So what is really the responsibility of an entrepreneur?

Responsibility of an Entrepreneur

Responsibility of an Entrepreneur

I’ve been an entrepreneur now for nearly 7 years and it’s actually been quite a journey for me.  In this article I want to share some of my personal struggles with entrepreneurship and share some of the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey.  *By the way, if you want to skip the reading just scroll down to watch the video version ;-)

You see, I’m an online entrepreneur and it’s taken me a while to find my footing here on internet.  Being an internet entrepreneur compared to an offline entrepreneur has its differences but they also have they’re commonalities.  We as entrepreneurs I think are cut from the same cloth and share the same blood.  A lot of trial and error goes into entrepreneurship and we learn from the mistakes, adjust and keep pressing forward.

When I first got introduced to the online business industry back when I was 19, I didn’t have a clear understanding of the responsibility of an entrepreneur.  I was young and was battling several personal issues including addition, alcoholism, and eventually incarceration.  So as you can see, because of the mistakes of my past my entrepreneurial journey was delayed.  However, in going through all that I did, today I find that it was needed to get me to where I would be ready to take on the responsibility of an entrepreneur.

See, back then I had a tendency of playing the “victim” when it came to building my business.  I was pretty much incapable of owning up to my decisions and taking the required action in my business to get the results I desired.  The mentors I had would point me in the direction that I needed to go to get the answers I sought but I’d either not take action because I felt they were supposed to “hold my hand” or I’d attempt to do what they told me and produced no results because of my lack of maturity and understanding.

The responsibility of an entrepreneur didn’t really become clear to me until I pretty much got over myself.  I first had to get my personal life together and get clean and sober so that I was able to acquire some personal values and goals.  I had to change my perspective and look at my business as a real business that can be used to help change others’ lives rather than just chasing after the money it could make me.

Once I became humble enough to see those things the true responsibility of an entrepreneur became crystal clear.  I realize that I was responsible for my own success, no one else was.  When my business mentors pointed me in the direction that I needed to go by referring me to read a particular book, purchase as specific training or tool, or do a specific task – it was my responsibility to take the action and do what I was told because they sure weren’t going to force me to do it.

The responsibility of an entrepreneur ultimately is to take responsibly for their own success.  No one else can determine if you will be successful or not.  You have the power to shape your destiny and use you’re past struggles as ammo to help shape other up and coming entrepreneurs.  I’m forever grateful for my personal journey and the path I’ve walked to reach success today.  I’m also thankful that I’ve been blessed with the most powerful platform in the online marketing world to share my story on so that I can continue to help others reach their personal entrepreneurial goals and show them how to share their personal stories with the world as well.

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Responsibility of an Entrepreneur


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