There are several search engine ranking factors.  Today we’re going to go over as many as possible, without getting to tedious and boring… lol.

Basic Search Engine Ranking Factors

One of the main search engine ranking factors is the proper usage oSearch Engine Ranking Factorsf keywords or and using SEO properly.  Remember, we covered this in the last two blog post in the SEO Mini series.  Back in the good ol’ days of Google, the right keyword usage was just about all that was needed to get a good ranking on Google.  Well that and some back link spam.  But today, it’s requires a great amount of skill to get any amount of attention from Google, and proper usage of SEO is just one of the ingredients needed.

Another one of the major search engine ranking factors is social syndication.  This is actually quite a new thing that Google has taken on, mostly because of the major popularity of Facebook and Twitter.  Google has even attempted at become more social themselves by concocting “Google Plus Pages.”  I personally don’t use Google plus and don’t really see a purpose in having a page on their site (I may check them out one day)

Socializing your blog post and getting as many tweets and Facebook likes as possible will play a factor in if Google see’s your content and worthy of ranking highly.  The amount of social interaction your stuff gets is essentially looked at as “votes” in Google’s eyes.  If they see that you’ve got a unreal amount of votes through social interaction and syndication, then you stand a pretty good chance of ranking high.

Additional search engine ranking factors are the amount of authority your site has.  Site authority basically means that in Google’s eyes, your site need to have been around for a while.  It can be compared to having seniority in a club or group. Usually the members that have been apart of the group the longest have the most authority and ‘say so’ over certain things that happened.  Their votes hold the most weight.  Same thing applies in the blogging world.  The older your site is the more favor you’ll get.  It will be easier to rank on the first page of Google because Google will see you and your site as being experience and will reward you by sending you more traffic.

The higher you are up in the search engines, the more traffic you will receive.  The more traffic you receive the better your alexa traffic ranking will be.  Alexa is a site that ranks all the sites on the internet and assigns them a ‘traffic ranking number.’  In the internet world the ‘lower’ your alexa score, the better.  For example:  say you just start your site, if you go to alexa and type your domain in, you’ll see a ridiculously high number of probably 5,939,490.  That would be your alexa score and that means that your site is getting no visitors at all.  You’re goal in blogging is to get this number ‘down’ or ‘lower’ as soon as possible.  The easiest way to begin doing this is by blogging daily.

That brings me to my next point in search engine ranking factors.  Blogging daily is by far the most vital part of increasing your ranking in Google search engines.  Google LOVES fresh ORIGIONAL content.  So it’s pivotal that you give them what they want, and in return they’ll give you what you want.  Blogging consistently is the best way to raise your sites authority as well, which will in turn ‘lower’ your alexa ranking.  So be sure to create some original content to post to your blog daily so you can begin rising in the search engines as quickly as possible.

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the last part of the Blogging 101 series and wrap up the concept of blogging and it can help you build a massive income online.

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See you at the top!

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Search Engine Ranking Factors


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