[SEO Rebel Roundup!] How to Make 2013 YOUR Year… (SERIOUS traffic nuggets inside)…

Happy Friday!

Welcome to another edition of our weekly link roundup.

I hope you’ve had a great and productive week, getting ready to kick back and get your relaxin’ on. :)

In today’s edition, I have some SERIOUS traffic nuggets for you.

This roundup contains links to THE very best content I’ve collected from around the web specifically for you… well, for myself too ;)

1.) First up, we have my first guest post on Basic Blog Tips! If you missed it earlier this week, this post is jammed packed of simple, actionable steps you can begin taking right now TODAY to get on influential bloggers radar.

In the blogging world, it’s all about making connections and leveraging relationships with influencers. And, if you’re goal is to become a blogging rock star in 2013, you’ll def need to start making those connections, soon

6 Simple Action Steps to Create Ridiculously Solid Connections With Influential Bloggers


2.) Next up, we have the first edition of The Rebel’s traffic Talk! In this first episode of our new YouTube series, I got to give away a ton of value and answer some of our subscribers questions about traffic generation.

This is a really neat episode and you’ll definitely want to catch up on it if you missed it. Plus, there’s a really cool announcement at the end you’ll want to stay tuned for. ;)

[VIDEO] The Rebel’s traffic Talk Episode #1 – A Content Triple Threat


Also, be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here to be notified of when the next episode comes out. You’ll definitely want to tune in next week. Why? Here’s a hint: Can you say, giveaway? ;)

3.) Next in line, is one badass interview with one of the biggest blogging phonemes around, Justin Germino of DragonBlogger.com. Deborah Anderson of SocialWebCafe.com did a killer interview with him where he spills all the goods about what it takes to become a top authority blogger online.

This is really some juicy content and I was totally stoked that he shared so much value with us. You’ll definitely want to hustle and dive into this meaty post asap…

5 Blogging Lessons From DragonBlogger


4.) Coming in at number four is probably THE most valuable piece of content I’ve stumbled across this week (and I’m still stumbling it).

It’s an incredibly jammed packed ebook that I came across on Ana Hoffman’s TGC blog through one of those friendly popups (yes, those popups do work, regardless of how annoying they are ;) ).

Danny Iny of FirepoleMarketing.com co-authored this amazing ebook you just gotta read if you’re wanting to increase your influence and build a wildly loyal audience this year. There’s a whole host of top bloggers (including Ana) and insanely valuable content in this book you can’t pass up…

Engagement From Scratch


5.) And finally, we have a really neat online IM magazine I came across in the WF (via a fellow warrior’s signature file). Phil Wheatley is the radical editor of this neat IM mag and it really has some great info in it.

I particularly liked the write ups on business models and membership sites. If you’re not sure what type of business model you want to have, you’ll defiantly want to check this publication out. It’s short, entertaining and jammed packed with awesome info. Plus, it’s FREE. :)

IM Mouthpiece Magazine


Well, there ya’ have it!

Pretty much THE blueprint to make your 2013 kick some serious butt.

If you’re serious about making 2013 YOUR year to shine in the blogosphere, you can’t afford to be lazy and you’ll definitely want to dive into these traffic jewels ASAP. I already have!

Be sure to “like”, share, and Tweet this post if you found it helpful. I’d also love to hear your thoughts about these resources as well, so please do leave a blurb below.

And, don’t forget to comment, share and spread the traffic love on these awesome blogger’s posts too.

Have a fantastic weekend. See ya’ around the net!


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  • Monique Bowen

    Hi Ti – There are some great little nuggets in Phil Wheatley’s magazine. Nice find!


    • tiroberts

      Hi Monique!

      Yes, I really enjoyed Phil’s IM mag and I’ve subscribed for the next edition. Glad you enjoyed today’s roundup. Have a great weekend! :)


  • http://BasicBlogTips.com Ileane

    Hi Ti! Great round-up for the week and I’m honored to see my blog mentioned twice! It was a great traffic week for my blog too, that’s to talented authors such as yourself, Deborah and Justin. I couldn’t do it without you guys! Thanks a bunch. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • tiroberts

      Hi Ileane!

      No problem! This week has been totally awesome for me as well and my first guest post on your blog will def be one of my most memorable blogging moments. Thanks SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity!

      Have a fantastic weekend!


    • tiroberts

      Hi Ileane! No problem! This week has been totally awesome for me as well and my first guest post on your blog will def be one of my most memorable blogging moments. Thanks SO MUCH for giving me the o…more

  • Phyllis Ntim-Bart

    Hi Ti Roberts,

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m very grateful for that!

    • tiroberts

      Hi Phyllis,

      So glad to see your comment! I’m glad that you’ve found this post helpful. Which resource did you find the most useful?


  • Marius Catalin

    Hey there
    One thing you missed on your blog … to setup your RSS feed. I tried to subscribe to your blog but there is no RSS

    • tiroberts

      Hi Marius,

      Welcome to my blog, so glad to see your comment! I apologize if you had trouble finding my RSS feed. The link to it is located at the bottom of all of my blog posts, you can also find it in my sidebar under my “connect with me” section. Here’s the link for it: http://feeds.feedburner.com/tiroberts/ZLnQ

      Did you find this particular post useful?

      I appreciate you dropping by and commenting and I hope to see more of you! :)


  • Geri Richmond

    Hey Ti,
    You have some heavy hitters lined up. Ileane and Ana always great. Guess I’m gonna have to get to know the rest.
    Thanks for the great info.

    • tiroberts

      You’re welcome, Geri. I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)