Advertising On Craigslist

Advertising On Craigslist

Advertising on craigslist is one of the easiest and fastest was to generate leads for your business.

Not to mention it’s FREE.  Craigslist has a TON of traffic and there are a slew of eyeballs waiting to see what your business has to offer them.  In this article I’m going to show you exactly how can begin advertising on Craigslist and begin generate at least one sign up per day.

Before I go into the details of advertising on Craigslist, here are 2 caveats if you’re going to do this.  1.) What you advertise on Craigslist has to be a legitimate income opportunity and 2.)  Your ‘offer has to be reasonably priced.  Listen, you can’t expect to sell a $500 or $1,000 products to craigslist leads (without pulling teeth) and expect to get one signup a day.  While it is possible, it’s not very likely.  So be sure that you have a low cost up front offer where prospects will be able to easily purchase it without too much heartache.  I would suggest that the price point be around $25. Click here now to see the product I offer.

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Here’s a snap shot of my Aweber back office.

8 leads from CL and 1 signup! Whoo!

Advertising On Craigslist

Advertising On Craigslist

To begin advertising on craigslist, pick out the categories you want to place your ad in.

I suggest that you stick to no more than 5 categories to keep it simple and easy when you’re posting ads.  The categories I usually post in are Business jobs, Sales jobs, Marketing jobs, and classes.  The psychology behind posting here is that you’re looking to target people who aren’t just looking for another job.

People in these categories will usually have an entrepreneurial mindset and have previous exposure to the workings of running a company, earning commissions or independently marketing.  I post in classes because the product I offer is a training system and tool that teaches people how to build a business online.  So it’s pretty much equivalent to paid training classes.  Click here now to see that system.  You could also post in the business for sale section and list your company, product or service.  Be sure to list your purchase price as the buy in price of your first level package.

When advertising on craigslist in this manner, you main objective is to be professional while at the same time “selling the click” so the lead will click through to your capture page.

You need to make sure you create an attractive image ad that compels the click while at the same time providing some details of the position.  Leave enough to the imagination so that they have to click through see what you offer.  Also you need to put a clear and visible call to action in the image ad as well.

The most important part of advertising on craigslist is tracking.   You MUST track your results, this is not an option, it is mandatory.  This is vital because you need to know where you’re traffic is coming from, what ads are getting the most clicks, which one is producing the opt-ins, sign ups etc.  You need to continuously track and record this data and continue to improve upon the ads to increase conversions.  Click here to use this free tracking software.

If you implement this and continue advertising on craigslist in this way you WILL without a doubt produce leads for your business daily.  You must be consistent in your posting, tracking, and tweaking to improve your results and get the best performance out of your ads.  Also remember that to get the most sign up conversions it’s VITAL to have low cost up front offer that will be a no brainer purchase for the prospect.

Click here NOW to see my low cost offer and how you can earn 100% commissions with it.

Meet you at the top!

P.S.  To see part 2 of the entry, click here now.

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Advertising On Craigslist


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