[Monthly Traffic Case Study #3] How I Went From ZERO to 19,828 Visitors In 3 Months Flat!

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Note to the SEO Rebel Community: To every single person who’s ever interacted with me in the comments on my posts up until this point, I’ve mentioned you by name in this post and I’ve linked back to either your website or social profile in the “Blog Commenting” section of this case study update. Read on [...]

[Weekly Case Study #2] How I Got 1,769 Unique Visitors, 429 Facebook Likes, 117 Retweets, and 132 Sugars?


Note to the SEO Rebel Community: After devouring your fill of this tasty traffic morsel, head on over to get desert here (case study #3). Enjoy! Talk about one stellar week!  I’m telling you, this past week I’ve been feeling a “I just won the lottery!” type high, lol So this is the momentum wave I’ve heard so [...]