vault denim reviews

Vault Denim Reviews

You’re about to read my personal opinion amongst all of the Vault Denim Reviews.  There have been many reviews written about this company however I plan to not only reveal the facts about this company but also share with you some pertinent information from my perspective that you may not be aware of.  *By the way, it you’d like to skip the reading, you can just scroll down and watch the video review ;-)

Vault Denim Reviews – Here’s The Facts

Vault Denim offers authentic designer jeans to their clients through the direct sales model.  The Fashion consultants in Vault Denim get their inventory and hold home parties for their current customers as well as to acquire new customers.  The home parties make it convenient for customers to get their jeans locally during the home parties instead of waiting for them to be shipped.

Vault Denim jeans cost anywhere from $48.00 to $92.00.  Since Vault provides their consultants with inventory, many local associates often share their inventory of jeans for their parties.

Vault Denim Enrollment Options

To get started as a Vault fashion consultant, you would have to pay an $159.00 fee.  A coupon for half off the first jean purchase is given to new consultants.  Also included in the startup kit are a customized email address and business cards.

Vault Denim Comp Plan

As a fashion consultant with Vault, you can earn commissions of 18 to 24% for the sales you produce.  That commission percentage is based off of how much volume you produce every month.  Vault consultants can also earn additional commissions for recruiting other people to become consultants.  A commission of 7% is can be earned for the sales the new recruits produce.  An additional 5% commission can be earned for the sales that their recruits produce.

Vault Denim Reviews – How To Effectively Build This Business

I said earlier that this review was my opinion amongst the many Vault Denim Reviews available.  What you just read were the verifiable facts about this company, however there is one element that I feel is missing.  If you’re looking at this company and you really want to make a lot of money with Vault, I have to tell you that it could be quite difficult without having the proper tools and leveraging the proper platforms.

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Vault Denim Reviews


See, with MLM businesses such as this, it’s important that you’re generating a consistent stream of leads, customers and new consultant’s signing up with you and becoming a part of your team on a regular basis.  It’s even more important that you generate regular money coming into your business consistently so that you’re able to sustain your marketing and advertising, if you choose to do so.  And for most people with the commissions and numbers I just gave you, it’s difficult to to do that.

An easier way to quickly grow Vault Denim into a sustainable business is to learn how to leverage the power of internet marketing to help you get a massive amount of people in front your Vault Denim business twenty four seven.  The internet is a good way to help you get more people to see you, who you are, the jeans and or other products you have to offer.  It also helps when you’re able to generate 100% commissions on top of what you’re already earning in Vault.  Rapid growth comes when you have 100% of the money going into your pocket so you can re-invest part of the profits right back into marketing and advertising to scale up your production immediately, or to re-invest into other business affairs.

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Make the decision and decide to start marketing Vault Denim online and getting 100% commissions TODAY.  Plug in your email address below now, and get started.

Vault Denim Reviews

Meet you at the top!

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Vault Denim Reviews


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