The Importance of A Blog on Authority Sites

The Importance of A Blog on Authority Sites

In today’s post I want to talk about the importance of a blog on an authority site.

I’ve done a blog post about the importance of a blog before but this one is going to explaine why you need to using the right plateform.

(Click the link to read my first post about the importance of a blog )

I come across a lot of people on Facebook who really don’t understand the importance of a blog.  If they do understand why a blog is important, they usually don’t see the importance of choosing the proper blogging platform.

So I just HAD to make the video below and post it to really explain and break down what an Authority Site is and how it will benefit you when you’re blogging.

Ya’ might be wondering what an “Authority Site” is.  Well to put it simply, an Authority site is a website that gets a lot of buzz or has a lot of people flocking to it on a daily basis.

For example:  Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter would be considered authority sites.

These are the type of sites receive a lot of traffic and visitors and because of that those sites are considered credible.

In the world of Internet Marketing and blogging, you want to be sure that you’re blogging on a platform that 1.) Receives a substantial amount of traffic and 2.)  Are considered credible.

This is important because Google will show favor to your blog posts and will allow you to rank easier and faster because they trust the Authority site that you’re posting your content to.

Click play below now to get a better understanding of this concept…

The Importance of A Blog on Authority Sites


So hopefully now you understand why it’s important to blog on an authority site.  It’s simply not an option really, especially if you want to create residual leads for your business and essentially put your marketing on automation.

Click here now to see the authority blogging platform I use. 

Meet you at the TOP!

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The Importance of A Blog


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