I’m going to provide you with an original, all facts, and no fluff Rendi Style Review.  Obviously your researching this company because your 1. Already a stylist of the

Rendi Style Review

Rendi Style Review

company, or 2. Your thinking about becoming a stylist with Rendi.  Either one, it’s good that you’re doing your due diligence and your “digging” for more information. (By the way, if you want to “skip” the reading, just scroll down to watch the video review ;-)

Rendi Style Review – Here’s The Facts

Rendi Style” is an interior design company that’s based in Colorado.  The company is built around the home party concept and offers many customizable home décor fixings such as wall fixtures, photo frames and signs.

Rendi is a division of a bigger company that has been in the home décor field for nearly twenty years.  One interesting fact about Rendi is that their wall décor fixtures and picture frames are actually made from one-hundred percent recycled wood and water based finishes.  A percentage of each sale the company makes is donated to a water charity that is designed to bring fresh drinking water to the people of Asia and Africa.

Rendi has a program that offers credits to get free and half-priced products to party hosts.  These credits are also good for getting a Rendi Style kit should the host choose to join the Rendi Stylist team.

Rendi Style Enrollment Options

To become a Rendi Stylist it costs $199.00 to buy the kit.  Included in the kit are several things to help you get your business started such as, a fast start guide, business cards, product samples, and much more.  A monthly fee of $7.95 is required for a website after the first 3 months, in addition to the $4.95 fee for internet marketing.

Rendi Style Comp Plan

Stylist can earn anywhere between twenty-five to thirty-five percent commissions on all retail sales done through their replicated website.  Stylist also qualify to earn three to seven percent on the sales volume of the new recruits they bring in – up to 3 levels deep – as well as leadership bonuses of two to three percent on the group as a whole.

Rendi Style Review – Now Do You Want To Know The Truth?

*click play now to watch the video review*

Rendi Style over all seems to be a pretty good company to join.  However, if you how to make any real money with Rendi, you’re gonna need to know a few things.

To really make Rendi Style work for you, you’re gonna need a constant and consistent flow of new leads, customers, and stylist joining your team on a daily basis.  More importantly, you’ll need a massive amount of upfront money coming in daily to sustain and put back into your marketing and adverting.  And based on those commissions’ percentages that I just quoted above, quite honestly, there’s no way possible you could do that without taking money out of your own pocket, unless you’re some kind of super hero recruiter.

The only way to really grow and scale up a business like Rendi Style is to actually generate 100% commission on the front end, so you’re able to take immediately take those dollars and re-invest them right back in your marketing funnel.  Basically, you need to let the profits of your business feed the growth of your business from the very start otherwise you’ll find yourself digging a deep hole in your own pocket.

So, how to do you do this?  Through properly positioning yourself online and implementing some internet marketing skills to earn 100% commissions TODAY.

Make the decision and decide to get “all in” today.  Click here now, plug in your email address and get started.

Meet you at the top!

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Rendi Style Review

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