Today were gonna cover how to get organic search engine rankings in an hour a day or Organic Search Engine Rankingsless.  First off let me just say that doing this series has been very enjoyable to me thus far and I really hope you’re getting some value out of it : )

Okay, so organic search engine rankings are the VERY best source of traffic you could ever get online.  Mastering the art of organic search traffic will pay you WAY BEYOND an amount of paid advertising.  The way you obtain organic search traffic is through a nifty marketing method call SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is Organic Search Engine Rankings, Really…

SEO is can be compared to telekinesis, it’s like being able to read the mind of your customer and delivering to them exactly what they want and getting them to purchase from you with them even knowing it! Okay, I may be a little overly excited, but once you truly understand and grasp this wonderful concept and marketing methods you’ll understand why.

The way SEO is done goes back to what I talked about in day 2 about Google PPC.  Remember I how I explained Google PPC is done through the targeting of specific keywords and phrases.  SEO is done through the exact same way, but it’s free traffic rather than paid traffic.

Rather than paying per click for keywords, SEO requires you to write a blog post or article about a specific keyword or phrase.  For example:  say that you have a website about training dogs, you keywords would be related to the dog training products or services.  Some keywords that you’d want to target and create blog posts about would be: how to house train my dog, dog training techniques, how to stop my dog from barking at night, etc.

The Organic Search Engine Rankings Breakdown

You’d want to take each of the keyword phrases and create a 500 – 700 word blog post talking about the phrase you chose.  Give some suggestions, advice, techniques, or share some of your personal experiences.  Be sure that your keyword density (the amount of times you keyword appears within the body of your post) in at least 1 to 2% (that’s about 3-4 times for a 500 words post and 5-6 times for a 700 word post).

Next you’ll want to post that content to your blog and then syndicate it on networks such as,,, and  These sites will help get some social internet buzz going about you site’s content.  This is good because search engines like Google will use this to gage how popular your content is and where to rank it.

Continuously doing this on a daily basis (finding keywords related to your niche, blogging about those keywords) this will leads to you eventually getting organic traffic from search engines.  Organic traffic means that people are naturally finding your information and blog site when they do a search for a keyword in your niche.

This is a GOLDMINE because you can do this same method for literally hundreds of different keywords and overtime get BOAT LOADS of traffic to your website and get more exposure and business.

There are other factors that play part in organic search engines rankings.  You need to be able to perfect this skill well enough to get onto the first pages of search engines.  Tomorrow I’ll go over some specific strategic and techniques you can use when doing SEO to get on the top rankings and get more blog traffic.

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See you at the top!

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