college jobs that pay well

So you’re looking for college jobs that pay well?

Ya’ know, there are several different kind of college jobs that pay well that were made specifically for college students but I’ve found that not all of them are “school schedule friendly” and they pay is downright pathetic.

When I was searching for a good job that would fit about my college classes and schedule, I found that either the jobs were these lame restaurant or fast food jobs that expected me to work 5 to 10 making 8 bucks an hour, and because I got off so late, I was always tired, I hardly had time to study and slept through most of my classes.

I mean I only got around 10 to 16 hours per week and my check was anywhere between $150 to $260 every two weeks, definitely not more than $300.  Can you believe that?   I’m sure you can, In fact that’s probably why you’re reading this because you’re stuck in some dead end job just like I was and dying to find a solution.

I feel your pain.

Well, after some digging around and searching on Google, I was finally able to find an awesome job college job that pays well, actually more than well, fantastic even lol :-)

This job is great for me because I no longer have to worry about working in an environment I despise ( I HATE working in restaurants).  I have more than enough time to focus on my studies, and the hours are more than reasonable.

I put in about 10 hours per week and make anywhere from $400 to $500 every week, not too shabby :-)

So anyway, I know you’re looking for college jobs that pay well and I don’t know if this job will work out for you or not with your busy college schedule and all but at least it’s a way to be able to free up more of your time, get out of the work environment you’re in and be able to dramatically increase your pay check, or even add an additional check to the one you get now.

It’s easy to apply, just click the link below for job details and to apply online.

“College Jobs that Pay Well” <– Apply Online

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