How to Promote Your Blog Like A ‘BOSS’ (Right After You Launch It!)


Note to the SEO Rebel Community: After sopping up this juicy morsel, head on over to Ana Hoffman’s blog to check out my insanely in-depth supplemental traffic case study guest post. You’re gonna love this. So, you just bought your new domain name and hosting, watched a YouTube video and after about an hour of tinkering, figured [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] “Duh” Traffic Tips, “Shaking” widgets, and Content marketing Zen?…

Happy Friday! ‘Tis the weekend baby! I hope you’ve had a fantastic, productive week and your getting ready for some serious relaxin’ My week has been…. productive yet slow, to say the least. Hey, we all can’t be superwomen (or superman), right? I’ve just put the final touches on some projects and now I’m finally [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Pick Your Traffic Trick or Treat…

Happy Friday! How’s your week been? I hope it’s gone well and I hope you and your family enjoyed some tasty Halloween goodies I’ve been locked away in the traffic chamber this week, concocting some magic potions for your traffic tricks. So, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a few days… [...]

[Weekly Case Study #2] How I Got 1,769 Unique Visitors, 429 Facebook Likes, 117 Retweets, and 132 Sugars?


Note to the SEO Rebel Community: After devouring your fill of this tasty

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] My #1 Traffic Source, A trip to Disney Land, and a BizSugar Celebration

Happy Thursday! It’s a beautiful morning here in Atlanta. The sun is shining , the leaves are tuning, and the birds are singing. The smell of fall is thick in the air . I love it! I hope your morning is going as great as mine. If not, these awesome traffic treats should cheer you [...]

7 Epic Free Traffic Tips I Used This Week From 7 Top Bloggers


traffic generation is the lifeblood of all online businesses.  It’s a skill where you can literally extract cash from the cyber air and never have to worry about seeing tumble weeds rolling across your traffic stats again This past week, I’ve been on a traffic generation escapade! And it’s be quite an experience. While on my mission to up root [...]