[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Epic Traffic Posts, Bragging Rights and Twitter Cards?


The weekend is finally here! Now it’s time to goof off, stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching re-runs while eating caramel covered pop corn. But before you get too giddy, I’ve got some sweet traffic treats for ya’.

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] LIVE Videos, Traffic Goals, and Giveaways??

Happy Friday! Talk about starting the New Year off with a bang! I hope you’ve had a fantastic New Year, filled with love from family and friends. There’s nothing like bringing in the year with loved ones who you know are going to support and encourage you to reach your goals. Speaking of goals, today [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Lady Gaga, Traffic Tidal Waves and more… Cowabunga dude ;) …

Happy Friday Morning! Can you believe it’s already here?? I don’t know about you, but this week has gone by pretty fast for me. I’ve had a week full of new traffic experiences that I’ve been stoked about!  Embarking on new traffic escapades gives me such a rush. It’s like catching that perfect wave at [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] “Duh” Traffic Tips, “Shaking” widgets, and Content marketing Zen?…

Happy Friday! ‘Tis the weekend baby! I hope you’ve had a fantastic, productive week and your getting ready for some serious relaxin’ My week has been…. productive yet slow, to say the least. Hey, we all can’t be superwomen (or superman), right? I’ve just put the final touches on some projects and now I’m finally [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Pick Your Traffic Trick or Treat…

Happy Friday! How’s your week been? I hope it’s gone well and I hope you and your family enjoyed some tasty Halloween goodies I’ve been locked away in the traffic chamber this week, concocting some magic potions for your traffic tricks. So, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a few days… [...]

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] My #1 Traffic Source, A trip to Disney Land, and a BizSugar Celebration

Happy Thursday! It’s a beautiful morning here in Atlanta. The sun is shining , the leaves are tuning, and the birds are singing. The smell of fall is thick in the air . I love it! I hope your morning is going as great as mine. If not, these awesome traffic treats should cheer you [...]

SEO Rebel Roundup! (Juicy traffic goodness inside ;)

Happy Thursday Morning! How’s your week been so far?  Hopefully as productive as mine :) I’ve been getting dirty in the trenches this week, pushing to really boost my traffic to my blog and it’s been quite an exciting ride! In the midst of all my traffic escapades this week, I’ve come across some pretty killer posts that’s helped me to get the ball rolling and I wanted to share them with you….