Team National Review

Team National Review

You’ve come across this article because you’re looking for a Team National review.  First off congrats for taking the time to do your due diligence and research this company.  I can tell you’re a smart cookie. :- ) Well, in this review, I’ll share with you the some specifics about Team National as well as some additional information that you may not be aware of.

Team National Review – The Beginning

So let’s first start off by going over the facts about Team National.  Team National was actually known previously as “National Companies.”  They were founded in 1997 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL by Dick Loehr. Dick’s daughter Angela Loehr Chrysler, currently runs the company.  Team National provides discounts and savings to their members on a variety of goods and services through bulk buying.  They operate in the direct sales model and were recently listed as one of the top 100 direct selling companies in Direct Selling News.

Team National Review – Memberships

Team National offers several memberships that you can buy to take advantage of their discounted prices.  It can cost $400 to $2,000 to become a part of the company, depending on the level of membership.  Some of the things that a member can get discounts on are communication services, insurance, furniture, and much more.

Team National Review – Are They A Scam?

Team National, of course, is not a scam.  You weren’t thinking that were you? :- ) They’re actually very legitimate and are registered with several creditable sources including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Direct Selling Association (DSA), and The US Chamber of Commerce.  Not to mention the fact that they’ve been going strong for nearly 20 years.  To actually become a distributor of Team National you have a few choices.  You can decide to come in at lowest level of $400, or can decide to go all in and join at the highest level of $2,000.  There are also other packages you can choose from in the mid-price range.

Team National Review – The Buy In

Now a $2,000 buy in may seem like a lot, but it’s really not.  When compared to say… purchasing a McDonalds franchise that costs $500,000+ and going into business for yourself the traditional way with employees, property taxes, rent, light bills, and all the other conventional business odds and ends – you’re actually coming out on top.  Plus, you’ll get a good sized commission for everyone you bring into at the top level as well, so you’ll be able to get your money back in no time.

Team National Review – So What’s The Verdict?

All in all, Team National is one of the best stable companies around, but if you’re thinking about becoming a distributor with them, you’re going to need to consider a few things.  First of all, your success with Team National is going to depend on your individual ability to sell memberships and build a downline.  And if you hope to do this successfully, you’re going to need to possess marketing skills.  Thus the name of the industry this company is in – Network Marketing. The success of this company as a whole will not dictate your success, you do.

Team National Review – How To Successfully Build This Company

It’s important that you’re skilled in the area of marketing to be able to get a massive amount of people in front of your business.  That means you have to be able to create a steady flow of leads, customers, and new distributors joining your personal team if you want to continue to grow your income.  You can do this one of two ways.  If you’ve been in MLM or Networking Marketing companies before, then you probably know what I’m about to say.  You’ll need to make a list of your friends, family, associates, acquaintances – pretty much any and everybody you know and try to get them to join your business.

This may work, however what happens when you run out of your “warm market?”  A better way to build a business that I’ve found is to actually leverage the power of the internet to be able to position your business in front of people who are already looking for what you have to offer.  This type of person is much more likely to buy from you or join your team because 1.) You gave them a solution to a problem that they had and 2.)  They actually found you rather than you going after them.  This is a much more effective way of building a business with no resistance and no hard selling.  This method of marketing works and is very effective and powerful.  In fact, it’s actually how I got you here reading this article right now.

You may be wondering how to exactly go about doing this.  Well, the answer to that question is simple.  You can learn everything you need to know about how to market online and how to build Team National into a strong and stable business for yourself by simply deciding to leverage systems.  Not only will you be equipped with all the marketing knowledge you need, you will also be able to earn 100% commissions in addition to what you’ll be earning in Team National.

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Meet you at the top!

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Team National Review