Happy Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am. There’s nothing like
the jolt of excitement that comes on Fridays. It’s the end of the
work week and now it’s time to kick back, relax, and get ready for
some serious ‘chillin’. ;)

Before you get too in the zone ‘in the zone’, I wanted to share with
you some awesome traffic goodies I’ve stumbled upon this week. You’ll
definitely want to put these on your ‘things to read’ list this weekend…

1.) Are you caught up with my latest traffic case study? This is
one you’ll definitely want to check out. I’ve whipped up some
hearty traffic goodness that I’m sure you’ll be able to put to good
use. Plus, you’ll get the in depth details about how to conjure up one
serious traffic spike :) ….

[Weekly Case Study #2] How I Got 1,769 Unique Visitors, 429 Facebook Likes, 117 Retweets, and 132 Sugars?


2.) Ever thought of blogging with your iphone? The thought hadn’t
ever really crossed my mind either until I came across this post
from my good friend Thu Nguyen. She wrote an awesome post about
iphone apps for blogging. And she even used one to put together a
pretty cool comic strip that I think you’ll like….

New Phone, Apps, Instagram and an Exclusive Comic!


3.) Are you having trouble making money with your blog? There’s literally
millions of blogs online but only a small percentage of them actually
make money. Here’s a cool post I found that’ll diagnose and prescribe
the solution to the problem….

Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Any Money & How To Fix It


4.) And finally, we have an exceptional content promotion post by
Ana of TGC. Just in case my case study wasn’t enough for ya’, Ana
shares some additional killer ways to promote your content around
the web (she reveals some really great tips that even I didn’t know

3445 Words on How to Promote the Ish out of Your Blog Posts


There ya’ have it!

A content promotin’, traffic generation feast fit for a king :)

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See ya’ around the net!


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