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Looking for an online marketing consultant?  That’s a great move!  There are several business owners searching for alternative ways to market their businesses online, so picking the right online marketing consultant is vital.  But you might be wondering what an online marketing consultant really is and what can one actually do to help grow your business.  In this post I aim to help you understand what an Online Marketing Consultant does and how partnering with the right consultant is vital to the continued growth of your business.

Do you know what you want from an Online Marketing Consultant?

Before looking into hiring an Online Marketing Consultant, it’s important that you sit down really think about what it is specifically what is that you need an Online Marketing Consultant to so for you and your business.  Some possibilities are:

  • Online Branding
  • Increase blog/website traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid online marketing

Of course the bottom line is that you want to increase your profits/sales and increase your client base, but how specifically do you want to achieve this.

Online Marketing Consultant – Generalist vs. Specialist

Usually most online marketing consultants have a general knowledge of all the areas of online marketing, there’s just not getting around it – online marketing all runs together and are interrelated.  So you have your generalists and specialist – which are online consultants that specialize in a specific area of online marketing such as Social Media, Online Paid Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization.

Online Marketing Consultant – What does a Generalist do?

You should choose to go with a general Online Marketing Consultant if you’re new to internet and you’re looking to build your online presence from scratch.  What I mean by ‘from scratch’ is that:

  • You need to develop a website
  • You need to decide whether you want to regular website of a blog site
  • You need to develop graphics
  • You need to develop your brand
  • You need to develop content for you site
  • You need to figure out how to get traffic to your site
  • You need to get exposure to you site from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

If you have no clue how to go about doing all this, then you definitely need to go with a general Online Marketing Consultant that will lay out a strategic blueprint and map out from A-Z exactly how to do all that I just listed above and then some.  It wouldn’t make logical sense and would put a serious dent in your bank account if you were to go with specialists looking to get your start on the internet because specialists are focused/skilled in one particular area i.e Facebook marketing specialist, Twitter marketing specialist, SEO specialist.  To hire several different specialists in all these areas would more than likely cause serious pains and complications to you and your business due to your lack of knowledge and conflict of interests between specialists.

Online Marketing Consultant – What does a Specialist do?

If you want to just focus on one specific area in your internet marketing arsenal then an Online Marketing Consultant who specializes it one specific niche is what you want to go for.  A specialist would be perfect if you’re looking to get more traffic to your website through social media.  Social media is HOT right now so you might think about hiring a social media manager.  A social media manager usually specializes in the three main social sites which are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  But say you want to focus on just one particular social site like Facebook, and then you’ll want to find an online marketing consultant whose specializes specifically in Facebook Branding and Marketing.

I know you’re probably thinking “OMG! Now I’m even more confused then when I started!”  No worries : )  I know that finding the right Online Marketing Consultant can be tedious and intimidating but this is just a basic checklist to go by.  If you feel like you need more guidance feel free to reach out to me by clicking here, I’ll be happy to break this down even more for you.

Why choose a Specialist
If you need an expert to work on only one piece of the puzzle, then it would make sense to hire a specialist with unparalleled knowledge in that area.  For example, if your IT team knows how to build an SEO friendly website and you know how to use social media networks and PPC campaigns, you might only need someone to do intense keyword research.

God Bless!


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