Traffic Case Study #2 – How I Got 1,769 Unique Visitors In Only 3 Weeks!


Note to the SEO Rebel Community: After devouring your fill of this tasty traffic morsel, head on over to get desert here (case study #3). Enjoy! ;)

Talk about one stellar week!  I’m telling you, this past week I’ve been feeling a “I just won the lottery!” type high, lol :)

So this is the momentum wave I’ve heard so many IM’ers talk about, lol.  Well, bring on the monster waves dude because I’m loving it!  And I’m just getting my feet wet.

So much has happened in such a short period of time and I’m grateful for it all.  New relationships, unexpected recognition, kick butt traffic, and some awesome results.

I have so many new things to share and so much to tell you, so grab your cyber board.  We’re about to dive into this weeks traffic case study.  Are you ready?  I’m ready… Cowabunga!

But first…

In case this is your first time visiting my blog… Shout outs  to YOU!  Welcome! :) I’m happy you found your way here and decided to stick around for a bit.  Just so ya’ know, this blog is brand spanking new.  I just relaunched it about three and a half weeks ago.

What I’ve been doing is actually rebuilding, rebranding, and restructuring my blog and my entire business model.  And you’ve just caught me at the front end of the whole process.  Isn’t that cool?  This is the second traffic case study in a series of weekly traffic case studies that I’m releasing.

So, if you wanna get up to speed you can check out my first traffic case study from last week.  Or you can go on and consume this one and then back track.  However, ya’ wanna do it is fine with me.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Let’s dive in!

Alright, so if you remember I made my first post on this blog September 24, 2012.  So far I  currently have 8 live posts on this blog (not including this one).

Here’s a collective snapshot of the results I’ve gotten from these 8 posts combined:

  • 1,769 New Unique Visitors
  • 429 Facebook Likes
  • 144 Facebook Shares
  • 19 Google+’s
  • 132 BizSugar Votes
  • 62 New subscribers
  • 6 New Relationships with Influencers
  • 16 Natural Blog Backlinks

Here’s a recap snapshot of my results from last week’s case study:

  • 1,325 New Unique Visitors
  • 159 Facebook Likes
  • 41 Facebook Shares
  • 12 Google+’s
  • 89 BizSugar Votes
  • 24 New subscribers
  • 3 New Relationships with Influencers
  • 9 Natural Blog Backlinks

In  my last case study I had 5 live posts (correction from the 6 posts that I quoted in my last case study.  That’s not including my first case study post.  If you feel it necessary, you can count my posts here).

So since last week’s case study I’ve added 3 additional posts (not including this post).

Now, here’s a snapshot of the results I’ve gotten since my last traffic case study:

  • 444 New Unique Visitors
  • 270 Facebook Likes
  • 103 Facebook Shares
  • 7 Google+’s
  • 43 BizSugar Votes
  • 38 New subscribers
  • 3 New Relationships with Influencers
  • 7 Natural Blog Backlinks

Pretty darn awesome right?  I think so.

FYI:  If you didn’t know, these results are from only doing high leverage traffic strategies.  I’ve done completely no SEO… I’m allergic :)  You can get the full scoop on my SEO allergy here.

Being a SEO rebel definitely has it’s perks.  You’ll see what I’m talking about as we go along.

Traffic sources

I’ve been focusing on the same traffic points as I was in last week’s case study:

  • Blog commenting
  • Content aggregators (BizSugar/
  • Social media (Facebook/Twitter) and
  • Forums (WF/SME)

I’ve added some sites since my last case study and I’ve been zoning in on some areas more than others.  I’m about to dissect for you exactly everything that I’ve done to drive traffic this past week.  So, allow me to break it all down for ya’.

It’s so sweet

I just can’t say enough great things about BizSugar.  This site is one of the biggest reasons I’ve gain so much momentum with the relaunch of my blog in such a short time.

If you haven’t already heard, last week BizSugar featured me on their blog as Contributor of the Week.  Talk about being excited; I was elated!

Heather Stone, Chief Moderator of BizSugar, contacted me on Sunday of last week to ask if I’d be interested in being featured.  I’d only been apart of the community for a week I believe,  probably not even that long.  Actually is was a week to the exact day because I’d joined BizSugar on Aug. 30th and I got Heather’s email on Oct. 7th.

So, in one week I got an awesome opportunity to not only publicly express how excited I was to have found BizSugar, but also to get some massive exposure.  You should’ve seen me doing my happy dance.  You would’ve been cracking up :)

That Contributor of the Week feature played a huge part in my traffic boost last week (so did last week’s case study), more on that in a bit.

So here’s my break down of BizSugar traffic, interactions, and happenings for the past week:

I submitted 3 blog posts to BizSugar (2 of my own and BizSugar’s feature post):

Check out those votes, Tweets, and likes.  I’d say that’s pretty good.

As always, I want to shout a huge “Thanks” to all who voted!

You guys rock!  Special shout out to Evan Collins and Sun Tzu Business Guide who made my two posts ‘hot’!  ‘Preciate ya’!

As you can see, my case study from last week didn’t become ‘hot’, not on BizSugar anyway.  But those likes and RT’s it got look real nice :).

I think this is a good place to break down the method to my madness.

Although my first case study didn’t become ‘hot’ on BizSugar, they still played a huge part in getting some major traffic to that post.

You see, I released my case study post the same day that my BizSugar feature went live.  Well, technically it wasn’t on the same day, more like a few hours apart.  My feature was posted on the night of the 9th, and I published my case study after midnight on the 10th.

Either way, publishing a pillar case study like that at the same time a high profile feature gets published is like conjuring up a sonic boom, lol.

When I tell you watching my traffic stats that day was like watching a rocket blast off…. Whoo! It was incredibly awesome and it was my first time ever experiencing anything like it.

Without having to put in slave driving hours doing seo.

That day my blog received 504 visits and 409 visits the day after (you can check my stats screenshots below).  Sweet!

Not to mention the additional exposure and promotion on all of the social networks.  BizSugar is a promotion machine, lol.  There was RT’s about the feature everywhere and RT’s of my case study everywhere.

See for your self.

Here’s a screen shot of my feature:

Here’s some screenshots of some of the promo ‘noise’ BizSugar rallied up:

And this was just a portion of it.

After seeing all this social celebration and excitement,  I decided to invite more guests to the party and submit the story to BizSugar as well (as you saw in the screenshot above).  It got quite a few additional votes and comments (outside of the blog post itself).  I was pretty excited that.

Being given the opportunity to be BizSugar’s Contributor of the Week and experiencing all of the social buzz that came along with it was so cool.  It’ll definitely be on of the highlights of my blogging career and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Now, you might be wondering how I actually got chosen as contributor of the week.  Well, all I did really was just submit my content and interact with the community.

Remember last week when I told you the first post I ever submitted became ‘hot’ overnight?  Well, it got noticed first by Heather:

Heather sent me a FR the day after my post went ‘hot’.  And then I all I did from there was just continue to contribute, interact and engage with the community.

Which brings me to the 3rd post I submitted to BizSugar.

After going through Contributor of the Week, I was so full of excitement and gratitude that I had to give back and say thank you.  So, I decided to to my own feature post of my top 10 BizSugar contributors.

This post was lit on fire as well because I published it only a few days after my BizSugar feature, so the momentum from that catapulted this post as well (as you can see above).

Being a true contributor of any community means really engaging and actually caring about the members in it.  As I went through my daily BizSugar routine, which by the way is:

  • Vote for 10 blog post
  • Read 5 post and leave feed back – thoughtful/insightful comment on BizSugar and on bloggers post
  • Respond to every comment I get on my post submission on BizSugar

I actually began to learn a boat load of stuff and really get to know the members.  I believe my active engagement is why I was chosen as contributor of the week.  And actually getting as involved as I did with BizSugar is what made it so easy to write a true thank you post to the members I interacted with and the community as a whole.

If you really want to drive fast quality traffic to your blog site, consider letting your defenses down and really open yourself to truly get involved with the community.  I promise it’ll do wonders for your traffic, your business, and your life.

Last week’s case study

With BizSugar’s feature and my first case study being released so close together, the traffic that those two conjured together was phenomenal.  They really fed off of each other.

Here’s some screenshots of the social ‘noise’ that rocked the networks with my first case study post:

(Kim Roach was actually the first one to tweet my case study.  The queen of traffic herself.  How freaking cool is that?? Thanks Kim! :) )

Lisa Irby, another blogging/affiliate marketing phenom.  Thanks Lisa!

Terrance Charles is just bada#$ when it comes to driving traffic with Twitter.  Thanks for sharing!


Ileane Smith is an awesome blogger as well.  She shared my post twice.  She even sent me some more followers:

Thanks so much Ileane! :)

I’ve highlighted the influencers who RT’d my case study.  There was many other people who RT’d as well.  If you did too, Thanks!

So as you can see, last week’s case study rocked the house thanks to BizSugar, social media and a hefty stamp of approval from some of the blogospheres heavy hitters.

I just want to point out here

That if your serious about driving traffic, especially through blogging, there’s absolutely no way you can do it by yourself.  It’s mandatory that you reach out to your fellow bloggers.

How do you do that?

It’s simple really, just ask! :)  One of the biggest things that I’ve learned about blogging is that you can’t be afraid to open your mouth.  Speak up and be heard.  Although I didn’t personally ask these influencers to share my post with their networks, it was the quality of my post that got their attention.

To really catch the attention of a high profile blogger, you have to be dishing out some world class content.  I’m talkin’ content fit for the Queen of England.

Think about the blogs posts you’ve written, the ones that your currently writing… Are you really creating killer content?  Are you really pouring your heart and soul into every post?

On average I spend about 8 to 12 hours on every single post that I write (4x’s longer than I used to).  How long do you spend?  If you’re struggling to get traffic, get some traction and gain momentum with your blog, that’s probably why.

I’ve learned that in order to really be taken seriously and get recognized as a professional blogger, I had to step up to the plate and man up.  And treat this like a real business rather than just some hobby.

Take a step back and re-evaluate your blog, marketing strategy and business model.  That’s what I had to do.  And after taking some serious inventory, I decided that it was necessary to relaunch this blog with a new outlook on everything and it was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Well, alright then! Back to the fun stuff…

Social Media

Well, I’ve already given you quite a detailed run down of what social media has done for my traffic this past week.  What with BizSugar bringing down the house and all :)

This past week, social media held strong as my #1 traffic referrer – with Facebook coming in ahead of Twitter once again (you can see my traffic stats screenshots below).

As I mentioned before, a lot of my traffic from FB and Twitter had a lot to do with my BizSugar feature and my case study release.  This brought a lot of additional exposure and recognition.  And a much welcomed traffic spike.

Also, when I published my top 10 BizSugar contributors thank you post, that caused another buzz wave on the social networks:

Here’s some quick screenshots:

Quite a buzz, huh?  I was pretty excited about that.  And I was also pleased to see that the contributors I included (outside of the individuals) RT’d my post as well including BizSugar, Corpnet, TweakYourBiz, and SheerID.  These are all large well know companies with a good size twitter following of 7,000+.  Talk about some kick butt exposure :)

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the creme dela creme’s of traffic.  If you’re not engaging in the blogosphere and leaving comments, your really missing out on some great traffic.  Not to mention building some great relationships with influencers (which is just simply invaluable when it comes to building up a popular blog).

I’ve commented on 8 blogs over the past week:

  • 1 on
  • 1 on
  • 1 on
  • 3 on (same post)
  • 2 on
  • 2 on
  • 3 on and
  • 1 on

Lot’s of engagement right?  Believe me it’s worth it, not just only for the traffic but more so for the relationships it breeds with influencers.

My top traffic referrer from blog commenting is from  I was the 5th comment on Lisa Irby’s latest post:  Did Google Kill The Niche Site Model?

Here’s a screenshot of my comment and interaction with Lisa:

Awesome right?  This is what I mean by building relationships. And this is an example of they type of opportunities that can spawn from true interaction and engagement within the blogosphere.

I’ve known Lisa for quite some time now, I think about a little over a year.  We first connected through one of her affiliate programs that I’d purchased.  Even though I’d already connected with Lisa before, it’d a while since we interacted.  Just the fact that I’d made a real connection with her initially is why I’m even on her radar.  And Lisa’s a true heavy hitter in the blogosphere.

Plus, I connected with anther heavy hitter just because of me and Lisa’s interaction in her comments:

Brankica is an fantastic blogger over at  She’s been rocking internet marketing full-time ever since 2009 and I’m majorly excited to be connected with her!

So as you can see, blog commenting definitely has more advantages than just driving traffic.

QUICK TIPS:  Whenever you comment on a blog, make sure that you actually read the content of the post before you comment.  This’ll help you connect with the blogger, the content and you’ll be able to say something worthwhile when you comment.  Hey, you might even learn something. :)

Also, aim to be in the first 5 to 10 comments on a freshly published post (preferably the top 5).  Use something like Google Reader to keep all the blogs you subscribe to organized and in one place.  I use it to easily view/read any new content my fav bloggers release.  It’s always a good idea to actually subscribe to blogs because you’ll be one of the first to get notified of new content, plus you have a greater chance of your comment being in the top 5.

If for some reason your not able to get your comment in the first 5 to 10 replies, a cool way to increase the chances of your comment being read and seen is to actually reply to one of the other commenters who made the top 5.  Of course, you only do this if you have something worthwhile to add to their comment and you can truly ad value to the conversation.

I did this on two blogs this past week: and

Here’s some quick screenshots:

I was the 10th comment on this Problogger post and I replied to the 4th comment.

Original comment:

Reply comment:

You can visit this post on BBT to see the comments I left there as well.

Yes, as you can see I am a workoholic.  I know I’m not the only one, right? Blogging and driving traffic can be quite addictive but I’m working on it, geesh.  :)

Oh, you make me so happy, lol.  I swear I’ve fallen in love with this site.  It sends the most viral traffic that I’ve seen, next to social media…

I submitted 2 of my posts (Last week’s case study & My top 10 contributors post) to several content curators this past week and I’ve been seeing a steady stream of traffic coming from them (check stats below). is a great main traffic source and has continued to prove itself.  Plus, it doesn’t take up too much of my time.

Another thing I’ve been really enjoying about this past week is the built in social media sharing.  Whenever someone accepts your content, they can cross post and Tweet/share it on their FB wall.

Here’s a screenshot of Ishmael’s Twitter account.  He’s an awesome digital strategist who accepted my submission and shared my post with his twitter following:

Cool right? I know :)

 Ms. Ileane also accepted my post: is a killer way to get some extra traffic to your blog, so if you aren’t scoopin’ yet, get on it!

Now this traffic method wasn’t of my own doing.  All I know is that I got an email saying that I’d been published in the latest issue of a page called “The Facebook Case Study“.

I thought that was pretty cool.  And when I actually checked out the page, I thought it was stellar:

Isn’t that awesome?  I certainly think so.  Did you check that name weight as well?  I think it’s pretty darn cool to be on a page as the main feature, plus be included with the likes of Social Media Examiner.  Kick butt!

If you’re wondering what is, it’s sort of like  Content curators pull content from across the web and come out with weekly cyber papers (I guess you could say). is another great way to drive some additional traffic.  I’d say give it a try.  I can’t personally vouch for it but I’ve heard lots of great things about it.

Oh, and I wanna shout a huge THANK YOU to Snapdigital, the editor of The Facebook Case Study.  I’m honored you included me! :)

Warrior Forum

Ah, warrior forum.  Remember in last week’s case study where I told you that I was having trouble driving traffic through them?  Well, I think I’ve finally cracked the code! Lol.

This past week I started 3 discussion threads and replied to 4 threads on warrior forum.  I’d attempted to post discussion threads before but they’d either get deleted (for what reason I don’t know) or it didn’t catch any traction with the community.

I thought it might have something to do with the way I wrote/formatted my post.  So I decided to repurpose my case study from last week – break up the content and use pieces of it as content for my forum posts.  This seemed to work out much better for me

Here’s some screenshots of my discussion topic posts:

This post got some good traction with the community and got 17 replies 15 “thanks” so far:

This post didn’t receive any “thanks”, but it did receive 4 replies:

This post didn’t get any “thanks” or interaction, but at least it didn’t get deleted, lol:

I also replied to several traffic related posts.  This reply post is the one that got the most traction:

So out of these forum posts I’ve driven significantly more traffic that I did last week.  I’m super happy about that!

Right now my #1 subscriber generator is my blog, which is great.  However, I’m thinking that it’s worth it to put even more time into forum marketing.  The traffic and subscriber generation potential there is killer and I’d be a fool not to put more energy/time into it.

Social Media Examiner

I came across the social media examiner forum as I was reading through a Fetching Friday on  Who knew they had a forum?  Did you?

I thought this was a pretty cool discovery so I decided to join and check out the community.  I joined two clubs (Blogging and Facebook).

I checked out some of the topics and made a few post to see how they fair.

Here’s screenshots of some of the posts I made:

This was a reply post to a topic in the forum (Topic: SEO or Social Media or Both?):

This is where I replied and shared my case study from last week – in the “Share your best post this week” thread:

This is where I started my own discussion thread (I just cross posted one of my discussion threads from WF):

From this little bit that I did, I got a bit of interaction and a trickle of traffic, nothing major. However, I think this could potentially be a great traffic source if I put more time into it.  But for now, most of my focus will be with the warrior forum.

Traffic Stats

Alrighty then!  Now that you’ve gotten a detailed breakdown of all of my traffic escapades this past week, it’s time to take a gander at my stats.

Here’s my traffic stats for the part of the month September and October so far:

Here’s my traffic stats for only the month of October so far:

Here’s a list of the sites that’s sending me traffic so far this month:

Here’s the keywords that’s sent me traffic so far this month (remember, I’m allergic to SEO)

Here’s my daily traffic breakdown:

Here’s my days of the week traffic breakdown:

You can see where the traffic spike came on Wed. & Thurs. (the day of and the day after my BizSugar feature).  You can also see where my traffic spiked again when I released my BizSugar top 10 contributor post.

I love this stuff, don’t you?


All I have to say about this is… BAM! :)

Lol.  Last week my subscriber count was at 24 new subscribers.  My goal was to rev up that subscriber count.  Well, this week it’s nearly doubled.  *happy dance!* I think that’s pretty bada#$, especially considering that I’m only doing free marketing strategies.

Here’s the screenshot:

Not too shabby, eh? :)

Oh and by the way, those 44 subscribers are still subscribed to my list at the time of me writing this post.  I actually had 47 subscribers but 3 unsubscribed.  So, that’s about 7 new subscribers per day.

I wanted to do a quick breakdown of where my subscribers are actually coming from:

  • 29 of my subscribers came from my blog (21 from my blog pop up, and 8 from my blog side bar)
  • 13 subscribers came from my main squeeze page
So out of the 444 new unique visitors to my blog, 29 of them subscribed.  That’s about a 7% conversion rate.  I’m cool with that.  It’s much higher that it was last week (about 2%).

Here’s some screenshot proof:

Blog popup subscribers:

Blog side bar subscribers:

Main squeeze page subscribers:

Here’s a quick screenshot of my webform conversions:

So as you can see the bulk of my subscribers come from my blog, more specifically from my blog popup.

I wanna mention here that all of my marketing and traffic generation methods are focused solely around building my subscriber list.  Someone mentioned to me in passing blog comments this week that they would suggest that I get ride of my blog popup.

However, according to my popup conversion rates, I’d be stupid to do so, don’t ya’ think? I do.

I’m focused on building an online business.  Every business has a customer base and every subscriber on my list is a potential customer.  So it only makes sense to put, keep, and improve marketing processes that will help me grow my customer base.

I realize that this model may not work for everyone.  Of course, you don’t have to put popups on your blog.  However, if your aim is to build a true long term online business, you might want to seriously consider investing in a blog popup.

Relationships and Community

Natural blog backlinks

This past week I’ve gotten 7 awesome high profile backlinks.  These are all natural, seo free backlinks that I didn’t solicit.

The amazing Thu Nguyen of gave me an awesome shout out on her latest blog post.  I love reading her blog.  The other day I headed over to her site to check out her latest content and there it was.  I didn’t expect to see that at all and it was a pleasant surprise:

I’d featured Thu in 3 of my past post after discovering her blog through BizSugar.  She played a huge part in helping me learn more about building a community around my blog as she has a thriving community herself.  I just had to give her a shout out.   It’s so cool that she did this and I really appreciate it.  Thanks Thu! You rock :)

My other 3 backlinks came from my BizSugar feature:

Heather Stone did a fantastic job on this feature post and I wasn’t even expecting her to put any backlinks to my posts.  I thought that was extremely cool of her.  Thanks so much Heather; I appreciate it!

Blog comments

I’ve had a huge spike in blog comments this week.  It’s been fun interacting and engaging with everyone.  If you left a comment too, thanks!

If you recall, last week’s case study I reported 10 comments.  This week they’ve more than doubled.

I’ve gotten 23 comments this past week, one of them being from the infamous Kim Roach:

You should’ve seen how ecstatic I was to see her comment.  To even be on her radar is something awesome.  Thanks for the comment Kim.  I really appreciate it!

Here’s a quick shoutout to all of my commenters this week:

  • Kim Roach
  • Martin Lindeskog
  • Kelvin Cech
  • Shawn Hessinger
  • Ashley Neal
  • Heather Stone
  • Jeanne Daniels
  • Isaiah Coe
  • Cátia Luis
  • Corina Ramos
  • Al Harrington
  • Sian Phillips
  • Brent Jones
  • James-Scholes
  • Chelle Parmele
  • Ben Ko

Thank you for leaving your input on my posts.  I greatly appreciate you all!

This increase in comments was due to a variety of factors:  The BizSugar feature, the social media buzz, etc.  But mostly it had a lot to do with me going out and truly connecting and engaging with my fellow bloggers.  And providing extremely valuable content such as these weekly case studies.

I’m realizing that it’s not really all that hard to quickly get a blog up and running and build traffic to it.  You just gotta give a darn about the content you put out and the audience you’re targeting.  Everything else will naturally fall into place.


I’ll say it again, relationships are everything.  There’s no way I could build this blog up by myself, at least not to the level that I want to take it.  As you can see from this case study its takes an army of people to rally around each other and lift one another up.

This past week, I’ve made 3 more awesome connects/reconnections with some blogging heavy weights:

  • Kim Roach
  • Lisa Irby
  • Brankica U

These are some true blogging divas and I’m so honored and elated to even be on their radar.  I’ve started a connection with all of these ladies by doing simple things that anyone can do.

As quirky and goofy as I can be sometimes, that itself is proof that anyone can do this, lol.

I know you hear the saying all the time “Content is king”, right?  Well, that’s not really true.  Yes, content is definitely an important factor in building a business online, but what’s even more important is the relationships that are formed through your content.

Keep peddling

Well, that completes my second traffic case study!  Don’t you feel accomplished?  I sure do. :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and got some awesome tips to shock your traffic into maximum overdrive.

It’s truly been a amazing ride so far and there’s plenty more where that came from.  I’m more pumped than ever about what’s to come.

Be sure to “like”, share, and retweet this post if you found it helpful.

Also leave me a comment!  Bring me up to speed about what’s going on with your traffic.  Do you have any new results to report?  How about from last week’s case study, did you try out any of those methods?  How did they workout for you?  Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Ashley Neal

    You are an online marketing genius! This is an excellent post. I did not know about, thanks for the resource. Thanks again for including me in this post as well. I’m really looking forward to your post, keep up the phenomenal work!!!

    • Ti Roberts

      Hi Ashley,

      So glad to see your comment and I’m happy you found this post useful. Thanks for the compliment too. I try be as transparent as possible in my traffic case studies and it’s great to know that you’re getting value from them. You’re welcome for the inclusion. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you through your post and via the social networks and I’m looking forward to us learning more from each other.


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  • ComputerSneaker

    I am following you from the day you have started bizsugar, I am observing nuetral changes in your blog and i am feeling that i really should start learning from you.
    Most amazing is the way you tell everybody that you are adopting which kind of way to offer others to follow you and subscribe your blog, you are actually getting attraction of the visitors. Most likely is your title.
    You are going green, keep it up.

    • Ti Roberts

      Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it. It’s very important to me that I be as transparent as possible in my blogs and in my weekly traffic case studies. I feel this is really valuable to those who aren’t sure how to get started with driving traffic through social media.

      The aim of my case studies is to show others exactly how to get started by using what I’m currently doing as live examples. Judging by your comment, it seems my posts are helping you, and I’m so glad that they are.

      Thanks again for commenting. I appreciate it and I hope to see more you.


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    i found u while browsing on Social Media Examiner after i joined them from browsing 2 of their posts in various google
    this morning the baby woke me at 4am and refused to go to sleep! so i do what i seem to always do.. i browse. good thing too! i found this article.. i’ve spent almost 4 hours trying to read it, as one does when u have a baby and 2 toddlers. thank you for a great post! i have opened up alot of tabs just from this one article, many more hours of reading. very inspiring!

    • Ti Roberts

      So glad to see SME brought you here. They have an awesome forum, so much great stuff get’s shared there. I can’t tell you how great if feels to know that my case study has helped you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through it. Especially for 4 hours, lol! I’d definitely love to hear how these traffic tips work out for you, so please do stop back by and let me know.

      Thank again for your comment. I appreciate you and I hope you and your family have a great weekend! Oh, and you have an awesome blog by the way, love the layout :)


      • Powerful Mothering

        Thanks! the blog is still under construction xx

  • Ehsan Khoshbakht

    Hey Roberts, you’re doing a great work here. I must say you’ve done a wonderful job by sharing your case study and sharing every shares and traffic sources, It took half hour for me to read it, but It’s worth it really!

    And yes, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    • Ti Roberts

      Hi Ehsan!

      So awesome to see your comment! Thanks for taking the time to drop by and read my case study. You rock! I try to make all of my case studies as detailed as possible so everyone who reads them can follow the exact steps I do to make blogging work for them. I’m very excited to share this information and I’m glad to hear that they’re helping my readers.

      It was a true pleasure to comment on your blog. I appreciate bloggers that go that extra mile to keep their audience happy – and YOU my friend are the perfect example of that!

      Thanks again for dropping by. I really appreciate it!


  • Fahad Khan

    Hey Ti, I’ve really enjoyed your case weekly case study. I’ve learned so much from it, including new traffic sources and marketing tactics. Thanks a ton for sharing it with us. You Rock! :)

    • Ti Roberts


      So great to see your comment! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading my traffic case study. I aim to make them in depth and simple to follow. I’d love to hear how these tips fair for you, so be sure to drop back by and let me know.

      I enjoy reading your blog as well. I’ve read a few of your posts and you’ve got some great content and an awesome writing style.

      Thanks again for dropping by. I appreciate it!


      • Fahad Khan

        Thanks for the Reply Ti!
        I’d let you know about the progress I make after implementing your tips. Thanks a lot for reading my Blog, I’m glad you liked it. :)

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  • ioan draniciar

    Great case study! You really committed to it and you got some nice results so far. People love case studies and it’s always a good idea to create as many as you can. It would be nice if you can show some income case studies in the future. I know Pat Flynn does it successfully with his Smart Passive Income blog.

    • tiroberts

      Hi Ioan,

      So glad to see your comment! I’m happy to hear that you’ve found my case study helpful. And you’re right, people do enjoy a good case study.

      Yes, In the future I may begin doing income reports. Pat’s income reports are awesome and I enjoying reading his as well.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I hope to see more of you! :)


  • Denis D.

    That’s some stellar job. The things you are doing are proving that SEO is not the most important part of generating a consistent traffic flow. Content remains king and good connections are essential to have success.

  • Wayne Singleton

    Hi Ti
    Outstanding case study.
    I’m a newbie and soaking things up like a sponge.
    There is more useful information in this case study than I have found across a multitude of sights.
    My big issue is TRAFFIC but isn’t everyone’s!
    You have given me much to ponder.
    Thank you – thank you