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The “Optin App” For Facebook

OMG! I just just came across the most amazing new Optin app for Facebook. It’s truly ingenues! lol :-)

I’m sure you’re probably trying to figure out what the optin app for Facebook is and if it’s even worth getting. Well from what I’ve seen so far, I’m certainly convinced that it is.

Click here to watch the full video review of the new –>>Facebook Optin App<<–

I’ve just purchased the optin app and I’m very excited about seeing what it can do.  Ok, well… in all of my excitement, let me slow down a bit and inform you on what I’ve discovered so far.

What is the Facebook Optin App?

The Facebook optin app is a brand spanking new plugin that was designed to help internet marketers or any business owner grow their lists easier and faster.

The truth of the matter is that nearly EVERYONE has a Facebook account.  Facebook is fast approaching nearly 1 BILLION users!  It would be total ludicrous NOT to take advantage of this.

Which is where the Facebook Optin App comes in to play.  It’s ingenues because:

1.)  It  allows you capture and generate 5-10 MORE leads on Facebook because people aren’t prompted to enter their name, email address and other contact information.

2.)  Your leads will be extremely more responsive, because with the Optin App integrating with Facebook, all of their contact information is already there and will be made immediately available to you after they click the “allow” feature on the squeeze page.

The Optin App uses the email address the person is already signed in under their Facebook account.  This ensures that you’re getting a valid email address for that lead, which in turn increases the quality of your email list as well as the responsiveness of your list when you send out offers or promotions.

The power and savviness of this new Facebook Optin App is absolutely phenomenal!

Facebook Optin App – So what are my results?

I’ve already read and watch several reviews of the optin app already with good reports.  I’m sure that my results will be just as good.  We shall see :-)

This is going to be a 2 part blog post as I’ve just purchased this new optin app (for crazy cheap by the way only, 37 bucks).  I’ll be utilizing it on my Facebook fan page page and will come back in a week or so to report my results.  I’m anticipating great results and higher conversion rates.


Stay tuned!


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God bless!

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