Traffic Dashboard Review: From ZERO to 30,000+ Visitors In 4 Months?

 Note to the SEO Rebel Community: Unfortunately since the writing of this review, Traffic Dashboard has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. I know, bummer, right?

However, I still wanted to leave this review published because I feel it’s a valuable and useful post, nevertheless.

Also, I’ve since created my own traffic product that I’m sure you’ll find just as valuable! Your patronage would be much appreciate and I’d love to hear what you think about it. If you have any further questions be sure to drop me an email. Enjoy! :)

What’s this?… a Traffic Dashboard Review?

Yup, ya’ got me. This is going to be my very first product review post.

Yay me! :)

I know. I know. You’re used to the epic, over the top traffic generation and case study posts. But don’t worry. I’ve got plenty more of those lined up for you.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the very thing that got me hooked on all the traffic generation madness in the first place…

It was a dark and gloomy night

No, really… it was.

The night I first stumbled across the Traffic Dashboard, it was rather dark and gloomy outside and I was in an even darker mood.

Ever been in one of those F*** this moods?  Not like, forget this I quit mood. More like, “F*** this I’m going to figure this crap out even if it kills me!”

Yeah, I was in one of those moods.

I’d spent most of the day sitting at my computer desk putting my brain in serious info overload, reading countless emails, blog posts, watching videos, and voluntarily being slapped in the face with sales page after sales page.

After 7 years of being in the internet marketing industry and having less than sporadic success, I’d reached my breaking point;…




And I was determined to tear apart every IM “head honcho’s” sales funnel I could find to unveil the ONE thing I was missing.

Because apparently, there was something I was doing terribly wrong.

Especially since I’d been in the game so long and I still wasn’t flashing amazing “Oooo” and “Ahhh” results.

As I was rummaging through some old (and I do mean stale) content of one of those IM ‘head honchos’, shredding apart their sales funnel like a rabid wolf…

Would you believe, I actually found what I was looking for?

There it was, my long awaited epiphany, The Traffic Dashboard.

At last…

When I tell you that watching that guru’s webinar presentation about The Traffic Dashboard was like getting a welcomed smash over the head with a  2×4, I mean it.

In that webinar, I was introduced the the 10x traffic concept.

What’s that you ask?

Well, it’s only the freaking best traffic generation concept to quickly 10x the traffic you generate from one piece of content.

Sounds cool right? I know. :)

The 10x traffic concept details how to repurpose a single piece of your content and convert it into:

  • Additional seed articles
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • PDF’s
  • PowerPont Presentations
  • Submit it to link roundups
  • Syndicate it on social media
  • Submit it to blogging communities

Being exposed to just this small portion of The Traffic Dashboard was enough to seriously peek my interest and I, of course, bought the whole darn kit and caboodle.

What else is under the hood?

Now, upon my initial exposure I thought that the entire 10x concept was the best thing since sliced bread.

But actually, the additional traffic strategies that I learned when I officially purchased The Traffic Dashboard shadowed the 10x concept tremendously in comparison.

And, I’m not just saying that.

You see, the 10x traffic concept is certainly effective in bringing in more traffic. But in reality, for my personal situation, it’s not where I needed to be spending most of my time and isn’t where I began getting most of my traffic from.

Plus, who has enough time in the day to manually do all that? I know I didn’t and still don’t.

So, I decided to put my money where my mouth was, or rather, put my time where my mouth was and focus on only the free high leveraged traffic generation strategies covered in the Traffic Dashboard.

I needed to get the most bang for my time.

I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, especially since I was (and still am) a full-time college student working with a tight college student budget.

So, I hit the ground running…

After going through the entire Traffic Dashboard course, I decided to do something completely out of the norm for me… I got social.

Before I’d discovered TD, I was a complete introverted SEO geek.

Yes, I know, so unlike me nowadays. But it’s true.

I was actually pretty darn good at SEO and I could get nearly any keyword phrase I targeted to the first page of Google.

But truth be told, I didn’t get the results I wanted from it; not to mention how lonely I’d get sometimes.

Yes, SEO is a ridiculously lonely traffic generation strategy.

Why further isolate yourself in a profession that outsiders (our friends and family who don’t get the whole sitting at the computer all day long blogging thing) already see as ultimate isolation with a boring traffic generation strategy like SEO?

I opted to run hard in the totally opposite direction and begin doing a lot of social engagement, interaction and candid freestyle blogging.

And, ya know something?

I actually liked it.

Not only did I like it, I loved it.

And, some unreal stuff began to happen…

The results

What kind of results?

Well, get this

Within only 4 months after relaunching my blog using the traffic generation strategies I learned from The Traffic Dashboard, I:

  • Generated nearly 30,000 visitors to my blog in only 4 months
  • Got 3 unsolicited guest post spots from blogging royalty Ana Hoffman, Lisa Irby and Ileane Smith
  • Built solid relationships with 10+ top bloggers in my niche
  • Became a featured Contributor of the Week on (a highly popular small business community)
  • Became a official moderator for
  • Have been featured and/or mentioned on 15+ other blogs sites in the form of top blogger list posts, solo feature posts, or in context mention.
  • Received over 575+ Facebook Likes,  217+ Facebook Shares, 226+ Retweets, and 44+ Google+’s collectively on my blog posts
  • Received over 100+ blog comments (which has lead to an increasingly engaging community around my blog).

Still need more proof?

Check the screen shots:

My stats from the last quarter of 2012:

My stats from the first quarter of 2013 so far:

And it ain’t even my 6 month blog relaunch anniversary, yet. ;)

The point

The Traffic Dashboard  has truly been the holy grail of traffic generation courses for me and is the very reason I was able to build up so much traffic so quickly.

I don’t need to give you all the hypey bells and whistles.

Those results listed above ain’t no joke.

They speak to the insane value contained in TD and exhibit what can truly be accomplished if you consistently put the methods to work.

Not only has The Traffic Dashboard been the very foundation to how I’ve conjured up so much buzz about this blog, it can help YOU do the same thing.

If you’ve been around the blogosphere or IM for a while, then you probably already own a copy of The Traffic Dashboard and (assuming you’ve implemented the methods) you know the massive traffic and business changing power it harbors (Oh, and if you purchased through my link, a HUGE Thanks to you! :) )

If we’ve just met during the relaunch of my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of my content and traffic methods focuses on building relationships. And quite honestly, that’s hands down the best free way to build sick traffic fast.

Building relationships has been the most valuable thing I’ve learned from The Traffic Dashboard and it’s my highest recommended traffic strategy.

However, you should know that not every traffic strategy vibes with everyone. You have to pick and stick with the ones that’s right for you.

And TD has 20+ juicy, insanely effective methods to choose from.

But wait, there’s more :)

As I’ve gone along in my traffic generation journey, I’ve done everything I can to be as completely transparent as possible as to how I’ve created results.

If you’ve read my traffic case studies before, then you know that those puppies are pretty darn thorough.

Yet, would you believe that I still have people who ask me exactly how I’ve generated so much traffic; even question their own ability to create online relationships.

With the sheer amount of info I pack into my case studies, sometimes I find this rather perplexing. BUT I do understand that everyone is their own unique person and have different ways of learning.

Sooo, here’s what I’ve decided to do…

As a special FREE bonus, when you grab your personal copy of the Traffic Dashboard, you’re going to receive:

(1) Free access to the bronze level of our exclusive SEO Rebel Membership site (where you’ll receive neat and fun traffic hot sheets, check lists and other goodies) AND

(2) 3 Free bonus videos I recorded that breaks my top 3 traffic strategies allll the way down. That’s 120+ minutes, 2+ hours of additional in-depth traffic generation training.

You’ll get to watch me LIVE as I go through my top 3 traffic tactics and witness first hand how to step-by-step implement exactly what I do to produce results.

Plus, you’ll get unlimited direct access to me in our private forum where I’ll be sharing additional traffic tips and tid bits.

And, you’ll have free range to ask any questions you have about business building and traffic generation.

Now, how’s that for some serious hand holdin’? ;)

To grab your juicy free bonuses, here’s what you need to do next:

Step 1.)   Go and grab your copy of the Traffic Dashboard by clicking here.

Step 2.)  Check your email to get your exclusive log in instructions.

Step 3.)  Once you’ve gotten your login details, you’ll have access to our Bronze membership level and your 3 Free videos!

My aim is to layout a simple step-by-step blueprint for you to follow so that you’re able to build your own success story as a  result of owning TD and being a member of our community.

Remember, the exclusive membership and 3 free videos are only valid when you purchase through my cool link (many thanks to you should you choose to!)

Share your story

Have you already experienced the phenomena that is The Traffic Dashboard?

If so, don’t leave me hangin’. Share your testimonial in the comments below!

I’d love to hear any personal results you’ve generated as a product of going through the course.

Conquering my next big traffic milestone,


P.S. Did you find this review valuable? If so, share the ish out of it for me, would you? Thanks! :)

Please share!

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  • Gabe Johansson

    Okay truth is that I bought traffic Dashboard shortly after it launched back in my MLM days and it literally changed my business!

    I went from signing up maybe 1 or 2 reps per month to 5-10 per week and as much as 4 in a single day of a $40/month membership! Reps = Sales for those who don’t do MLM. Oh and I only used 3 of the traffic methods in the members area.

    Solo Ads (purchased in droves)
    Blogging Alliance (our entire team blogged)
    Content Syndication (we used two massive private networks)

    Since then, I’ve gotten out of MLM and have used those same three strategies to bank over $120 in a day and generate between 7-70 new subscribers per day (still haven’t broken that threshold except stupid Adfly traffic).

    I don’t say this to brag, believe that.

    I say this because this product is absolutely killer! I could honestly implement more strategies from it, but I have found what works for me and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I recommend the same approach for anyone else looking to get their hands on this course!

    • tiroberts

      How awesome, Gabe!

      Now, that’s a great testimonial! :)

      I think that TD has been and will continue to be a HUGE game changer for most new bloggers as far as traffic generation is concerned.

      It’s the only course that really taught me how to truly generate traffic, without all the hypey jargon. And Kim has a great teaching style.

      I appreciate you sharing your TD experience, Gabe.

      Continue to rock it!


  • Steve Hughes

    Hi Ti looks like traffic Dashboard might be worth a look. Congrats on your results and accomplishments.

    The only thing I would adjust is your traffic Analytics. Looks like you took them from your Hosting ( looks like HostGator) provider. The stats from the Hosting provider run much higher than that of Google Analytics. Which one is more accurate? Well, that’s a different conversation. Whenever talking traffic the standard is GA.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing…

    • tiroberts

      Hi Steve,

      Welcome to the community! So great to see your comment.

      Yes, TD is certainly worth it’s weight in gold. I’m so glad I came across such a thorough traffic course.

      Yup, I’ve heard there are variances across the actual hosting tracking and GA platform.

      Right now I’m using 3 to track as best I can: GA, Jetpack (a WP plugin) and my hosting. All 3 gives me numbers that vary widely.

      I’m realizing there is not a perfect tracking program but I do know that GA is the most thorough. (I’m still trying to get the hang of all it’s different features, gadgets and gizmos.)

      I’ll def be investing more time into digging deeper into the GA platform and getting better acquainted with it.

      Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to seeing more of you!


      P.S. Truly appreciate the suggestion. Think I’ll slap screen shots of all 3 up there to give a clearer picture. :)

  • Ileane

    Hey Ti! Great to see you doing your first product review! I keep hearing great things about traffic Dashboard and it’s nice to see that so many people including you and Gabe are growing their businesses with this product.

    I agree with Steve, I would stick to using Google Analytics stats since they are widely accepted as the industry standard.


    • tiroberts

      Hi Ileane!

      So great to see your comment again.

      Yup, TD has been a HUGE game changer for me. Wish I’d come across it when it first launched, but I’m glad I came across it at all.

      I appreciate you and Steve’s suggestion. I’m still getting the hang of GA. Who knew there was soooo much tracking info to digest? Lol.

      I’ll definitely be digging into your blog archives Ileane for help with getting a better handle on GA.

      In the meantime, I’ll be adding screenshots of the other two platforms I use to track: GA and Jetpack so everyone can get a clearer picture.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your feedback. I appreciate it!


  • Kelvin Igbinigie

    Hi Ti,
    I think I’m going to consider getting traffic Dashboard as I’ll be re-launching my blog by March… Your stats are great and I must say you are truly an inspiration to me… I sure will have a great result too like yours when I relaunch my blog… I’ll keep you posted about it. Thanks

    • tiroberts

      Hi, Kelvin,

      Welcome to the community!

      I’m happy to hear you’re considering TD. It’s truly a fantastic course; I just can’t say enough great things about it.

      Definitely, please do keep me posted on your progress and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

      I look forward to seeing more of you,


  • Inside my Rocket

    Congrats Ti. That’s quite an achievement!

    What is your ratio between marketing your blog and actually spending time on content creation?

    • tiroberts

      Hi, Jakob,

      Great to see your comment again. :)

      Thanks for the congrats!

      I spend about 5 to 6 hrs a week creating a post for my blog – if it’s just a filler post. Considerably more if I’m recording a video for my YT channel that week as well, factoring the editing, rendering and uploading time.

      So all together around 12 or so hours/wk.

      As far as marketing my blog, I spend about 3 to 4 hours/day engaging and interacting on other sites and with other bloggers to drive traffic. This goes hand in hand with my mod job at Bizsugar since engagement is large part of what I do anyway.

      How’s your blog coming along? Any new successes to report? Anything you’re finding you’re having trouble with?


      • Inside my Rocket

        Thank’s for the insights Ti. Looks like you’re putting a lot of hard work into your blog.

        As for my own blog I think the word procrastination sums it up pretty well. Raising 2 kids, seeing friends and family, and trying to look good at my 9-5 job takes my focus away from what really matters – my blog :-)

        Bottom line … for now I don’t see any growth worth bragging about.

        The road to hell is paved with bad excuses so I just gotta write some more valuable internet marketing stuff.

        • tiroberts

          I completely understand, Jakob.

          It can be difficult to juggle your personal and work life with blogging. I can also relate on the procrastination point.

          Even though I do put quite a few hours into my blog, I still drift off into daydream land at times and my ADD kicks in, actually a lot of the time, lol.

          I could be much more productive but I do what I can.

          Keep pressing forward and as always, let me know if there’s anything you need.


  • Michael Belk

    Wow, great review Ti, I am definitely going to check out TD. You are doing an excellent job getting your name out there. You write thorough articles and you leave nothing to question.

    You write as though you are in the position of your reader. I could not add anything because you covered it all.

    • tiroberts

      Hi, Michael,

      So great to see your comment again. :)

      Thanks for the compliments and kind words. Yup, TD has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier I stumbled across such an awesome course.

      I try to be as thorough as possible when I’m writing because I was once upon a time I was the newbie and there’s still many things I’ve yet to learn. I hope that others who come across this review find it helpful as well.

      I’m glad you’re going to give TD a try! I’ll be glad to help you with anything you might have questions about; just shoot me an email and I’ll respond asap.


  • Akos Fintor

    That’s totally bad ass, Ti!
    Keep goin’!

    • tiroberts

      Hi, Akos.

      So great to see your comment. “Badass” eh? I’ll take it, lol.

      Welcome to the community and thanks for dropping by! :)


  • josylad

    Great review Ti,

    I have heard of TD but i have never given it a try, may be i i might give it a try soon!

    • tiroberts

      Hi, Joseph:

      So great to see your comment; welcome to the community!

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my review. TD has really been a HUGE eye opener as far as how to EFFECTIVELY generate traffic, not just junk traffic that doesn’t convert.

      I urge you to go on and grab your copy and if there’s anything I can do to further help you, just let me know.

      BTW, you and your blog partner have done a fantastic job over on your blog with launching it. Keep up the great work!

      Thanks for commenting and I look forward to seeing more of you around. :)