Justin Verrengia Empower Network Inner Circle Review

Justin Verrengia Empower Network Inner Circle Review

Justin Verrengia is one of those badass marketers that you just gotta respect.

On April the 11th Justin Verrengia had his first $1300 day.  I thought this was absolutely awesome because he did that all through free marketing methods.  Justin Verrengia is what you would call a content marketing “guru”.

I just finished listening to an Empower Network Inner Circle training David Wood did with Justin that was worth $100,000 all by itself, literally.  David broke down the exact formula to get Justin making $1,500/day by the end of the month.  This breakdown was pure GOLD.  I’ll talk more about that here in a little bit.

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Who Is Justin Verrengia?

If you don’t know who Justin Verrengia is, he’s been around the internet marketing industry for a while now – since 2007.  He first got his introduction to the home based business industry through network marketing back in 2006 with a travel company.  After about 6 months of failing online Justin had a breakthrough and began generating leads through free marketing methods – blogging, article marketing, and video.  John Verrengia, like David Wood, is one of those lifestyle internet marketers and lives in Costa Rica with his wife.

There were several gold nuggets shared on this innercircle interview.  In fact, I’ll share one good one with you.  If you’re suffering from a “lead deficiency” here’s a simple trick John shared about how to get more traffic and leads instantly.  All you need to do is go find a really popular or trending video on YouTube that is getting tons of hits (you can also go find to alexa.com and find hot topics that are getting a lot of buzz).  Take the video or article and copy it to your blog site.  If it’s a video, just embed the code and use the same title.  If it’s an article, use the same title and body content.  Be sure at the bottom of your article you put a link pointing back to where you’re originally got it so it on you won’t get flagged for plagiarism.  Then just share it with your friends on your social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  This is a GREAT way to get 10 to 20 leads per day for free!

Another awesome thing I learned in the Innercircle interview is some SICK math.

Justin Verrengia Empower Network Inner Circle Review

Justin Verrengia Empower Network Inner Circle Review

Not just any regular ol’ math.  I’m talking about Empower Network math.  David Wood went over with John Verrengia the exact numbers that will get him to earning $1,500/day, every day by the end of this month.  And guess what?  Would you believe that he’d only have to bring in ONE person a day in Empower Network at the $25 level to be making $1500/day?  I know you’re thinking, “WTF? That can’t be right.” Well, tet me tell you, YES its true!

Listen, last month EN’s top earners during our affiliate competition where Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.  They earned a total of $47,000 with EN in the month of March (not to mention the $10,000 1st place price they won).  How many people a day do you think they brought in to make that?…Only 3 people a day!  That’s 3 people at the $25 basic level membership.

Here’s another example. Tony Rush, last month in March he made a total of $34,000 with EN.  Based on what I just told you, how many people do you think Tony brought in a day to earn that? Only 1.5 to 2 people a day!  I’m telling you I’ve never seen anything that converts, automates upsells and just shoots out cash the way EN does from so few people.  EN is truly the epitome of a true CASH COW.

This innercircle training with Justin Verrengia is MANDATORY training if you’re serious about building a business lightning fast on the internet.  A ton of other things was cover in this training including how to use EN to close 50% to 80% of the people than join you in EN into your primary business and MUCH more.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about joining EN… really, it’s time for you to get off the side lines and get in the game.  I’ll even make a bet with you… $100 says that if you get in right now and start applying what in this innercirle training and start bringing in one person a day, you’ll be making $10,000 next month.

Click here NOW and get in.

Meet you at the top!

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Justin Verrengia Empower Network Inner Circle Review