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Earn $35 in 2 Hours With Znz One

Welcome the to Znz One and Znz Bigcash Portal.

You probably clicked this tab because you’re new to the Internet marketing industry and you’re looking to make money online FAST.  I completely understand where you’re at, which is why I’ve created this portal and made this option available to you.

Znz One and Znz Bigcash is a crazy effective way to generate a significant amount of money online quickly without having to invest any money out of your pocket.  Yes, this method is 100% free and you can receive your first $35 in your paypal account within the next 2 hours and begin earning $80 to $100 payments daily.

What is Znz One and Znz Bigcash?

Now, you’ve might of heard of Znz One and Znz Bigcash before.  But just in case you haven’t let me just quickly first explain what Znz One and Znz Bigcash is NOT:  They are not a MLM, network marketing, direct sales, telemarketing, a sales position, or a business opportunity and does not possess a platform that allows you to earn residual income.

What Znz One and Znz Bigcash ARE is an Advertising Broker/Agency and your official title would be “Freelance Advertiser.”  Znz One and Znz Bigcash are partners with over 140 major companies such as Wal-mart, Target, Discover, Netflix, and DirectTV, just to name a few.  Znz or (Zip Nada Zilch) has contacted these major companies and they’ve partnered with them to assist them in their advertising campaigns.

Why?  Well, the truth of the matter is that conventional advertising isn’t as effective as it used to be.  Because of the extreme change in the landscape of advertising and technology advancements, these major companies are being challenged when it comes to getting the word out to people about their products and services.

For example:  If you’re like most people you probably have a DVR and are able to record your favorite television programs and because you hate commercials you fast forward through them or cut them out all together so you don’t even have to watch them.  Or, if you don’t have a DVR, during the commercials you’re probably up going to the bathroom, handling your kids, getting something to eat/drink, or doing something else because you have no interest in sitting through the commercials that have nothing to do with he program you’re watching.

This is hurting the advertisers because if you’re not watching their commercials, then they’re just their wasting money.  So, in a effort to put their advertising dollars to better use, these companies have chosen to do some alternative marketing.  Znz one and Znz Bigcash provides them with a platform do other marketing methods, which is where you and I come in.  As a freelance advertiser, your job would be to get people in front of these companies free trial offers.

This is nothing new and I’m sure you’ve engaged in many trial offers before.  Some examples would be a free 30 day trial subscription to People Magazine, a free 30 day Weight Watchers membership, or a free 14 day trial with Napster.  People are signing up for trial offers all the time.  Some people may choose to keep the product or service after the trial is over and some people may not.

As a freelance advertiser you’ll get paid $20 to $60 every time a person just simply decides to sign up for the trial offers on your assigned Znz One and Znz Bigcash websites.  The person is not obligated to keep the product/service when the trial is over, however just because you found a person that was willing to sign up for one of the trial offers on the Znz One and Znz bigcash websites, Znz pays you.  Whether or not the person decides to keep the product/service after the trial is over does not matter.

Now you may be wondering,”How will you find people willing to do trial offers?”  That’s a valid question and concern, which is why my team and I have taken the liberty of putting together a full proof training program that will teach you exactly how to market PROPERLY online, using FREE marketing methods so you’ll be able to begin earning $20 and $60 payments immediately.

NOTE:  Realize that this is a REAL work from home position, emphasis on the word “work.”  Meaning that just because this position allows you to from the comfort of your home, doesn’t mean that real effort and work ethic is not required of you, because it is.  Just as with any conventional “J.O.B” you have to “work” to earn money, the same applies here.  Just as with any new position you begin in, you have to go through training to learn the ropes of how the job is done and acquire the “skills” to be able to perform the job effectively.

How Will You Earn Your First $35 With Znz One?

If you sign up to begin your training by clicking on –>>Znz One Training<<–  You’ll be taken to the sign up page and view a 30 min webinar training that will show in GREAT detail step-by-step how to get started with Znz One and Znz Bigcash.  As well as how to earn your first $35 once you’ve completed your entire training, which on average takes about 2 hours to finish.

SIDE NOTE:  “If you’re truly serious about making money online and are deadly committed to getting out of the financial predicament you’re in, then the way I see it, you have no room for skepticism right now.  Yes, I know that’s blunt and to the point, but I’m just keeping it real with you.

Znz One and Znz Bigcash are for those who are truly HUNGRY and DESPERATE and need to make money RIGHT NOW and who are truly struggling financially and don’t have the money at all to invest in an residual home based business.  If that’s you, then I’m extremely excited for you because I know that you’re going to see the power in this and set it on FIRE and become wildly successful because you’re just that hungry to succeed.

To those of you who haven’t found that fire yet, I respectfully and strongly suggest that you really take a good long hard look at where you’re at right now in your life and in your finances and make a decision to DO SOMETHING, anything, even if it’s NOT Znz One or Znz Bigcash because either way it goes you need to make money somehow, someway, and I pray that you find a way to do it quickly and easily.”

So… Will You Choose Znz One to Be Your Solution?

Ya’ know, if you’ve read this far on this page, I’m sure you can tell by now that I am NOT interested your money.  Honestly, I could care less if you join Znz One or not.  My REAL concern?

It is that you DO SOMETHING about your current financial circumstances.  You wouldn’t be on this site if you weren’t hurting financially and desperately needed a solution.

Znz One and Znz Bigcash is one of the solutions that’s available to you. Frankly, in my opinion Znz One and Znz Bigcash will not get you rich or build you long term wealth.  It just won’t because it doesn’t have the power to.  If REAL wealth and a residual home based business is what you’re looking for then, yeah, I have some other programs that might be better suited for you.

HOWEVER, Znz IS a stepping stone to get you started making money immediately, so that you can get some cash flowing into your household RIGHT NOW.  Which is exactly what you’re needing, immediate cash flow.

Like I said, you may be skeptical, and ya’ know I don’t fault you for that, there’s a lot of shady things out there on the internet.  All I know is that you need help, and I’m willing to give you help.  How much longer are you willing to stay in the predicament you’re in?

If you’ve already made it up your mind that Znz One and Znz Bigcash is YOUR Solution then click the following link to learn how to get started and earn your first $35 in the next 2 hours. —> Znz One Sign Up

If not, that’s totally fine too, I understand that Znz One, or the work from home industry may not be for everyone.  I just pray that you find what it is that you’re looking for and remember to DO SOMETHING.

If you seriously want a blue-print for success and want to work with me directly, click here for a free home based business consultation.


God bless!

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