The advantages of working at home are simply priceless to me.  I’ve been an online Advantages of Working At Homeentrepreneur for over 6 years and it’s something I will NEVER ever think of relinquishing to another dreaded 9 to 5.  I’ve never been the one to “conform” to “punching in” and “punching out”.  I guess that could be a good and a bad thing (I have a bad case of ADHD, most of us online entrepreneurs do : )

To be free to set my own schedule, no matter if my schedule spastically changes day to day, is a wonderful gift I’ve been given by this industry and will forever cherish.  In this blog post I’m gonna share with you some of my personal advantages of working at home.  I’ll also share with you how you can begin working from home too and soon be on your way to creating your own list of advantages.

My Personal Advantages of Working At Home

The first thing I love about working at home is that of course I can set my own freaking hours!  This is one of my FAV advantages of working at home.  I absolutely hate schedules, well I guess not “hate” (that a strong word), let’s just say I’m not partial to them.  First of all I’m terrible at keeping them (it’s just not part of my DNA) and for some reason I feel like they are a “prison” of sorts that keep me trapped.  I LOVE freedom, I love freewill, and I love choices.  Working from home gives me all of this and more.  It gives me that flexibility and allows me to set my OWN schedule and work whenever I feel like it.  Don’t get me wrong, I DO still have to do some amount of work daily, (or every other day) in order to maintain and expand my income; however I’m not limited to working in a certain strict time.

I like to call myself a vampire worker.  I’m a complete night owl and I LOVE to sleep during the day.  So usually I’m working from 5pm to around 7 or 9am, 3rd shift you could say.  I go to bed in the AM and I’ll sleep till the evening.  You see, my schedule is really sporadic, sometimes I won’t go to sleep at all if I have things to do during the day.  So I’ll end up staying up for over 24 hrs and them sleeping a few hours here or there.  There’s been quite a few times where I’ve stayed up over 30 hours straight working, running errands, etc., then I’ll sleep for 5, 6, 8, 10 hrs, it just depends.  So as you can see my schedule is very whimsical and I really DO work whenever I want and set my own hours, as strange as they might be.

I’m not saying that when you start working from home your schedule will be as sporadic as mine, it doesn’t have to be.  That’s the beauty of working from home!   Well actually, that’s the beauty of owning your own home based business.  You can set your schedule according to however you see fit for your life.  There’s a difference between “working from home” and “owning your own home based business.”  You could work from home for a particular company but still have to virtually “clock in” and “clock out.”  On the other hand, having your own home based business; you’re free to work whenever you feel like it.

You see, I’m able to work like I do because I own my own home based business online.  I’m single with no kids, so I don’t have many pressing obligations other than providing for my family (mother, siblings, nieces, and nephew).  You on the other hand may have many obligations and children to care for, so of course your priorities will differ from mine.  So when you start working from home just set your schedule according to your specific situation.

More Advantages of Working At Home

Some other personal advantages of working at home include the freedom to spend lots of time with my family whenever I want.  My mother doesn’t have to work and neither does my youngest brother, we have time to spend with one another and do things together.  I also get to share my business building passion and talents with them.  Currently I’m working with my brother on several additional business ventures and I’m in the process of helping my mother pursue her jewelry making passions to begin her own business as well.  My oldest sister who lives up north will be joining us here in the south shortly where I’ll begin helping her expand her fashion consulting business.

I can’t express how grateful I am to the home based business industry and the many advantages of working at home.  It’s allowed me to not only better my life but my family’s life as well.  You see, my oldest brother just recently passed and it’s been quite an emotional struggle for me and my family as a whole, but it’s also been a blessing.  My brother’s passing has brought my family closer together than we have ever been and home based business industry and it’s varied advantages has allowed us to really take our family legacy to a whole different level.

I have several other personal advantages of working at home.  The ones outlined in this post are just a few of them.  The home based and online business industry holds many advantages for you too.  You just have to make the decision to get started and begin formulating your own list of personal advantages.  Maybe you can relate to some of my personal advantages and you want to experience them for yourself and your family.  If you’re serious about working from home and want to reap the benefits this industry holds, decide to get started TODAY and begin changing you and your family’s lives.

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Advantages of Working At Home