How to Leverage High-Profile Guest Blogging

Welcome to the “cool kids” corner! :)

If you want to learn how to leverage high-profile guest blogging to quickly grow your blog or business, then you’re in the right place!

Top Bloggers’ Traffic is a 4 part, video traffic case study course I put together to show you exactly how I landed 3 unsolicited guest posts on 3 high-profile blogs in my niche and went from ZERO to over 19,000 visitors in only 90 days.

You’ll get to witness first hand every single thing that I did within those first 90 days to quickly attract and keep the attention of 3 of the biggest influencers in my niche.


From the initial outreach process and behind the scenes email communications. All the way to the specifics of how much traffic and subscribers each guest post generated.

Why Is This Important?

I’ve come to the realization that not everyone understands what it takes to build REAL blog traffic online from scratch.

I’m not talking about silent farts of traffic.

I’m talking about real, ENGAGED visitors.

The type who actually interact with you and your content by leaving lengthy comments and sharing it on social media; to the point where it goes viral and DEMANDS the attention of the high-profile influencers in your niche…

Resulting in those influencers actually OFFERING to send YOU FREE traffic.

Have you ever experienced that?

I have.

And I’ve broken down the specific steps of exactly how to do that in the 4, insanely detailed case study videos inside of Top Bloggers’ Traffic…

“Great course, Ti! You took me from A-Z on what to do and I was able to see everything you did and understand it as I’m a newbie blogger. Ti you are a top blogger, great teacher and you’re so patient…Thanks so much for this training!”

~ Gwen Finklea of





If you’ve been following me since the re-launch of my blog then you know first hand the kind of value I deliver.

If this is you’re first time visiting my blog, then allow me to invite you to see for yourself.

Listen, I’ll be blunt with you…

You see, Top Bloggers’ Traffic is a repurposed version of some of the content I already have available on my own blog and as guest posts on other blogs.

So if you really wanted to (and if you’re one of those “hunters and gathers” like I am) then you could spend a few hours digging around my blog and searching on Google to find all the content I’ve ever produced, soaking up all of the knowledge you can find and begin implementing it.

OR, if you’re a person who likes organized information that’s all in one place and enjoys the convenience of packaged content in video format, then Top Bloggers’ Traffic is specifically for you.

TBT breaks down the very specific things that I did (and that you’ll  need to do as well) to quickly get on influencers’ A-list and have them OFFER to send me free traffic.


As a special bonus, you’ll receive an extra video detailing my exact business model and sales funnel. (And this exclusive video is NOT available anywhere else online).

This is the #1 business model I’ve been focusing my blog building efforts around to start generating quick and stable income (And here’s a hint: It’s NOT Adsense or sponsored ads!)

So, To Sum It All Up…

  • You’ll receive 4 insanely in-depth videos breaking down the entire process of how I landed 3 unsolicited guest posts and went from ZERO to 19,000 visitors in 90 days flat;
  • Plus 1 bonus video video detailing my entire business model.

That’s a total of 5 content packed videos. :)

“When it comes to someone you can TRUST. Ti Roberts is the go-to gal for anything Internet Marketing, Blogging and Social Media Related, she is a real expert and doing great things for people, which shows she truly cares! Bottom-line.”

~ Terrance Charles of

Why Pay For Free Content?

Well, of course you can still get all this content for free, I will never charge for access to the posts already published on my blog and floating around the blogosphere.

But if you want to cut straight to the chase and get it all in one place, then TBT is for you.

And since it is all out there to see, I got nothing to hide or promise, you know what you’re getting and you know that it’s good. ;)

To claim your spot inside of Top Bloggers’ Traffic click the red “Get Access Now!” button below.





See ya’ on the inside! :)

Ti Roberts

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    Great course, Ti! You took me from A-Z on what to do and I was able to see everything you did and understand it as I’m a newbie blogger. Ti you are a top blogger, great teacher and you’re so patient…Thank so much for this training!

    • tiroberts

      Hi Gwen,

      I’m so glad to hear that you found TBT helpful. I really appreciate having you as an official SEO rebel and a member of our community! :)



    It’s great to popover to the SEO Rebel. Something I’m writing more these days. I see some amazing content and traffic stats to the blog. So will be reading and shearing with out community of bloggers a@FernandoMedia

    • tiroberts

      Hi Fernando,

      So great to have you as apart of our community; thanks for the kind words! I appreciate you sharing and I look forward to seeing more of you around soon. :)


  • Arun

    Nice article and i really like your writing skills much appreciated

    • tiroberts

      Thanks, Arun; welcome to the community!

      I look forward to seeing more of you around soon. :)


  • jitendra vaswani

    I really like ur blog dear Ti, Nice to ses blogging queen like u working smartly.

    • tiroberts

      Thanks, Jietendra; I appreciate the kind words. :)