5Linx Review

5Linx Review

If you’re reading this 5Linx Review then chances are that you’re thinking about joining this business or you are already a member of the company.

Whichever one you are, this 5Linx Review will have something for you.  In this 5Linx review I will go over the company background as well as their services, products, and compensation plan.

Also, if you’re serious about joining 5Linx or building 5Linx into a more sustainable business for yourself, you’ll want to read this review all the way to the end because I’ll also be revealing some additional pertinent information that you may not be aware of.

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5Linx Review – The Company Background

5Linx was stared back in 2001 by Jason Guck (Executive VP of Sales), Craig Jerabeck (President and CEO), and Jeb Tyler (Executive VP of Marketing).  Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler combined have more than 30 years of experience in the internet and network marketing industry.

Craig Jerabeck is an expert in the telecommunications industry and owns two different companies that included over 100 stores combined.  Together their mission is to help as many people as possible change their lives through network marketing and residual income.

5Linx Review – The Services and Products

5Linx Review

5Linx Review

5Linx is one of the “heavy hitters” in the telecommunications market and offers some of the most cutting edge products and services.  Some of the products and services that 5Linx offers are Digital Home Phone Service (with unlimited local and long distance calling), the CU – 3000 Video Phone, and an array of Mobile Phones with national partnership carriers (including the IPhone 4).

5Linx also offers several products and services for businesses including Merchant Services for payment processing, computer Tech Support, and even Web Conferencing.

5Linx Products doesn’t stop there, they also offer an even wider selection of products and services such as:  Internet, Digital TV, Home Security, ID Guard, and even Energy services in some states.

These products are certainly in high demand and 5Linx not only makes these services available to new customers, they’ve also attached the opportunity to earn income from using these services and sharing them with other people.

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5Linx Review – The Compensation Model

The 5linx compensation model was designed to generate instant income as well as to produce residual income.  If you want to get started as a 5Linx Representative you can choose to start at one of two levels.  You can start as a Customer Representative for $99 or begin as an Independent Marketing Representative for $499.

5Linx has several leadership levels that you can progress to in the company ranks as well.  These levels include Executive Trainer, Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President, and Platinum Senior Vice President.  The higher you are in ranking, the higher your income level will be.

Compensation is also determined by how large of a team you’re personally able to build as well as how many active customers you’re able to get on monthly service plans. Every 5Linx level requires you to have a certain number of points.

The points are accrued based on the number of customers you have as well as team members.  Once you’ve reached certain levels, you quality to receive bonuses and move up the 5Linx ranks.

5Linx Review – Conclusion

5Linx Review

5Linx Review

5Linx is without a doubt a reputable and growing company that is a force to be reckoned with in the telecommunications network marketing arena.

However, if your desire is to be in the top ranks of 5Linx it is vital that you understand the concepts of properly marketing so that you’re consistently generating leads on a daily basis.

The best way I’ve found to generate leads is through employing the power of the internet.  Internet marketing allows you to get your business, service and products in front of people that are looking to buy what it is you have to offer, 24/7.

There are tens of thousands of people on the internet round the clock looking for information or asking questions in regards to 5Linx, products that 5Linx offers, or a way to make extra money.

If you’re able to get yourself in front of these people and provide them with information or answer the questions they have – right at the very moment that they have those specific questions in their minds – you will earn a massive amount of money with 5Linx VERY quickly.

The best time to get a lead or prospect to actually purchase from you or join your team is catch them right when they’re at the decision point.

You do this by learning some specific internet marketing skills that will allow you to get your personal information on the first page of Google, providing them the information they’re looking for, and then leading them into a purchase decision.

If you take the time to think about how you’ve arrived here reading this article, more than likely you did so by doing a search on Google or another major search engine.  I was able to get this article positioned in the search engines to rank on the first page of Google and by doing this I’m able to gain massive exposure and provide information and answers to people like you who are looking for them.

This is an extremely leveraged and advanced way of autopilot marketing that will allow you to recruit, sale, and earn commissions weekly, daily, even hourly.  Not only will you be able to put your 5Linx business on autopilot, you’ll also be able to earn additional $1,000 a day in 100% commissions on top of your 5Linx income.

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5Linx Review

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5Linx Review


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