[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Lady Gaga, Traffic Tidal Waves and more… Cowabunga dude ;) …

Happy Friday Morning!

Can you believe it’s already here?? I don’t know about you,
but this week has gone by pretty fast for me.

I’ve had a week full of new traffic experiences that I’ve
been stoked about!  Embarking on new traffic escapades gives
me such a rush. It’s like catching that perfect wave at just
the right moment and riding it effortlessly all the way to shore… rockin’!

Well, in today’s link roundup, I wanted to pass you the board
and help you catch one stellar traffic wave too.

These traffic goodies are sure to send a few monster traffic
tidal waves crashing into your stats. ;)

Here we go… Cowabunga!

1.) As you may already know, this blog generated over 8,000+
visitors in it’s first 30 days during relaunch. That may not
be record breaking stats, but hey, they were my stats and I
was pretty darn happy about it :) .

One of the keys to gaining quick momentum when just getting
started blogging is to create your own story as quickly as possible.
And then using that story as a launching pad to catapult your blog and
business to the next level.

Well, my good friend and queen of traffic herself, Ana Hoffman
lays out an awesome guide to getting 1k visitors in only 30
days. You can definitely use her guide to start sending traffic
your way and create one killer traffic story. ;)

How to Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch


2.) Next up is the monetization side of traffic. You and I both
know that traffic means nothing if you ain’t pulling in the doe.

My buddy Lisa Irby over at 2 Create a Website is quite literally
one of the queens of monetizing. In this blog post she shares
5 kick butt ways to squeeze every ounce of cash possible from
those thousand visitors Ana helps you generate…

5 Easy Ways to Squeeze Extra Earnings Out of Your WordPress Site


3.) “Baby I was born this way, hey!”… sound familiar? Oh come
on, it’s only the hook from one of the hottest songs of the Queen of
pop Lady Gaga.

Now, you may think she’s freaky and a little weird, and hey, I
can’t blame you (she can be a bit scary at times)… BUT, the
woman’s a freaking genus… why?

This post by Stanford explains exactly why and how Lady Gaga crushes it
when it come to promotion and marketing. The “monster” can certainly
teach us a thing or two about traffic generation and branding…

Lady Gaga’s 8-Point Guide to Larger than Life Blogging


4.) And last, but certainly not least is one gut busting blog post
I came across about Google+. When I tell you this post had me
lol’ing like crazy, that’s an understatement.

This post by Hannah Smith shares some pretty interesting, straight
forward and funny takes on the Google+ platform and it’s relevancy to
driving traffic and brand promotion.

This post has got some real ‘tude and I love it!  Once you’ve read it be
sure to comment and come back here and let me know your thoughts on the
subject too. I’ve already voiced my opinion in her comments section and I’d
really be interested in hearing your opinions on this one…

Why Google+ Fails to Blow my Skirt up


Well, there ya have it! This week’s link roundup served up on a
piping hot plate of awesomeness :) . Make sure you set some time
aside this weekend to gander at these beauties.

Also, be sure to “like”, share, and Tweet this post if you found it
helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these posts so please
do leave a blurb below.

And, don’t forget to comment, share and spread the traffic love on
these awesome blogger’s posts too.

Have a fantastic weekend. See ya’ around the net!


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    Ti, I like your blog but this comment system does not give any link love. I would appreciate it if you considered a plugin that does accept links back to my blog. thanks

    • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002102294177 Ti Roberts

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for commenting. I am considering migrating commenting systems. I’m not sure what commenting system I’ll be switching to if/when I do but I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks again for dropping by and commenting. Have a great weekend! :)


      • http://plus.google.com/101184399607054437961 Michael Belk

        I really appreciate you for responding so quickly. I signed for your newsletter, visits your site often, but I get disappointed when I can not even link my name to my website. thanks

        • tiroberts

          No problem, Michael. As you can see, I took your feelings into consideration and switched over to a “friendlier” commenting system :) . Thanks again for your feedback. Getting input from my readers really does help me cater my blog to create a better user experience. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


    • lisa joshua

      Sorry to be in the middle of your convo with ti. But, how to install plugin in my blog? I am new to blogging and would appreciate if you can teach me..

  • Joshua Zamora

    Great Round up Ti! Gona head over to Lisa’s post :)

    • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002102294177 Ti Roberts

      Awesome, Josh! Let me know what ya’ think :)


  • http://twitter.com/SylvianeNuccio Sylviane Nuccio

    Excellent post Ti and I’ll be sure to visit the posts that you are mentioning here.

    It’s very important to have your story. We are all unique and that’s probably our best tool to bring in traffic.

    It seems that you are doing pretty well, and yes, you should be proud of your number girl :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/tiroberts1986 Ti Roberts

      Thanks for dropping by, Sylvianne. So glad to see your comment. Yes, having your own personal story is the corner stone to have an unique brand. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I appreciate it. Have a great New Year!


  • tiroberts

    Awesome, Kevin.

    I hope you enjoyed it! :)