I just finished watching some extremely motivational and inspirational videos and it got me to thinking about what it really takes to be successful.  I’m not just talking about financial

Operating In Your Past Successes

Operating In Your Past Successes

success, I mean being successful in life in general.  You see, I’m one that struggles with the “perfectionist syndrome”.  My mind can sometimes nag me with the “what’s wrong with you?”, “there’s something you’re not doing right”, “why haven’t you gotten here yet?” chatter.

I’ve accomplished many things in my life and I realized that I don’t give myself as much credit as I should.  Maybe you struggle with the same thing.

One of my goals is to make $10k/mth here in the Empower Network.  I haven’t reached it yet, but I’ve put into place many of the necessary things to do so.  Each day I’m striving to get closer to my goal and I’ve come a long way from where I’ve started.

Sometimes I can forget the obstacles I’ve over come since first coming in, like generating 153 leads in only 3 days, building stronger connections and a larger friend base on Facebook, getting several pieces of my content ranked on the first page of Google, getting my first few upsells, even just making the decision to get ALL IN here, and not be a wussie :-)

Although I do ultimately have a goal to reap some significant financial rewards here, I have to remain conscious of the small successes I’ve accomplished here thus far and remember that all my small success are preparing me for the bigger ones.

Ya know, I used to have a drinking and drug problem, like David Sharpe, and there was a time where I thought I’d never be able to quit.  I couldn’t even imagine life without any kind of “mind altering substance” in my body to take me away from reality.  However, thanks to the experience of going to prison and actually being exposed to a new way of thinking, I’m

Operating In Your Past Successes

Operating In Your Past Successes

actually coming up on 3 years sober this August.  That’s something I didn’t think I could EVER do.  That is actually in and of itself a MASSIVE success as far as I am concerned.   And I’m really starting to realize the power that my past successes hold and how I can transfer them into my business.

You can do the same thing with your past successes.  One of the trainings that I went through in the Costa Rica Mastermind product (I think it was lesson 6?, not really sure).  David talked about transferring your past experiences where you felt powerful, confident or successful into any area of your life.  I thought that was a profound concept and it’s actually come in handy.

Honestly, this concept is really powerful.  Imagine actually being able to draw on your past successful experiences and consciously operating in the confidence of it to create ANYTHING you want in life.  This really does have a significant impact on the way you do things and the can be the defining factor in success or failure.

So, I’m just writing this post today to kinda speak to myself but at the same time speak to you.  I want to you know that wherever you are in your business or in your life right now, you don’t beat yourself up.  You possess the power to change it.  You may not be exactly where you want to be or you may not be getting there as fast as you think you should be, but trust and believe that as long as you keep on taking the daily actions in your life to further your business, you’ll get there.

Will Smith does a great job of conveying what it takes to be successful, click play to watch it and then decide to create success in your life…

Click here now and make the decision to operate in your success.

Meet you at the top!

Ti Roberts

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