Being a part of a focused community it a wonderful thing.

Staying focused has never really been my strong suite.  I’m just about as ADD as they come (most internet marketers seem to have a little ADD in them :)

Actually,when I first got started in this industry, I don’t really recall any one ever really telling me to “stay focused”.  To be honest I was ALL OVER the place.  I was jumping from this deal, to that deal, this system to that system, and I never produced the results I wanted.  I actually got so frustrated that I left the industry for a bit.

Focused Community

Focused Community


During my time away I actually went through some serious life changes.  It was in the midst of these changes that I learned the value of community and staying focused and how important it was to the success I desired to have in my life as a whole.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts, you already know that I struggled with alcoholism for years.  It took an extreme amount of focus after I’d made the decision to sober up, to really change my mindset and continue to work to stay sober every day.  And there were days where it was difficult.  However, I was able to keep my focus and continue to move forward because I had the support of a group.  The focus of the people in my group was the same as mine, to stay sober.  So in that, I learned the power of community and how being a part of a community with a strong culture will help each person, and the group as a whole, reach their goals.

Ya know, being a part of a focused community whose purpose is to help each person and ultimately the entire group to succeed in reaching a common goal is a POWERFUL thing.  It actually takes on a whole other life of its own and becomes its own entity.  And the amazing thing about a focused community is that the ultimate goal of the group as a whole WILL be carried out, even if I’m no longer a part of the group.

Focused Community

Focused Community

You see, it can be easy to let your self-will get in the way of your focus and your ultimate goals.  Any number of things could cause a rift in your foundation – un-willingness to take action and do what’s needed, jealousy, outside negative influences (whether it be people or circumstances), even just pure laziness can cause you to get un-focused.

So if you’re really serious about staying focused and reaching your goals, wouldn’t you want to be a part of a positive focused community who has you, and the group’s best interest in mind?  A community where it’s been proven that people, who follow the steps as laid out in the community, will succeed and receive an endless amount of support.  Where you’ll receive guided help with staying focused on your goals.

Staying focused really is one of the main keys to this game, that and community.  I’m grateful that I’m apart of several communities whose main focus and goals is for me to succeed, not just financial but in life.

If you’re sick and tired of running around in circles and desire to be a part of a community who’s here to lift you and run with you to help you reach your goals, then click here now and make the decision to ‘get focused’ today.


Meet you at the top!

Ti Roberts

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Focused Community