Why do I need a blog? – I’m just a…

Why do I need a blog? Why do I need a blog

You probably don’t think your life or what you do is important enough to warrant daily blogging.  If you’re spending several hours a day fiddling around on the internet you’re essentially wasting valuable time because you’re not spending it blogging.  What do I mean by that?  I’ll tell you.  I’ll go over what a blog is and reveal why a blog could potentially benefit you, your life, and your business regardless of who you are, what you do, or what business you have.

Why do I need a blog… What is a blog anyway?

A blog is similar to a journal or diary, but online.  The term “blog” is actually short ‘web log’.  A blog is usually chronically organized by date/time and by category topics.  Blog’s actually allow you to have a ongoing relationship with an online audience and interact with your readers.  Your blog subscribers and followers are able to personally interact with you through their ‘blog comments’ on your blog posts.

Why do I need a blog… Isn’t a blog just a website?

Well blogs are similar to websites, but there are distinct differences.  For instance:

  • Websites are not as organized at blogs are.  The coding of the HTML is much cleaner to allow for easier indexing by major search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Google and Bing and search engines like them live for freshly updated content.  Blog are updated much more often compared to websites.
  • The incoming and outgoing links blogs have are HUGE compared to websites.  This is VITAL when it comes to ranking high on search engines.
  • Designing a blog is much more cost effective than designing a website.  Changes made to a blog are much quicker and take less energy to update than a website.
  • A blog is a much simpler, less expensive, and more effective way to get your business exposure as your working to expand and grow.

Why do I need a blog? – Do you own a business?

If you currently own or you’re thinking about starting a business of any sort then a blog is a MUST.  Why?

Why do I need a blog? #1

  • A blog helps you quick credibility in your niche and gain an army of followers.  If you’re in your first baby steps or building your internet brand/presence, a blog is a wildly effective way to position yourself/business an authority in your niche through sharing your knowledge/expertise.  Creating valuable content for your business blog is pivotal to establish a strong online presence.

Why do I need a blog? #2

  • You can personally connect and interact with your readers/followers by sharing your advice, ideas and thoughts.  Your blog is a fantastic stage for you’re to create a like-minded community with your followers and speak your mind.  As you continue to blog and share information with your readers you become essentially a celebrity.  Your followers will love interact with you.  The things your blog about should be a reflection of your personality and who you are.  If you’re being authentic with your audience, they will keep coming back for more do nearly whatever you ask of them.  This is the epitome on an online presence and influence.

Why do I need a blog? #3

  • You’ll provide freshly updated and valuable information/content for your prospects, clients, or future business partners.  There’s no need to charge your clients/customers every time they need your assistance.  If you have a true passion for what you’re doing, then the money shouldn’t be an issue.  If you’re providing quality, useful content on your blog you’ll attract an endless stream of clients/customers/business partners.  Truly successful entrepreneurs/business owner’s consistently give out free information that holds true value on their blogs.  They don’t worry about charging a fee for their knowledge/expertise.

Why do I need a blog? #4

  • You’re free to share links to other websites/blogs that have additional valuable content.  Don’t be afraid to share with your follower’s information from other experts in your field.  This 1.)  In your early stages, Frees you up so you don’t have to be the be all or know it all for your niche, it takes some of the pressure off of you to provide everything your audience may need, and 2.)  Shows that you really care about your followers and want them to receive the best information available.  This show’s your confidence and leadership in knowing where to direct your people for additional help.  It also gives you a chance to share with your readers some things that have helped you along the way and give them a broader perspective on a subject/topic, a chance to truly follow in your footsteps.

Why do I need a blog? – Some final thoughts…

There are many more reasons as to why you need a blog but the four listed above are a good starting point to allow you to really see and understand the importance of having a blog, especially if you have a business.  In today’s economy it’s nearly impossible for a traditional offline business to survive without some sort of online presence.  A blog really is the best way to get your start in the online space and start making a name for you and your brand.

God Bless!

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Ti Roberts


Ti Roberts



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Why do I need a blog

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