generous income online thorough the affiliate marketing model, with built in residuals.

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 Similarity, you want to make sure that the mlm program or network marketing company you choose to partner with takes the compensation of it’s distributors and representatives into consideration and offer a generous comp plan that allows room for growth, leverage and expansion.

While I’m not sure if there is a mlm or network marketing company that has a 100% commission residual payout structure, it’s important that you feel that the compensation plan percentage is fair and allows you to be compensated adequately for your time and production.

Some questions to consider are:  Do they offer bonuses and promotions, if so how often?  Is their a duplicatable marketing system in place that I and my team can follow that will allow for quick and easy up front money?  Will the comp structure allow me to build quick momentum?  Are their residuals in place and how effective are they?

Best MLM Program Tip#2:

Product/Service -  This is also important when deciding on the Best MLM Program.  You’ll want to ensure that the product and service of the mlm/networking marketing program you choose is something that holds real value and is something you feel you’ll be able to get behind fully.  It’s important that you connect with the product and service because it will make marketing and promoting it easy for you.

For example:  A good rule of thumb is that you be a “product of your product” before you actually start marketing it to others.  In other words, say the mlm company you choose has a consumable product such as vitamins or healthy meal replacement shakes.  It would be beneficial to you to first purchase some of the company’s products and use them as directed for a time, usually a 30 day period and then judge the results you’ve gotten on the product.

Naturally, if you’re satisfied with your results it’ll be easy to share and market it to others because you know first hand the power of the product you represent.

Think about questions such as:  “If I wasn’t getting paid for this, would I give this product/service to a loved one?”  “Is this product/service something I’m genuinely excited about, not just about the money factor?” ” Can I see myself promoting this product/service in the long run for years to come?”

Be honest with yourself when assessing the company’s product/service, it’ll be beneficial to you in the long run.

Best MLM Program Tip#3:

Training & Duplicatble Systems – This is the third thing to look for when choosing the best mlm program.  One of the guaranteed ways to ensure rapid success within a mlm company is having easy and effective training in place that enforces team duplication.   This is absolutely critical when  choosing the best mlm program.

Why?  Think about this…

While marketing and promoting your company’s product/service may come easy to you, everyone that you expose your opportunity too may not be able to market and promote in the same way that you’re able toSo consider:  Does the company offer any training on marketing the product and opportunity?  If so, how effective is the training?  What are the results?

Education and knowledge is powerful!  After looking into the training your potential company provides, it will certainly benefit you to seek out and review a neutral and generic mlm/network marketing training resource.  Why?

Generally all network marketing company’s tell you when first starting off to make a long list of friends, family, associates, and  acquaintances.  While that’s all fine and good, let’s be honest, not everyone in your warm market will be interested in what you have to offer.  So, eventually you WILL run out of warm market people to talk and market too.

Once your warm market runs dry you may consider purchasing leads from an advertising agency, however, unless you’ve been fully equipped and trained on how to properly prospect and close the cold market, success with purchased leads are pretty grim.

In my experience, you run a less chance of loosing potentially thousands of dollars on purchasing leads and ignorantly marketing your business (no offense :) ) if you FIRST invest in learning how to generate YOUR OWN leads.

You could even generate an stream of income separate from your mlm because there’s many mlm training systems that have an affiliate model built into them.

In fact learning how to generate your own leads would be a more sensible and logical investment before you even decide on what mlm/network marketing company you join.

This gives you a tremendous head start in your business and competition, it’s called being “proactive” and seeing “the big picture.”  Really brainstorming ways to easily and effectively grow your business and trouble shoot any foreseen road blocks ahead.

Best MLM Program Tip#4:

Leadership – This is the fourth element to finding the Best MLM Program.  Effective leadership is CRITICAL.  In fact, proven and effective leadership is one of the most if the THE most important deciding factor when it comes to choosing the Best MLM Program.

Simply put, if there’s a well known mlm/network marketing leader promoting, marketing or endorsing a particular company, YOU NEED TO BE RIGHT UNDER THEM!  Jump in as FAST as you can.  Why?

Well for one, following a well known leader takes all the guess work out of the prior tips I listed above.  You can be pretty sure that the mlm program a leader is promoting has all of the attributes listed, above and probably then some.  Which means that it could quite possibly be the best mlm program for you.

Think about it, if you partner directly with a well known leader with a proven track record, you’re almost 100% guaranteed to succeed, that is IF you put in the work and do all that is necessary to build your business.

A good leader knows how to guide and direct you in the way you need to go and will show you exactly step-by-step how to build an organization fast while making the maximum amount of up front cash you’ll to build and expand your business.

So, What Truly Makes Up The Best MLM Program?

Well honestly, the Best MLM Program is really a matter of personal opinion.  However, what I’ve just gone over in this post is a checklist that you can use to really gauge the programs you’ll review during you research.  Be sure to remember that not everyone is going to think that whatever business you choose is the Best MLM Program, and not everyone you attempt to share it with will be interested.  What’s really important is that you believe in what it is that you’re marketing and have a strong conviction and confidence when you’re sharing it with others.  THAT is what’s going to ultimately determine your success.

God Bless!

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Best MLM Program

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