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Responsive Email - NO Puking!

Hey guy’s this is the first of my responsive email series.

I’m kinda in the mood to goof off and educate at the same time, so right now this is the product of it.  I’m not really sure how many posts I’ll do in this series, so I’m just gonna post sporadically until… whenever :-)

No Inbox PUKE Allowed!!

Lol, you might be wondering “What in the world is she talking about?” (if you’re an experienced IM’er then you know what I mean).

What that basically means is this… If you’re sending your leads/prospects emails like this:

“Hey Ti, I have been watching you and listening to you. I know you are more than just another pretty face. You are smart as well. You should come with me on the 90 Day Body by VI Challenge. I know it would be a winner for you with your great attitude. I want you on my team so look it over real good and look around the industry and tell me where you are going to find a hotter movement than this. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Someone actually inboxed me this on Facebook, not even 1hr ago, lol.

This is an UN-responsive email, and is considered in my book (and to many other IM veterans) “Inbox Puke.”

*By the way, if you’re the person that wrote me this email and you’re reading this, thanks for the great example…hope you don’t mind.*

Emails like that are distasteful and are extremely ineffective.  You’ve pretty much turned off your lead/prospect and have gotten them out of the “buying mood” before they could even get started.

A responsive email consist of valuable information, where you’re actually allowing your lead/prospect to get to know, like and trust you before you go into the “hard selling” (which is still not all that desirable).

Responsive emails also include lots of stories.  This is pivotal, especially when your attempting to build a relationship with your list (these are the serious money makin’ emails).  Here’s an example of an email you can take to the bank:

Subject: So have you decided yet?

Last night, people from all
over the world decided to
change the course of their
lives and finally get ALL IN
and quit living a ‘defaulted’ life.


Listen Ti, I’m sure
you’ve heard the ol’ saying…
“If nothing changes, NOTHING changes”


I’ve been through my share of
struggles. In fact, it wasn’t too
long ago I was sleeping in a prison
cell, down and out, physically and
spiritually broke and destitute.


I had every reason in the world
to give up on myself and on life,
but you know what? I didn’t.


And it wasn’t because I didn’t
want to…


It was because of some people
who weren’t afraid to call me on
my shit.


Thanks to their persistance and
honesty, I was finally able to quit lying
to myself.


I actually got  REAL for
once in my life and accepted the
help they were offering me.


And you know what happened
when I finally got HONEST?


My whole life began to change
and I began producing the results
I wanted in my personal life, which
then allowed me to produce results
in my business.


Whether you believe
it or not Ti, I care about you.


Enough to call you on your shit.
And right now, I smell you.


It’s time for you to stop resisting
and standing in the way of your


And make the DECISION to finally
receive the life you know you
DESERVE and just get in.


I’ll meet you at the top…




P.S. Check out this blog post I wrote the other day.
LOT’S of people are getting the encouragement
they need to succeed and it’s inspired others to DECIDE
to make a change. Read it here:
…and then Join us here

Responsive Email – The Dissection

So… what was the difference in these two emails? Anyone?

Well for one, the first email was meant to be flattering, however I see it as completely arrogant and just… “NO!”

If you’re doing this then… I beg you… PLEASE, STOP IT! You NEVER want to approach someone, especially a leader in this way. It’s a complete turn off and you will not sign very many people up in your company.

Now, let’s look at email #2.

Yeah, email #2 was a lil’ edgy and blunt, but it also consisted of personal relation.

Responsive Email

Responsive Email

I’m actually opening myself up to my reader and relating to them on a gut level.

I’m pushing their hot buttons, building trust and rapport all at the same time. Some may call it, “Tough Love.”

I’m leading them into a the sale not by being “pushy” or “hard selling” but by relating to them and exposing my pain and how I overcame it – then confronting them in their pain and tying it into a “buying” decision.

Now of course I’m not David Wood or David Sharpe, but THIS is what you need to do to write a responsive email that will not only allow you to build a deeper relationship with your list but also make more money.

Responsive Email Conclusion

So… if you’re “puking” in your leads inbox… the next time you get that urge… just stop and say “NO” to the puke lol.  Your leads will thank you for it and you might even start making some sales :-)

Meet you at the top!

P.S.  If you want to get some “exclusive” ninja training on how to write emails that sell, click here now.

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