[SEO Rebel Roundup!] Why Traffic Does NOT Equate to Money & A Community Tribute to YOU!

Happy, happy Friday!

Wow, what a week it’s been.

This week has been all about rawness, honesty and taking action.

In this weeks roundup, I want to share a bit of truth with you and remove those “pink shades” (that is, if you’re still wearing them.)

Also, I’m totally excited to give tribute to YOU, our community members who’ve shown true dedication and commitment to their businesses by taking action!

So, without further a do, let’s get real and dive right into our member spotlight…

Uninhibited Rawness

We’re gonna start off with some raw truth’s about blogging and online marketing.

Earlier this week, my good friend Ana Hoffman published an uninhibitedly raw post about why her blog (TGC) isn’t making as much money as it should be.

Her honesty was remarkably refreshing and I think you’ll greatly benefit from reading what she had to say…

Why Traffic Generation Café Is Not Making as Much Money as It Should


After, reading Ana’s post, not only was I a bit pissed (about EN), but I was also pumped and completely inspired to write my own response post to her piece

(1.) To let her know I’ve got her back and she’s definitely not alone in this and

(2.) To expand upon her topic and further exemplify that traffic and generating money from it are two completely different dynamics (also to air a bit of my dirty laundry ;) )

You can check it out below:

Why Traffic Does NOT Equate to Money (My Response to Ana Hoffman)


I truly hope that you were able to get some inspiration, motivation and/or encouragement from these two pieces.

Keep pressing forward! (And if you feel like you need someone to talk to or bounce ideas off of, shoot me an email or @mention me on Twitter :) )

Alright! Now that our pink shades are off, we can move on to celebrating YOU!

Our community spotlight

I’ve been absolutely blown away by our community members.

It’s been amazing sharing my journey with you since my blog relaunch and you’ve certainly been taking heed of what I’ve shared by making moves.

You guy’s have really been rockin’ it; especially this week and I’m excited to shine the spotlight on you!

3.) Our first member spotlight goes to the awesome Jeff Machado.

Me and Jeff connected via my recent guest post over on Ana’s TGC.

And when I tell you he really took action on the ideas shared in my post, I mean it!

He recorded a totally amazing outreach video that had me grinning ear to ear when I watched it.

Click play below to check it out:

Now that’s what I call taking action!

I totally appreciate you and your kind words, Jeff; they really mean a lot to me!

Jeff is truly a cool dude and his video is what actually sparked the idea to do this kind of roundup.

Here’s the comment I left on his video:

I love spur of the moment ideas, don’t you??

I encourage you to reach out and connect with Jeff!

You can find him on:

4.) Next in our member spotlight is the person who helped me make the final decision about switching my entire commenting system, Michael Belk.

Michael is the founder of Ethicalbehaviorboy.com, a blog about ethics.

I was totally excited to see how Michael took action on the ideas shared in our latest episode of The Rebel’s Traffic Talk in regards to driving traffic via a blog alliance.

Below is a screenshot of the discussion topic he started with his community over on his Google+ page:

Way to take action, Michael!

I’m very glad to have inspired you and congrats on reaching your blog alliance membership goal so quickly!

Michael’s an awesome networker and shares some really interesting insights on his blog.

I encourage you to connect with Michael as well!

You can find him on:

5.) Up next in our member spotlight is a really cool gal named Scarlet Murdock.

Scarlet is the webmaster of TeenBabble.com, a really cool site that gives advice to teens.

Scarlet has really been making moves and taking action since she saw our first episode of TRTT and reached out to me.

After seeking some advice and encouragement via email and through our comment interaction, see the screenshot below:


She recently started getting into video marketing – launching an awesome YouTube channel where she shares advice and answer questions of the teens that reach out to her.

I’m very excited for you, Scarlet! And, I’m even more excited you took action in the face of fear – You go GIRL! :)

Be sure to connect with Scarlet as well and show your support!

You can find her on:

There ya’ have it!

This weeks awesome community member roundup!

It was so exciting to do this kind of roundup and I’m thinking I’ll continue to do them.

What do you think?

I believe I’ll do another one for next week also, as I have some other awesome community action takers in mind.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this weeks roundup; let me know if this would be something you’d like to see continued.

Make sure you set some time aside this weekend to checkout and connect with these cool members.

Also, be sure to FB share, Tweet and Google+ this post if you liked it and found it helpful.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts about our community members’ blogs as well, so leave your $0.02 in the comments below.

And, don’t forget to comment, share and spread the social traffic love on these awesome bloggers’ posts too.

Have a fantastic weekend; see ya’ around the net!



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  • http://twitter.com/Jeff_Machado Jeff Machado

    So cool to be featured here, Ti! I really appreciate it. This is a great community you’re building here and I’m glad to be part of it.

    To your readers, I just wanna say be ok with who you are. It took me years to just accept my geekiness and lack of..how shall I say…hair and elouquence haha. But now that I’m finally “ok with me”, I see things changing in a big way.

    Love this community!

    • tiroberts

      You know it, Jeff!

      It was my complete pleasure to feature you, especially since YOU’RE the one who sparked the idea!

      I love your “can do” attitude and the way you embrace who you are. That kind of confidence and assurance it really going to take you far online.

      I want to pose the same question to you as I did to Michael:

      Are there any topic/issues related to traffic generation, relationship building or engagement that you would like to see a possible TRTT episode on?

      Looking forward to your feedback and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


      • http://twitter.com/Jeff_Machado Jeff Machado


        First off, I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t spend much time online on the weekends so that’s why I didn’t comment sooner.

        As far as relationship building and engagement, an episode on email follow up would be AWESOME. I’m always lost on what to write in autoresponder emails to build relationships.

        I hope this is another productive and relationship-building filled week for you!


        • tiroberts

          I don’t spend hardly anytime online on the weekends either, Jeff; so I completely understand.

          Thanks for the episode topic. I’ll be sure to but it in my calendar and you should see an episode on it in the next few weeks; be sure to subscribe!

          Hope you have a fantastic week ahead, buddy!


  • http://www.ethicalbehaviorboy.com/ Michael Belk

    Ti, what a nice round-up. I appreciate you for including me on this post and it seems like I am in good company. You share some good ideas so it was easy for me to take advantage of a good idea.
    I was considering a blog alliance, but I did not know how they worked. Thank you for giving me the information I needed in order to put this idea into practice.
    I am going to check out my company as well.
    Thanks again.

    • tiroberts

      Absolutely, Michael.

      It was my pleasure to include you. :)

      I wonder if you could share any additional topics/issues related to traffic, relationship building or engagement that you would like to see a possible TRTT episode on?

      Looking forward to your feedback.

      Have a great weekend!


  • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/ Iain Robson

    Great point Ti.

    Creating a solid community is where it’s at. I mean you have can all the traffic in the world, but in almost every case they aren’t going to translate into money.

    As the post from Ana showed, you can have a good amount of traffic, but not make money.

    It all boils down to community. Building a strong thriving community is the most important thing you can do.

  • http://bloggersideas.com/ jitendra vaswani

    ti again u brought me a brilliant research